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Easy Forms for MailChimp

The ultimate MailChimp WordPress plugin. Easily build unlimited forms for your MailChimp lists, add them to your site and track subscriber activity.

Easy Forms for MailChimp allows you to add unlimited MailChimp sign up forms to your WordPress site. You can add forms to posts, pages, sidebars and other widgetized areas. Your MailChimp API Key connects your site to your MailChimp account and pulls in all of your MailChimp list information.

MailChimp List statistics and user activity can be viewed right from your dashboard. From there, you can manage users and list settings.

You can also extend the plugin's functionality with our free and paid add-ons.

Add a MailChimp form to a site in a minute and a half


  • Build unlimited forms for any of your MailChimp lists with an easy-to-use admin, including multiple forms for the same list.
  • Connect your website to your MailChimp account with a MailChimp API key.
  • Add MailChimp forms to any post or page with our editor button or a shortcode.
  • Duplicate forms with a click.
  • Customize the MailChimp submission button text.
  • Display forms with inline fields.
  • Add MailChimp forms to widgetized areas with our widget.
  • Allow users to sign up for MailChimp interest groups, or pre-check groups in a hidden field.
  • Use our built-in CSS classes or add your own additional classes to form fields to style and customize forms.
  • Use a shortcode to display the number of subscribers on a given MailChimp list.
  • Fully customize the success and error messages displayed back to the user.
  • Quickly toggle between single or double opt-in.
  • Disable or Enable the default MailChimp welcome email.
  • Remove subscribers from your MailChimp list through our admin interface.
  • Allow existing subscribers to update their MailChimp profile information.
  • Redirect users to another post or page after form submission.
  • Enable Google reCAPTCHA protection on your forms.
  • Schedule form visibility by date/time.
  • Limit opt-ins by logged in users.
  • Use localized data/time pickers
  • Toggle on/off AJAX functionality on a per form basis.
  • Import/Export all MailChimp forms and associated settings for use on other sites with Easy Forms for MailChimp installed.
  • Integrate with core WordPress forms: comments and registration.
  • Integrate with many popular third party plugins: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, BbPress, Contact Form 7.
  • View your MailChimp account activity like subscribes and unsubscribes.
  • View your MailChimp list statistics and manage users and list settings.
  • Use advanced debugging to log MailChimp errors as they occur, for easy troubleshooting.
  • Developer friendly! Use our many hooks and filters to extend the plugin.
  • Add-ons available to extend the core functionality of the plugin. Check them out!


Add MailChimp opt-in checkboxes to the forms generated by these popular plugins.

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • BuddyPress
  • BbPress
  • Contact Form 7

Instructions on how to use the plugin can be found in our Knowledge Base.

If you experience any problems, please submit a New Issue on our Github Issue Tracker. We respond to issues regarding the free plugin within a week. For expedited help, purchase one of our paid add-ons.

Check out some of our other plugins.

Author YIKES, Inc.
Contributors yikesinc, eherman24, liljimmi, hiwhatsup, JPry, yikesitskevin
Tags email, forms, mailchimp, mailchimp forms, MailChimp lists, mailing lists, marketing, newsletter, opt-in forms, sign up, sign-up form
  1. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 1

    General Form Settings - Enter your MailChimp API key to connect your site to your MailChimp account

  2. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 2

    Manage Forms Page - See all the forms you have created for your MailChimp lists and create new forms

