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Rated 0
#ratings 0 ratings
Download  5,885 times
Updated 25 Nov 2008  
Insert a directory of images in a post with on the fly generation of thumbnails.
Version: 1.5  
Tested with WP version: 2.1  0

Social Gallery Lite

Rated 3.4
#ratings 28 ratings
Download  59,225 times
Updated 9 Dec 2016  
Social Gallery is the Ultimate Social Lightbox Plugin for WordPress. This is the Lite Version.
Version: 2.3.2  
Tested with WP version: 4.7.2  0
Beaver Builder - The #1 WordPress Page Builder

Vertically Responsive Images

Rated 0
#ratings 0 ratings
Download  586 times
Updated 11 Mar 2013  
Resize images on the fly to make sure the whole thing fits into the user's window.
Version: 1.1.1  
Tested with WP version: 3.5.2  0