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Rated 4.4
#ratings 34 ratings
Download  92,949 times
Updated 1 Feb 2017  
Via Shortcode schnell und einfach App-Details von Apps aus einer Reihe an App Stores in Artikeln oder Seiten anzeigen.
Version: 3.4.8  
Tested with WP version: 4.6.3  0

Android Badge

Rated 3.7
#ratings 3 ratings
Download  1,393 times
Updated 11 Sep 2015  
Mit diesem Plugin kannst du Informationen und Screenshots von Android Apps in Seiten und Artikeln anzeigen lassen.
Version: 1.6  
Tested with WP version: 4.3.8  0
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App Store Assistant

Rated 4.8
#ratings 25 ratings
Download  16,557 times
Updated 4 Sep 2014  
Lets you display the detail of an item or an RSS feed from Apple's App Store, iTunes Stores or Affiliate ready.
Version: 6.8.0  
Tested with WP version: 4.0.15  0

WP App Store Connect

Rated 5
#ratings 2 ratings
Download  8,285 times
Updated 28 May 2014  
Display Apple's App Store data & charts within your posts and pages via shortcode or in a sidebar widget. English & German
Version: 1.2.2  
Tested with WP version: 3.9.16  0

App Display Page

Rated 4.3
#ratings 3 ratings
Download  2,132 times
Updated 23 Aug 2013  
Adds a shortcode to display information about iOS apps from Apple's App Store.
Version: 1.7.1  
Tested with WP version: 3.3.2  0


Rated 0
#ratings 0 ratings
Download  3,231 times
Updated 13 Oct 2012  
wp2phone plugin allows you to create, design and manage the content of a native iPhone & iPad app, directly in WordPress dashboard.
Version: 0.1.6  
Tested with WP version: 3.4.2  0
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Exchange Platform

Rated 0
#ratings 0 ratings
Download  1,685 times
Updated 4 Jun 2013  
Turn a WordPress blog into a collaborative exchange platform or app store.
Version: 1.0alpha3  
Tested with WP version: 3.5.2  0