  3. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 3

    Form Editor Page - Build, edit and adjust the settings for your forms

  4. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 4

    Form Field Options - Set a variety of options for each form field

  5. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 5

    Form Opt-In and Submission Settings - Set the options for each form

  6. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 6

    Account Overview Page - View your MailChimp account activity

  7. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 7

    Integration Settings - Integrate MailChimp opt-in checkboxes with other forms

  8. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 8

    reCAPTCHA Settings - Add a Google reCAPTCHA key

  9. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 9

    Account Activity Dashboard Widget - View your MailChimp account activity

  10. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 10

    MailChimp List Stats Dashboard Widget

  11. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 11

    MailChimp List Information Screen

  12. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 12

    Subscriber Details Screen

  13. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 13

    MailChimp Form Widget

  14. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 14

    MailChimp Form Widget in the Sidebar on Live Website

  15. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 15

    Editor Button to easily add Forms to Page and Posts

  16. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 16

    MailChimp Form on a Page on Live Website

  17. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 17

    Additional Form Settings

  18. yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender screenshot 18

    Inline Form on a Page on Live Website

  1. Download the plugin .zip file and make note of where on your computer you downloaded it to.
  2. In the WordPress admin ( go to Plugins > Add New or click the "Add New" button on the main plugins screen.
  3. On the following screen, click the "Upload Plugin" button.
  4. Browse your computer to where you downloaded the plugin .zip file, select it and click the "Install Now" button.
  5. After the plugin has successfully installed, click "Activate Plugin" and enjoy!

Visit our Knowledge Base for more detailed installation instructions.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.5 - February 13th, 2017

  • Added Canadian provinces to the state dropdown list. If you choose "Canada" as your country, you will see only the provinces. If you choose U.S. you will see only the states. For all other countries, the dropdown will fade out.
  • Added the filter: yikes-mailchimp-default-zip-code for defaulting the zip code
  • Added the variable $form_id to the yikes-mailchimp-default-country-value, yikes-mailchimp-address-{$type}-label, and yikes-mailchimp-zip-pattern filters
  • Fixed an issue with pagination when viewing a list's subscribers. By default, each page jumps ahead 20 subscribers. This can be changed with the filter yikes_admin_list_subscriber_limit.
  • Fixed an issue where using double/single quotes in field names could break the field name.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.4 - February 2nd, 2017

  • CSS update to fix an issue with interest groups displaying in the form builder caused by 6.3.3

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.3 - February 1st, 2017

  • Security vulnerability patched - props to @nathan-hermit for bringing this to our attention
  • New feature: the ability to edit field labels
  • Generated new .pot file

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.2 - January 25th, 2017

  • Custom message visibility is now dictated by your opt-in settings
  • Fixed an issue with the PHP array_keys function that breaks PHP versions < 5.4
  • Hidden interest groups now work properly and are defined as checkboxes for consistency with MailChimp
  • Some minor copy changes and a new .pot file

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.1 - January 18th, 2017

  • Generated new .pot file for proper i18n/l10n

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.3.0 - January 17th, 2017

  • Version 6.3.0's biggest change is migrating the plugin to use MailChimp's v3 API.
  • Created API classes to interact with the MailChimp API
  • Converted all supported v2 endpoints to the corresponding v3 endpoint
  • Refactored all v2 endpoints that are unsupported in v3 to use the new API classes
  • Added filters to customize API requests

  • Version 6.3.0 includes a suite of custom message updates:

  • Removed the "invalid email" custom message (MailChimp v3 no longer supports error codes to detect things like an invalid email error)
  • Updated the custom messages descriptions text
  • Updated the success message - it is now specifically for successful double opt-in subscriptions
  • Added two new custom success messages: "Success: Single opt-in" for successful single opt-in subscriptions, and "Success: Re-subscriber" for successful re-subscriptions
  • Added two new custom messages for customizing the "update your profile link" email: "Email Subject" to customize the subject of the email, and "Email body" to customize the body of the email
  • Added/Updated filters for each custom message type. See the Filters section for more details.

