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Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes is the perfect plugin for recipe/food blogs. Creating elegant recipes with images that increase your Google ranking is easy and simple.

Make your recipes SEO-friendly and rank higher in Google's Recipe View search. No need to hand-code your recipes into a sophisticated recipe structure when the Zip Recipes plugin will do all the heavy lifting for you, enhancing the findability of your recipe website.

Installing Zip Recipes

Brief Intro to Zip Recipes WordPress Plugin

The video shows: * Examples of beautiful recipes created with Zip Recipes plugin * How easy it is to create recipes * How Google will display your recipes when you use Zip Recipes plugin

If you're familiar with ZipList Recipe plugin, built by ZipList, you'll quickly note that Zip Recipe plugin is an extension of this plugin and it is 100% compatible with it. The Zip Recipes plugin is very easy to use, however, we also provide enhanced step-by-step instructions for your recipe blog.

Zip Recipes Premium

Zip Recipes premium has the following features.

5 Gorgeous Recipe Card Designs.
Visitor Recipe Ratings.
Priority Email Support.
Speed Improvement.
Authors feature.
Recipe index.
And much more....

Learn more about Zip Recipes premium >>


Among the new features added by Zip Recipe plugin are:

Schema Recipe Support: Automatically integrate's Recipe mark-up into your recipe posts to make them easier to find by people searching for recipes.

Superior Architecture: No Custom Post Type to mess with. Create your recipes right inside a Post.

Recipe Image Support: Easily add recipe image using Media Library to appear with your recipe.

Google AMP Support: Accelerated Mobile Pages will load your recipes really quickly through Google.

Copy/Paste Recipe Ingredients: Simply cut a block of recipe ingredients and paste them into one field. No need to add each recipe ingredient one by one into separate recipe ingertient fields.

Auto-Populate Recipe Name: The recipe name is automatically replicated inside the plugin, taking the name from the recipe post name, which further enhances SEO.

Add Links to Recipe Ingredients, Instructions or Other Recipes: Attach affiliate links or links to related recipes from the Ingredients, Instructions or Summary fields with ease. No other recipe plugin enables you to do this.

Bold and Italicized Styling for your Recipe: Add bold or italicized styling to words or phrases within the Recipe Ingredients, Instructions, Summary and Notes sections.

Incorporate Recipe Images into Instructions: Now you can easily add step-by-step images to your instructions (or ingredients) from within the recipe plugin.

Recipe Notes Field: Add notes to your recipes, such as optional ingredients, required kitchen tools and equipment and/or additional instructions (e.g., freezing, microwave, etc.)

Enhanced Recipe Printing Capabilities: Add a copyright statement or URL to appear at the bottom of your printed recipes. Also, display a permalink at the bottom of printed recipes so users can easily find individual recipes on your website.

Multiple Paragraph Support in Summary Section of a Recipe: Users can now add multiple paragraphs to the Summary field within the recipe plugin.

Ability to Print Recipes with Images: Flexible settings that allow you to enable/disable image printing or image displaying

Your Recipes Belong to You: Unlike some other recipe plugins, we don't steal your recipes or use them in any way in our website.

Tested and Reviewed by WordPress Team for Quality: Zip Recipes has been reviewed by a member of WordPress to ensure it meets quality standards.

Support for Your Language: 100% of the recipe card can be your language.

Supports Blogs with Multiple Languages: You can now have recipes in different languages in the same blog!

Currently we have translations for:

Easy installation process: We don't require complex permissions to be set

Works with WordPress 4.5: Updated for full compatibility with WordPress 4.5.

Support for PHP 7: Fully supports the latest and greatest PHP version!

The Zip Recipes plugin is very easy to use, however, we also provide enhanced step-by-step instructions. If you're having trouble with Zip Recipes plugin or just want to say hello, please email us at! We'd love to hear from you!

Author HappyGezim
Contributors hgezim, codeswan
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  1. zip-recipes screenshot 1

    The Zip Recipes plugin icon appears as a fork and spoon on the visual editor toolbar.

  2. zip-recipes screenshot 2

    It's easy to enter the basic information for your recipes: the title, the ingredients and the instructions for preparing the recipe.

  3. zip-recipes screenshot 3

    There is no limit to the number of ingredients you can add.

  4. zip-recipes screenshot 4

    And if you want to add even more information about your recipe, such as your rating of the recipe, or the serving size, all you have to do is click the "More Options" link, and you can!

  5. zip-recipes screenshot 5

    You can fill out as many or as few additional options as you would like.

  6. zip-recipes screenshot 6

    Once you click the "Add Recipe" button, a placeholder image will be inserted into your post where your recipe will go. If you need to edit your recipe, simply click on the spoon and fork icon in the visual editor toolbar.

  7. zip-recipes screenshot 7

    Once you preview or publish the post, your recipe will be there with all your microformats (hrecipe)... without any extra work from you!

