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What's running

Rated 5
#ratings 1 rating
Download  72 times
Updated 18 Apr 2014  
Lists WordPress require() calls mainly for plugin code refactoring
Version: 1.4  
Tested with WP version: 3.9  0

Developer Toolbar

Rated 0
#ratings 0 ratings
Download  186 times
Updated 3 Feb 2014  
Adds easy to access data for developers, including a fixed toolbar to the bottom of pages that shows query data and memory usage among other data.
Version: 1.0.2  
Tested with WP version: 3.8.3  0
Artisteer - Wordpress Theme Generator

Query Monitor

Rated 5
#ratings 25 ratings
Download  9,451 times
Updated 27 Feb 2014  
View debugging and performance information on database queries, hooks, conditionals, HTTP requests, redirects and more.
Version: 2.6.6  
Tested with WP version: 3.9  0

MySQL Profiler

Rated 5
#ratings 6 ratings
Download  3,294 times
Updated 6 Mar 2012  
Displays a list of each page's SQL queries and the functions calling them that can be searched and sorted by time, type, etc.
Version: 1.0  
Tested with WP version: 3.3.2  0

WP XHProf Profiler

Rated 5
#ratings 3 ratings
Download  1,134 times
Updated 8 Jan 2012  
Adds PHP profiling support to your Wordpress using Facebook's XHProf Profiler.
Version: 0.9  
Tested with WP version: 3.3.2  0

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Rated 4.59
#ratings 249 ratings
Download  211,792 times
Updated 6 Dec 2012  
See which plugins are slowing down your site. This plugin creates a performance report for your site.
Version: 1.4.1  
Tested with WP version: 3.5.2  0

WP MySQL Profiler

Rated 5
#ratings 2 ratings
Download  1,826 times
Updated 5 Mar 2010  
Used to profile MySQL queries for performance; with backtrace information for each query (caller functions, lines, file names etc.)
Version: 1.0  
Tested with WP version: 2.9.2  0

Alkivia Open Community

Rated 4.46
#ratings 35 ratings
Download  42,901 times
Updated 19 Feb 2010  
Plugin to create a users community on any WordPress blog. You will have user profiles pages, photo galleries, private messaging and much more.
Version: 0.10.4  
Tested with WP version: 2.9.2  0