  • Version 6.3.0 includes a suite of bug fixes, enhancements, and changes:

  • Added server-side validation to check for required form fields and required interest groups; this supports browsers like Safari that do not support the HTML 5 required attribute, or situations where the JavaScript validation fails
  • Added the HTML 5 required attribute to radio button and dropdown formatted interest groups
  • Wrapped the subscription form submit button's text in a span to better support adding custom HTML to the submit button text
  • Changed the types of values that are wiped out after submission to better support subscribing multiple times without refreshing the page
  • Added a nonce to the subscription form submission
  • Multiple interest groups can now be highlighted and added to the form at the same time (instead of one at a time)
  • Fixed the way default values work for interest groups and checkbox/dropdown/radio form fields
  • Changed the way the datepicker displays birthdays when the date format is DD/MM
  • Added error handling and a default error message for fatal server errors ('Error collecting the API response')
  • Allowing + signs for phone fields using MailChimp's international phone format (supports country codes)
  • Added transients throughout the application for common requests (e.g. MailChimp API requests and internal form data requests)
  • The "Send Welcome Email" option is no longer supported by MailChimp and has been removed
  • The second address line (addr2) is never required by default (this can be changed using a filter - see yikes-mailchimp-address-2-required).

  • Version 6.3.0 includes a lot of new filters, some renamed filters, some new parameters added, and some filters removed. For a complete list of available filters, please see the newly updated filters section. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Renamed filters yikes-mailchimp-before-submission and yikes-mailchimp-before-submission-{$form_id} to yikes-mailchimp-filter-before-submission and yikes-mailchimp-filter-before-submission-{$form_id}. This prevents conflicts between the actions of the same name.
  • Renamed filter yikes-mailchimp-user-already-subscribed-error to yikes-mailchimp-user-already-subscribed-text
  • Added filters yikes-mailchimp-filter-groups-before-submission and yikes-mailchimp-filter-groups-before-submission-{$form_id} to filter the interest groups before they're submitted
  • Removed filters yikes-mailchimp-user-subscribe-api-request, yikes-mailchimp-checkbox-integration-subscribe-api-request
  • Removed filter yikes-mailchimp-interest-group-required-top-error - replaced by yikes-mailchimp-required-interest-group-missing - this handles all types of interest group fields, not just checkboxes
  • Removed filter yikes-mailchimp-interest-group-checkbox-error - missing fields are now highlighted

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.2.4 - December 6th, 2016

  • Fixed the way birthday field data was being handled / stored
  • Added version number to main AJAX JavaScript file - Thanks goes to Viktor Szépe for committing this change
  • Tested with WordPress version 4.7 (and updated the corresponding 'Tested up to' tag)
  • Added minor error handling and logic to the forms page

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.2.3 - November 1st, 2016

  • Changed the way HTML field data is retrieved for compatibility with the options DB table and the Incentives Add-on
  • Fixed the path to the Knowledge Base on the welcome page
  • Refactored and localized the tinyMCE JS file
  • Fixed an i18n issue where an incorrect URL was being displayed in an error message
  • Changed the way the address field is displayed when viewing a mailing list user's info

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.2.2 - October 25th, 2016

  • Minor security patch - Thanks goes to the Tristan Madani for locating and disclosing the issues below.
  • Fixed a bug where request variable "section" was not sanitize before execution and rendering
  • Fixed a bug where global constant "YIKES_MC_API_KEY" was not sanitize before execution and rendering
  • Fixed a bug where WP option "yikes-mc-api-key" was not sanitize before validating and saving

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.2.1 - October 19th, 2016

  • Fixed a bug where the title and description will not display using the shortcode.
  • Fixed a bug where the recaptcha shortcode parameter doesn't work properly.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.2.0 - October 17th, 2016

  • Fixed a bug where the default for a radio button would not show up if the first item was selected (#587)
  • Fixed a bug where the form settings would not import properly (#572)
  • Fixed a bug in our Visual Composer extension (#514)
  • Fixed a bug where Interest Groups that are in radio format could not be changed when saving (#584)
  • Fixed a bug where the Phone Format field would continually append # signs (#562)
  • Fixed a compatibilty issue where our localized script variables were using common names (#575)
  • Updated the storage of form data to utilize the Options API instead of a custom database table.
  • Under-the-hood improvements and enhancements

As noted above, this release modifies this plugin to utilize the Options API instead of a custom database table. After upgrading, a routine will run that will grab all of your forms from the custom database table and convert them into a WordPress Option that the code will use from this point forward. At this point, we're choosing to keep the existing custom database table in place, so you can rest assured that all of your form data will be safe.

