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YourMarketingGuy will provide you with all essential tips to make your blog or websites visible and successful - understandable and easy!

YourMarketingGuy is a free WordPress plugin working together with you on using the opportunities the world-wide-web offers. You shouldn’t have to pay a consultant with ridiculous hourly rates or read through existing information that is mainly provided from specialists for specialists. Continue doing what you know best and let YourMarketingGuy provide you with the best and easiest SEO, Marketing, Social Media, design and copy writing tips to turn on the internet success-engine.

Make sure to check the Dashboard or our plugin page every day to discover a new tip. All tips about SEO, Social Media Marketing, general WordPress settings, design and copy writing will be provided there.

This is how we are able to boost your marketing

  1. Checking public data - YourMarketingGuy takes a look at all public data of your website or blog and compares it to our “ideal scenario”.
  2. Providing tips - Once the plugin analyzed your website or blog, it gets back to you with easy to implement and understandable tips on how to make it more successful step by step.
  3. Rocking website - We believe that the internet should be a success-engine for everyone, not just digital natives. This plugin works together with you to make this happen.

Even better, we have the capability to scale up and grow with you once your website rocks even more. We stay on board and provide you with more and more tips as long as you want. Our system allow us to always understand your business needs and can adapt the strategy that is needed for you to grow.

How you benefit

  1. Data Analysis - YourMarketingGuy is a Web Analyst, SEO-Specialist and Data Scientist. That's what enterprises have entire departments for.
  2. Personalized Tips - There are plenty of generic resources on how to optimize your webpages. YourMarketingGuy takes it to the next level by personalizing it.
  3. Customer Service - This plugin based on the knowledge of digital natives. In case you ever need our support, there is always help for you.

It is our goal to be your all in one solution for all your marketing needs. We are improving the plugin every day to ensure you don't need to worry about all the necessary plugins in future.


  • English
  • German / Deutsch

If you want to help translating the plugin in your mother tongue, please get in touch via


We want to hear your suggestions and feedback. Simply write an e-mail to

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  1. Click the “Install Now” Button
  2. Once the installation is complete, press “Activate now”
  3. Be surprised with your 1st tip right away

With the installation of YourMarketingGuy you accept our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions


Introduced Library with our stories. Increased performance.


Improvements and bug fixes


We added a German version of the plugin that will automatically be used if your WordPress language is German


Fixed a bug to ensure successful installation for everyone

What kind of data does YourMarketingGuy analyze?

It only analyzes public data that is accessible for everyone. It never checks sensitive data and always transmits everything over a secure SSL-connection.

Where can I get support?

Write us to and we get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Where can I report a bug?

Write us to and we will definitely take a look and fix it as fast as possible.

Who is responsible for YourMarketingGuy?

Visit and learn who develops YourMarketingGuy

Version 2.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 04 Oct 2016

Date Added: 10 Sep 2015

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