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YouTube Video Gallery Plugin

Create unique YouTube video galleries and increase audience engagement on your site with Yottie Lite for YouTube.

Excellent WordPress YouTube Widget

From Team Elfsight here comes the WordPress plugin of the highest quality, which allows you to add YouTube feed on a website and show entertaining videos. Yottie will become a reliable assistant for bloggers, online stores, brands and anyone else who strives to attract audience with an interesting content. Choose any video, add it to your custom groups and share your playlist with everyone.

Maybe you have a personal channel? Then feel free to embed YouTube channel widget in the most noticeable area of your WordPress website. In case of absence of your own YouTube profile, create it by yourself from different videos with our WordPress widget Yottie. Download YouTube gallery from Elfsight and install it in a flash on your WordPress website.

Amazing YouTube Gallery’s Features for Free

Our WordPress YouTube plugin includes settings that will come in handy, no doubt. All these options you’ll get absolutely for free – just press DOWNLOAD and enjoy!

  • Set any channel and embed YouTube videos by arranging up to 2 custom groups with easy pagination
  • Show/hide the header to get the most appropriate look of your plugin
  • Add manually the number of columns in your video player
  • Use any of 2 animation controls (arrows, drag) and 2 animation effects (slide, fade)
  • Turn on/off autorotation mode and enable pause on hover
  • YouTube channel gallery adjusts automatically to any screen size
  • Each video opens in popup after clicking on it
  • Yottie Lite displays data of the chosen channel and shows video details
  • Mobile devices support and Retina Ready
  • Quick installation of your YouTube video widget on a html site owing to Code Generator

Advantages You Get While Using Our YouTube Gallery

Let us describe for what purpose YouTube channel plugin can be used on your WordPress website:

  • Increase audience engagement with your web content
  • Enlarge the audience of your social channel
  • Easily promote your channel using our WordPress YouTube channel feed
  • Entertain your web guests with interesting spots

Upload Premium YouTube Plugin Yottie

Try all features of Pro YouTube gallery plugin for WordPress: Live Demo

Yottie’s premium version has more additional features, which will be useful for creating a great custom playlist on your website. Extended useful features allow customizing your responsive widget so that the video gallery will fit your html page perfectly.

Download plugin for YouTube video presentations - premium WordPress version is available for purchase on CodeCanyon.

YouTube Plugin Yottie – The Best Choice

The groups of potential customers, which can be interested in downloading our video feed:

  • Online shops – Show how your products work in action – this will be a great addition to the html site
  • Brands – Embed reviews and test of your products or just show their video presentations
  • Streamers – No matter what you stream, now you can enlarge the audience of your channel with this responsive plugin
  • Video Bloggers – Embed YouTube video gallery and show your adventures everywhere with the help of our plugin
  • and for anyone else who use YouTube!

Support, Questions and Offers

We are always ready to help you solve any issue concerning our video gallery plugin. Ask you questions in the support forum here.

Check The Premium Version of Our YouTube Plugin in Live Demo:

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  1. yottie-lite screenshot 1

    Yottie Lite - unique YouTube video galleries on your website!

  2. yottie-lite screenshot 2

    Yottie plugin overview

  3. yottie-lite screenshot 3

    Yottie popup overview

  4. yottie-lite screenshot 4

    Yottie shortcode generator – installation in a flash

  5. yottie-lite screenshot 5

    Copy-paste shortcode into any place of your website

Install YouTube Gallery Plugin Yottie

First things first, thank you for choosing Yottie!

You can read the installation guide of the WordPress channel plugin in our Elfsight blog. Please, note that the first installation step in our article relates only to the premium version of Yottie. After downloading the free version, you have to start right from the second step.

By the way, we’ve also prepared a YouTube video guide, which will show visually all the setup process of embedding YouTube channel. Installation of the free version is described after the 20th second.

Let’s clarify how to add YouTube videos to WordPress so that you will be able to start using this neat gallery widget on your website. As it was written in the description, installation of Yottie is very simple and you can upload videos in a flash. You have two ways to put the selected social widget on a web page or blog post: automatically or manually.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress – Automatic Installation (Recommended)

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for "Yottie Lite" and install it
  3. Activate your video gallery

How to Post YouTube Videos – Manual Installation

  1. Download from and unzip it
  2. Upload the yottie-lite folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate the newest video playlist

Manage YouTube Plugin Yottie

After installation there are only few steps left before starting to use the Lite version of Yottie and to embed YouTube videos on WordPress. Just follow the instruction below.