If for some reason you need to revert to using the custom database table, you can add a constant to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'YIKES_EMCE_CUSTOM_DB', true );

If you find that you need to do this, please contact us to let us know what you're seeing. In a future release, we will remove the custom database table entirely.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.1.3 - July 26th, 2016

  • Minor security patch - Thanks goes to the Wordfence Research Team for locating and disclosing the issue.
  • Cleared API/Account transient data when API key has changed.
  • Refactored our shortcode function to abort early, when no fields are present (inline or not).
  • Added labels-hidden class to the submit button <span></span> element so we can better style inline forms when all labels are hidden.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.1.2 - July 21st, 2016

  • Fixed incorrect date format on date picker for birthday fields (Front end).
  • Ensure that hidden fields don't become visible when forms are submitted (.fadeTo() bug)
  • Built in support for defining a constant for your API keys in wp-config.php (YIKES_MC_API_KEY see FAQ)

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.1.1 - July 20th, 2016

  • Added helper classes to the address fields to allow for easier targeting (Supports zip lookup extension).

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.1 - July 11th, 2016

  • Sanitized section request on the options page properly.
  • Fixed the apostraphes converted to tildes.
  • Added the missing space in the form field classes when labels were hidden.
  • Added preloaders to the submit button and the form overlay. Lowered opacity during AJAX processing.
  • Fixed the 'Duplicate' form function.
  • Repaired phone number validation on the phone form fields.
  • Properly hide descriptions when they are not set. (Markup should no longer be generated)
  • Added a 'Clear API Cache' link below the associated list dropdown during form creation.
  • Swapped out get_currentuserinfo() for the correct, newer, functions.
  • Repaired undefined variable on the 'Birthday/Date' form fields, when no default was set.
  • Users can now bulk add fields to forms, instead of having to do it one at a time.
  • Removed any dependency to the RSS feeds served from, which could potentially cause issues if the servers are ever down.
  • Refactored the database creation function, and swapped out the field types - to support older versions of PHP (<v5.3).
  • Added new filter to allow users to alter who can view/access the admin dashboard widgets - yikes-mailchimp-admin-widget-capability
  • Added a new filter (yikes-mailchimp-user-already-subscribed-error) allowing the 'already subscribed' error message to be filtered.
  • Added a new template tag ([email]) which can be used in the already subscribed response, to display the user entered email back in the response.
  • Added a new template tag ([link][/link]) which can be used to wrap text in the 'update profile' link, allowing users to create a custom response & link.

    Easy Forms for MailChimp - April 5th, 2016

  • Fixed incompatibility with the avada theme options page.
  • Removed the admin dashboard widgets for non-admins. Note: To alter, use the yikes-mailchimp-user-role-access filter.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 30th, 2016

  • Added yikes-mailchimp-before-form-submission hook, to perform actions before data gets sent to MailChimp.
  • Setup unit tests, wrote a few basic tests to start.
  • Added no_priv to the update profile email, so users who are not logged in do not hit an error.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 14th, 2016

  • Removed rogue return; causing blank screen on certain pages.
  • Wrapped transient in else statement to prevent wrong data from being stored when an error is hit.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 11th, 2016

  • Added extra error check for empty forms.
  • Fixed incorrect 'Invalid Email' response being displayed to the user. (Now more user friendly)
  • Fixed some checkbox integrations not working properly.
  • Enhanced error logging.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 7th, 2016