  8. zip-recipes screenshot 8

    Voila! Your new recipe can easily be styled with CSS, to look however you would like.

You can get the detailed installation instructions here.

You can download and install the Zip Recipes plugin using the built-in WordPress plugin installer. If you download the Zip Recipes plugin manually, make sure it is uploaded to "/wp-content/plugins/zip-recipes-plugin/".

Activate the Zip Recipes plugin in the "Plugins" admin panel using the "Activate" link.

To use the plugin, click the little Zip Recipes icon on the "Edit Post" pages, right next to the other editor toolbar buttons at the top of the text editor box. Then enter the details about your recipe into the appropriate boxes, and then click the "Add Recipe" button. This will save your recipe, and insert it into your blog post.

The Zip Recipes plugin is very easy use, however, we also provide enhanced step-by-step instructions. If you have more questions on how to use the plugin, feel free to reach out to us at More AMP and better Secondary recipes!

  • [Better] Better formatting for Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • [Better] Removed copyright, permalink and Zip Recipes version from Google AMP view
  • [Better] Secondary recipe number starts at 1 instead of continuing
  • [New] Information about Author feature
  • [Better] WordPress 4.7 support Authors and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Added Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Made registration optional Added new languages

  • Added Serbian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish Second attempt at that fix :(

  • Some people were experiencing an issue with the install/update. Fixed it. For real, I think! Fixed issue with updating

  • Some people were experiencing an issue with the install/update. Fixed it. Bug fixes and improvements

  • New: All of the recipe card is translatable to your language
  • Better: Changed the way templates are generated to make updates work for more people
  • Fixed: Recipe Summary was being included in excerpts with no way to remove it
  • Fixed: Settings "Don't show Image in post" and "Don't show Image in print view" were not being respected We speak your language

  • New: Zip Recipes now supports Page Builder by SiteOrigin!
  • Better: We made some under the hood changes to the way ingredients and instructions are shown (hint: this is for Recipe Templates feature coming soon!)
  • New: Si parla italiano - Italian support is here!
  • New: Мы говорим по-русски - Russian support is here!
  • New: Kita bercakap melayu - Malay support is here! We speak your language

  • New: you can now properly translate duration times (hour, minute, etc.) to any language!
  • New: Added Albanian translation (my mother tongue :))
  • Better: Suppress Mediavine Publisher Network ads from showing up when printing recipe Better Ratings

  • Better: Supports WordPress 4.5
  • Better: Supports PHP 7
  • Fixed: Title was not getting picked up from post title
  • Under the hood improvement: using Twig templates to speed up Zip Recipes Bug fixes and improvements for WP 4.4

  • Better: Works better with Wordpress 4.4
  • Better: Lots of infrastructure improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Fixed: Prevent Google from indexing Zip Recipes code and complaining
  • Fixed: Removed author recipe rating feature (it no longer makes sense and had an issue that makes Google angry)
  • Fixed: Spacing issues after first ingredient (some blogs were seeing this) Bug fixes and preparation for WP4.3

  • Fixed an issue that made plugin updates not work properly
  • Fixed issue causing "Cheatin' uh?" message to be displayed
  • Made changes to make Zip Recipes compatible with WordPress 4.3 Important formatting fix

  • Fixed an issue where special characters (e.g. &) and links would not work properly when a recipe was updated
  • Fixed a registration issue
  • Enabled stat collection Wonderful update - now easily add images

  • You can easily add images using Media Library
  • Improved design of recipe summary and image
  • Improved design for small (mobile phone) screens Fixed over-zealous excerpt generation

  • Fixed over-zealous excerpt generation I introduced in v4.2.0.22 Bug fix issue

  • Fixed issues with how excerpts are generated in search and other pages that use excerpts
  • Fixed issue with sub-lists label formatting
  • Fixed conflict with SEO plugin that affected design
  • Fixed some W3C validation issues Fixed issue with plugin update

  • This fixes an issue where plugin update doesn't happen correctly for v4.2.0.20 New nutritional info!

  • You can now track: carbs, protein, fiber, sugar, saturated fat and sodium
  • Print button label can now be changed
  • Fixed issue where shortcode was being displayed instead of recipe summary in some themes
  • Fixed print button link to ensure Google and other search engines don't get confused by it Updated for WP 4.2!

  • Updated to work with WordPress 4.2.
  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce (again). Bug fix

  • Fixed conflict that WooCommerce was causing
  • Fixed printed recipes formatting for non-bulleted items Bug Fix

  • Fixed bullet and number formatting for ingredient list
  • Fixed formatting in Recipe popup
  • Fixed registration issue Important Bug Fix

  • Fixed a formatting issues that was introduced in Bug Fix

  • Removed tracking beacon to improve privacy.
  • Fixed some issues with sites that run on HTTPS. Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue with recipes not formatting sub-recipes headings properly. Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where Other Options were not being saved in Zip Recipes Plugin settings page. No need to upgrade. Updated registration messaging.