  1. Go to the settings page of your widget
  2. Setup your widget using shortcode generator
  3. Insert video gallery by copy-pasting the derived html shortcode

Yottie Lite Shortcode Example

This is what you will get exactly after making customization of your video feed. The shortcode includes information about all options and their values. Just put YouTube html code on the desired place of any page or blog post.

[yottie channel="" cache_time="8400" header_visible="false" groups_visible="false" content_columns="5" content_transition_effect="fade" content_transition_speed="1400" content_auto="5200" content_auto_pause_on_hover="true"]

That’s it! The shortcode is ready and now you are able to insert YouTube video gallery on any page of your WP site. Embed cool videos and insert an unforgettable gallery to make the audience come back to your website and become regular visitors. Good luck!

Yottie Lite minimal requirements

Don’t forget to make sure that your website supports these requirements for no-problem activation of your WordPress widget, namely:

  • WordPress 3.5+
  • PHP 5.2+


  • YouTube API Key field added


  • Yottie Lite release

Questions You Might Ask Concerning Our YouTube Plugin Yottie Lite

Can I use YouTube plugin several times on one page?

You can use the plugin as many times per page as you want. Each time you are able to set different parameters so that your web page will include unique YouTube video galleries with various settings. Moreover, you can install our YouTube Gallery plugin Yottie as many times as you want on your website. Just don’t forget to insert the specified plugin’s shortcode each time you customize your YouTube plugin.

How to use YouTube plugin Yottie shortcode?

You can add shortcode of our YouTube channel plugin to any place of your website. There are 3 ways of using the available shortcode:

  1. You can insert it into the content of any web page or blog post. Just copy the Yottie’s shortcode and paste it to the Editor page when you edit a page or a post.
  2. You can insert the YouTube plugin shortcode into a text widget. It might be useful if it’s required to add the YouTube video gallery to a sidebar. Note that your theme should include a special filter: add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode' ); If your theme doesn’t include it then it’s necessary to add this filter to functions.php of the theme. After that drag and drop the text widget into any sidebar and copy the shortcode into this text widget.
  3. You can insert the YouTube plugin shortcode into a template, footer or any other php file of your WordPress theme. To do this use the following function: <?php do_shortcode('[yottie channel=""]'); ?>. Learn more about this function on

What are shortcode settings which I can use to customize my YouTube video playlist?

  • channel – set any YouTube channel as a basis of your video gallery to display its information and all YouTube videos in the plugin.
  • source_groups – Organize videos in your YouTube gallery or create up to 2 custom groups from any combination of YouTube sources (channels, playlists, video URL).
  • cache_time – set the time when YouTube data stay cached in a client side database IndexedDB.
  • header_visible – show the header with the channel data in your YouTube gallery (set value to “false” in order to hide the header).
  • groups_visible – show video groups tabs (set value to “false” in order to hide these groups).
  • content_columns – set the number of columns in the YouTube plugin.
  • content_arrows_control – enable arrows navigation control in your YouTube gallery plugin.
  • content_drag_control – enable drag navigation control in your YouTube plugin.
  • content_transition_effect – choose one of two animation effects (slide or fade).
  • content_transition_speed – adjust animation speed (this parameter takes values in milliseconds). For disabling this function set this value to “0”.
  • content_auto – turn on autorotation mode for automatic YouTube videos scrolling.
  • content_auto_pause_on_hover – enable pause on hover while aiming at any YouTube video in autorotation mode.

How to increase the speed of video gallery loading?

You are able to use cache_time option in order to cache the YouTube videos in a client side database IndexedDB. In this case, a new video in your YouTube gallery plugin won’t be uploaded each time someone refresh the web page and they will stay in browser’s database for as long as you wish. Also, please, note that during the chosen period your YouTube gallery won’t load new videos.

Can I use several channels as sources in one YouTube video gallery?

The number of YouTube channels available for usage depends on how you are going to show your YouTube channels.

  1. In case of using any channel as a basic source for your YouTube gallery then you can use only one. In the channel source field you are able to set only one channel. As a result, you gallery will have the header with all information and logos of the chosen source. For example, you are going to display your own channel exactly as it is shown on YouTube including description, banner, and logo. Don’t forget to turn on “subscribe” button in order to increase YouTube audience.
  2. If you want to form custom groups without belonging to any YouTube channel then you can insert as many sources (including YouTube channels) in each group as you want. In this case, you won’t have to define any channel as a basic source for your YouTube gallery. For example, you want to show some specific YouTube videos which relate to your products or brand. Nevertheless, you can add a custom header to your YouTube playlist!
  3. If you want to use the existing channel as a ready-made layout for your YouTube gallery and add more videos from other sources then define your combination in group fields. There are infinite combinations of YouTube sources. Therefore, you will be able to form absolutely any YouTube gallery. For example, you have a YouTube channel, which you’d like to show on your website and create additional groups with another videos at the same time.