  • Cleaned up an error getting by the check when no interest groups were enabled on a form.
  • Ensured 'invalid email' error was being used where appropriate.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.5 - March 5th, 2016

  • Removed the old MailChimp PHP wrapper (increasing stability, and decreasing overall plugin size by 200+kb).
  • All API requests are now handled via WP HTTP class (goodbye SSL cert errors)
  • Added new yikes-mailchimp-sslverify filter to toggle true/false on API requests.
  • Added a new 'View List' link below the associated lists on the form edit page.
  • Updated all api requests throughout the plugin.
  • Re-wrote both the ajax and non-ajax form submission files.
  • Re-wrote form validation, error checks and success/error responses.
  • More specific error messages now coming from MailChimp for a better debugging experience.
  • Repaired broken strings, Optin/optin to Opt-in/opt-in, reCaptcha to reCAPTCHA.
  • Fixed user data not properly displaying on the user cards page.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 4th, 2016

  • Fix error being thrown when the user has not set their name on the profile page.
  • Updated the API validation function to use WP HTTP class. (workaround for SSL cert error preventing API key validation)
  • Add 'Custom URL' selection to page redirect drop down, allow users to hard code a custom URL to redirect users to (third party site etc.)

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 2nd, 2016

  • Repair 'update existing subscriber' parameter in the API request to respect the options set for the given form (AJAX and non-AJAX forms).

Easy Forms for MailChimp - March 1st, 2016

  • Added load_plugin_textdomain() call to base class.
  • Added missing string to translation.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - February 29th, 2016

  • Fixed reCAPTCHA check being skipped when a non-ajax form is submitted.
  • Fixed incorrect variable name in reCAPTCHA form submission (non-ajax).
  • Re-worded the reCAPTCHA error message when left blank.
  • Passed new reCAPTCHA error message through new filter (yikes-mailchimp-recaptcha-required-error - works for AJAX and standard forms).
  • Added missing placeholder/default values to the date form fields.
  • Fixed foreign characters causing issues on certain form fields (all languages should now work without issues).

Easy Forms for MailChimp - February 23rd, 2016

  • Added new filter to alter the success message from the form (yikes-mailchimp-success-response - see readme.txt for help).
  • Added new filter to alter the zip code regex pattern (yikes-mailchimp-zip-pattern - see readme.txt for help and default value).
  • Added new filter to alter the default country selection in the dropdown. (yikes-mailchimp-default-country-value - Defaults to 'US'.)
  • Altered zip/state fields, when the default value is set to something other than US via yikes-mailchimp-default-country-value.
  • Removed height: 100% CSS declaration on form fields (causing minor issues on some themes).
  • Tweaked front end .js.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - February 18th, 2016

  • Add missing .js file to trigger the update existing subscriber detials email on non-ajax forms.
  • Re-worded a few strings.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - February 17th, 2016

  • Fixed foreign languages saving field labels with backslashes.
  • Fixed foreign language dropdown not saving/displaying properly.
  • Setup two-factor authentication when users go to update subscription details.
  • Added new filters, yikes-mailchimp-update-email-subject and yikes-mailchimp-update-email-content.
  • Removed languages directory, as everything is now handled within GlotPress.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.4 - February 1st, 2016

  • Added a conditional to upgrade the database if the user is not currently up to date.
  • Some users report not being able to update form settings, due to database tables not being present.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - January 31st, 2016

  • Refactored date form field submissions, to properly format international dates (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Re-worded sections.
  • Added new screenshots.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - January 29th, 2016