  • Updated messaging about registration.
  • Updated short description of plugin. No need to upgrade. Just added support for version WP 3.1

  • Added support for WordPress 3.1.
  • No need to upgrade. Support for 4.1 and database fix

  • Fixed issue where database would not be created if it didn't already exist (with prior install of ZipList Recipe Plugin).
  • Updated database schema to v3.2 Initial release

  • First iteration, derived from ZipList Recipe Plugin version 2.6 -- thanks for the jump-start ZipList team! (
  • To ensure everything runs smoothly when ZipList website and services go down, we've removed all references to ZipList website
  • Removed Save Recipe functionality since ZipList is discontinuing this service (worry not, we're working on something much cooler! Shoot us an email and we'll tell you all about it!)

3.0 Final Release

  • Remove Save Recipe button connection to ZipList service
  • Reduce possibility of JS var collision
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.6 Maintenance Release

  • Fix for blank Print page in some browsers
  • Support for custom post types
  • Support for SSL - thanks jspuij!
  • Support for custom content directories - thanks derekhubbard!
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.5 Bugfix Release

  • Fixes problem of not properly opening recipe dialog in separate window on some sites
  • Documentation updates for new editing method
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.4 Editor Upgrade, Performance and Bugfix Release

  • Simpler, single-button recipe add/edit button in post edit
  • Improved mobile compatibility with mobile-based Add Recipe popup
  • Easier recipe/print button customizations for web output
  • Improved character encoding and handling - thanks smerriman!
  • Improved blogger site performance with CDN cached assets
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.3 Emergency Fix for WordPress 3.9 upgrade to TinyMCE v4

  • Editor disabled, view recipes only
  • Early introductions of v2.4 features
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.1/2.2 Bugfix Releases

  • Fixes issues with the recipe placeholder introduced in WordPress v3.5
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

2.0 Features Release

  • Move to from hrecipe microformat
  • Bold and Italic formatting of ingredients, instructions, summary and notes
  • Confirm stability on WP 3.3.1
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

1.41 Bugfix Release

  • Fix for repeating dbDelta database error
  • UI Improvement to avoid "placeholder" image in post
  • Recipe links now open in new tabs
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

1.4 Features Release

  • Control display of recipe images on both web and print screens without manual styles or degrading SEO
  • Support for optional recipe Notes field with user-definable label
  • Easier partner registration for branded recipe display
  • Iniital RSS/email support
  • Various bugfixes
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

1.3 Features Release

  • Printing support for multiple recipes on a page
  • Button support for multiple recipe posts displayed on a single page
  • User-definable copyright statement or site promotion on print page
  • Optional recipe permalink displayed on print page
  • Support for multiple summary paragraphs
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

1.2 Features Release

  • Support for multiple recipes per page
  • Support for labels in instructions
  • Support for images images in ingredients and instructions
  • Support for hyperlinks in summary, ingredients and instructions
  • Removal of "\" characters introduced by entity encoding
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

1.1 Address problem with wp-content reachability of the edit form on some blogs.

1.0 Initial Release

  • We're now on GitHub at
  • Recipe print support
  • Improved time formatting
  • Label support for ingredients !tagged with an exclamation point
  • Automatic inclusion of appropriate javascript and css
  • ZipList Recipe plugin release

0.9 First iteration, derived from Recipe SEO 1.3.1 -- thanks for the jump-start Allison! (

How do I edit a recipe with the Zip Recipes plugin?

To edit or create a recipe, click the spoon and fork icon on the visual editor toolbar. You no longer need to click on the image placeholder within the blog post to edit a recipe.

Can I use the plugin to add multiple recipes to one post or page?

There should only be one recipe per post or page. The plugin does allow for compound recipes which is one way to include multiple lists of ingredients in your post (e.g., for a salad and a salad dressing).Simply enter your instructions for the main recipe, then start the next line with an exclamation point to create a label, like "!For the Salad Dressing". Then, add the instructions for the secondary recipe. Starting with version 2.4, we no longer support multiple Zip Recipes recipes within a single post.

When I use Zip Recipe plugin where are the recipes stored?

Your recipes are always stored on your own website. With Zip Recipes plugin, your recipes are stored safely in a separate database table in your main WordPress database. The recipe table is named wp_amd_zlrecipe_recipes and you can take a look at it yourself using any WordPress database tools at your disposal.

Why do you put a placeholder image into my Edit Post page, instead of my actual recipe?

Because of the way WordPress' text editor works, if you decide to add or remove something from your recipe using the text editor, it can very easily mess up the markup of the code - so the Zip Recipe plugin prevents that from happening by not allowing you to edit the recipe in the text editor.

How can I request a feature to be added in future versions of the Zip Recipes plugin?

I'm glad you asked! You can email with your requests.

Features that will be added in upcoming versions of the Zip Recipes plugin


Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Dec 2016

Date Added: 07 Dec 2014

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