How many YouTube sources I can set in each custom video group?

You can insert as many YouTube sources as you want. However, note that the Lite version of Yottie allows creating up to 2 custom YouTube video groups. You are able to specify more groups by purchasing our Pro version of the YouTube gallery plugin.

Is it possible to arrange a separate playlist by specifying single YouTube videos?

You can definitely do it. Just find the desired video on YouTube, open it and copy its URL. Paste the link to the source field. Each URL you have to insert in the individual field. Moreover, you are able to create a video gallery, which consists entirely of such YouTube spots. The order of these YouTube videos will be the same as you set them in source fields.

Can I make my YouTube video gallery responsive to any browser’s size?

The width adjusts automatically to any screen size in the Lite version of the YouTube plugin. The height of your YouTube gallery plugin takes values due to the number of rows, header’s layout in the YouTube grid and the chosen video layout.

In addition, you can use responsive breakpoints in the Pro version of our YouTube gallery plugin for WordPress. It allows you to choose the number of columns, rows and gutter in the YouTube video gallery depending on a width of the window where your website was opened.

How many YouTube videos I can display in the gallery?

Nothing restricts your ideas. Add all YouTube videos you want. You can display all videos in one default group “Uploads” or sort them by some specific object and perform several YouTube video groups. The final content of the YouTube gallery depends only on you!

Can anyone subscribe the presented YouTube channel in the header?

On conditions that your web guests log in YouTube account they are able to subscribe your YouTube channel by clicking on the appropriate button. You just have to turn the Subscribe button on in the YouTube header’s settings. The approximate number of your YouTube subscribers will be shown in the header. By wish, anyone is able to unsubscribe your YouTube channel directly in the gallery.

From where should I take images for a custom logo and banner?

Any image, which you will upload in the Internet, can be displayed as logo or banner by inserting its URL to the appropriate field.

You can edit the chosen image on PC so that it will fit size requirements. After that you need to upload the image to any file storage service (for example, Google Drive or Drop Box) where it will be available through the link. After that, you have to copy the link and paste it to the source field.

Alternatively, you can choose any photo from the Internet and set its URL without thinking a bit. Don’t forget to check dimensions of the image to ensure the successful result.

How do responsive breakpoints work?

Your web page can be opened on any PC or mobile device and the YouTube plugin should be ready for it as well as overall content of the website. To guarantee the best user experience on various browsing devices we’ve prepared the special “responsive breakpoints” option in the YouTube plugin Yottie.

This option allows you to define manually the number of columns, rows and gutter in the YouTube gallery depending on a user’s device. You can set less columns and rows for small screen resolutions and as a consequence for mobile devices. As a result, videos of the YouTube gallery will be a lot easier and more pleasant to watch. At the same time, your YouTube plugin can consider more responsive breakpoints for bigger screen resolutions.

The option has a top limit in the YouTube gallery. It means that you have to specify the maximum window’s width in pixels by which your breakpoints should stay active.

Don’t forget that you’ve already set YouTube gallery’s columns and rows when you customized sizes. These parameters will be applied if the screen is bigger than the selected breakpoints.

Note: the presented feature is available in the Pro version of our YouTube gallery plugin.

How can I test Yottie features before downloading the YouTube plugin?

We’ve created a special web page with the Online Demo on it. Just follow this link and play with all features of our YouTube gallery plugin.

What the available play modes of YouTube videos?

The Lite version of our YouTube plugin allows opening any video in a popup window right on your WordPress website.

Actually, Yottie Pro has 3 video play modes including opening in popup. Inline mode plays videos right in the YouTube gallery without any additional actions. YouTube mode opens videos particularly in the largest hosting.

Does Yottie include color customization?

Yottie Pro has 60 UI parameters, which you can change in the YouTube gallery.

Display Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Plugin Features

  • Infinite combination of YouTube sources
  • Custom YouTube video groups
  • Fully customizable header
  • Flexible UI parameters
  • Perfection on any browsing device
  • YouTube Video preview
  • Popup
  • Powerful demo
  • Easy setup


YouTube plugin Yottie will help to create the best video gallery on your WordPress website. Do you have your own YouTube channel YouTube, which you use for promotion? Alternatively, maybe you would like to present a YouTube video playlist, which will be right for your website? For all your YouTube needs Yottie will be a useful assistant. Make combinations of all sources as you wish. It's time to show everything you've got!

Custom groups

No one loves the mess made of different YouTube videos in the playlist. Help your web audience to find any video by any theme. Our YouTube gallery plugin allows creating additional video playlists depending on the subject of each video recording. For now, you are able to control your content in the YouTube gallery. Manage YouTube channels for the best experience on your WordPress website.


Header is a handy element of the YouTube plugin. All information about YouTube videos and channels is available on user’s screen. Enable or disable various data parameters and after that present it the way you want by choosing the appropriate header layout. YouTube plugin’s flexible customization allows you to adjust the header to your requirements. Head your YouTube gallery towards the synergy of creativeness and self-descriptiveness.


The significant goal is to let your web audience feel comfortable while they use YouTube gallery plugin. Yottie has a great number of features in order to customize UI for the best user experience. The gallery’s form and its navigation can be changed simply in no time. All these options depend on the YouTube plugin's position on the web page and the structure of your website. Choose wisely to get a fantastic YouTube gallery!


Popup is a highly appreciated feature for displaying any kind of information from YouTube. There is often a little space for representing all the data on one web page. Our YouTube galley plugin Yottie enlarges opportunities for showing required video info. Display videos in the YouTube plugin and left all information being displayed in a pop-up window. Choose yourself what Yottie should include.

Easy setup

Our YouTube gallery plugin can be simply installed on your website thanks to the online shortcode generator. Visit your WordPress admin panel and customize the YouTube video gallery. After that, you will get a shortcode, which you can insert into any area of your website. Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the YouTube plugin!

Always stay in touch with the latest versions of Yottie. All the needed information about YouTube plugin’s updates will be shown in the WordPress admin panel. The panel will notify you when a new version of the YouTube gallery is ready for download. Make few clicks and the update will be installed on your website.


Yottie Pro has so many parameters that it takes time to think out values of all YouTube plugin's parameters. We've prepared several examples of how Yottie can be used on a WordPress website.

  • Custom Color Gallery - choose the desired channel, show its header and video grid with any color scheme you want. This variant is more likely what you can see on YouTube.
  • Shutter Video Playlist - use a tight video grid with a vertical scroll for a compact position on your web page. Shutter animation effect will add an entertaining effect.
  • Loony Carousel - just want to show cool videos from YouTube? Disable header and show only the most interesting content. Use horizontal scroll and carousel animation effect for the best user experience.
  • Single Video - maybe you want to display a video presentation of your product on its web page? Display one video easily using 100+ customizable parameters of Yottie.
  • Cinema Video Gallery - show videos and YouTube channel header without any description or additional text. Just show what everyone is looking for - videos! While aiming at any YouTube video in the grid, its description will appear on hover by turning on such function.
  • Simple Video Grid - this example can be used if you want to exclude any disturbing elements of the video gallery. Turn off the header, all info elements, adjust animation and colors and here you are! The grid is ready.
  • Structured Video Channel - your YouTube channel has a great number of different videos and you'd like to show them on your website by subject groups? Use Yottie for creating a video gallery which will include any existing or custom group. That is the closest case to the original YouTube UI.
  • Blue Play Box - want something different? Try the following parameters: show one video per grid with a box scroll.

Real Usage of YouTube Plugin Pro - Our Premium YouTube Gallery plugin displays reviews of cool cars and trucks from the toy company. 2 custom playlists, all videos can be opened in popup. Everything looks just fine to attract more potential customers interested in your brand using YouTube! - Attractive shop uses our YouTube Plugin to stream their own channel on the website. The plugin was fitted perfectly and now has custom groups made for the easiest orientation among company’s spots. Yottie is a great way to earn more audience engagements on your site. - Almost full-screen sized usage of Yottie makes look like an astonishing web source. Installing our plugin you will get the channel with an automatically updated content from YouTube. Don’t forget to customize it for the best user experience in order to maintain the full power of YouTube! – It’s relaxation time! Our YouTube plugin is used to display music videos. Basic style, various custom video groups – you get an extremely useful YouTube tool, which allows audience to watch any video without leaving your website. – Our plugin is used several times on a web page in order to show various note-worthy YouTube channels, which might be interesting to subscribe. Each YouTube channel is displayed separately and has some general description. This example is a perfect demonstration of Yottie’s multiple usage. Each time you can set different settings and different sources.

Version 1.1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.5.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 06 Dec 2016

Date Added: 29 Feb 2016

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