  • Added a new custom description parameter to the shortcode. eg: [yikes-mailchimp custom_description="This is a custom description" description="1"]
  • Added all new settings on a per form level. New options now include - Form classes, Inline form, Submit button type, Submit button classes, schedule form by date/time, and require users to be logged in.
  • Users can now specify if they want a form to display inline by using the inline="1" parameter in the shortcode. Example: [yikes-mailchimp inline="1"]. The shortcode parameter will take precedence over the form setting.
  • Users can now set the submit button to image, and specify a custom image to use.
  • Tweaked styles on the 'Account Activity/Chimp Chatter' page.
  • Re-factored a few functions to be more performant.
  • Added new, additional hooks for our add-ons to make use of. (yikes-mailchimp-list-interest-groups-metabox)
  • Fixed the typo in our check box integration filter from yikes-mailchimp-checkbox-integration-subscibe-api-request to yikes-mailchimp-checkbox-integration-subscribe-api-request.
  • Added missing $charset_collate variable when creating the database tables - which caused encoding issues with a few foreign characters.
  • Localized all date pickers - for our international users.
  • Added new sections to the welcome screen - 'Knowledge Base' and 'Add-Ons'.
  • Fixed foreign language character encoding, and storing in database as question marks.
  • Fixed date formats not storing properly when adding a date/birthday field to your form.
  • Fixed the form editor being hidden on medium-width screens.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - December 28th, 2015

Easy Forms for MailChimp - December 28th, 2015

  • Removed extra closing php tag after 'Interest Group' dropdown field

Easy Forms for MailChimp - December 20th, 2015

  • Ensured the $form_id variable is set before including the form processing file for non-ajax forms.
  • Updated yikes_retrieve_form_settings(), to ensure we have a $form_id and settings to return.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - December 18th, 2015

  • Make bundled classes work when field labels are hidden.
  • Way to reset submission counts for individual forms.
  • URL fields now prepend http:// to prevent confusion with the end user.
  • Added conditionals to hide state/zip input fields in the address section when the country != US.
  • Multiple reCAPTCHAs on a single page should now work.
  • Non-Ajax Forms set to redirect, throw errors
  • Check form descriptions generating additional <p> tags.yikes-mailchimp-form-description is not wrapped around the description.
  • Add helper function to retrieve form data by ID. (eg: $form_data = yikes_get_form_data( 1 ); )

Easy Forms for MailChimp - November 12th, 2015

  • Patched a minor security issue where post passwords were accessible prior to entering the password - (props @ldwd)

Easy Forms for MailChimp - November 9th, 2015

Easy Forms for MailChimp - November 2nd, 2015

  • Repair issue where multiple MailChimp AJAX forms on same page was only submitting last displayed form.
  • Parsed [yikes-mailchimp-subscriber-count], to display the number of subscribers in the associated MailChimp list on the manage forms page for form descriptions.
  • When 'Hide Label' and 'Hide Field' are both checked, ensure that the associated MailChimp form field is hidden.
  • Confirmed error messages via the MailChimp API are working as intended for both AJAX/standard opt-in forms.
  • Fixed issue/spacing of the secondary 'Update Form' button on the edit forms page.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.3 - October 29th, 2015

  • Add filter to allow altering field descriptions. yikes_mailchimp_frontend_content
  • Resolve error thrown when no default is set for checkbox inerest groups.
  • Alter old knowledge base URLs to new KB URL.
  • Confirm each MailChimp form field type 'Hide Field' works as expected.
  • Added a bit of spacing between checkbox/radio button default options.
  • Added new class yikes-mailchimp-form-class to allow for additional classes to be added to the <form> element.
  • Implemented a fix for required MailChimp interest group checkbox type. (ajax = js validation/non-ajax = php).
  • Appended form IDs to input field ID parameter. The new form IDs now prepended with yikes-mc-form-#- -- eg: Old: id="EMAIL", New: id="yikes-mc-form-1-EMAIL".
  • Add a "Save Form" button to the left of the new "Clear Form Fields" on the Form builder. (better UX)
  • Integrate with Visual Composer plugin.
  • Ability to add a class to the form tag. Appropriate filter is yikes-mailchimp-form-class for <form> element, and yikes-mailchimp-form-container-class for parent <section> container.
  • Fix Site Origin Page builder issues saving the widget form IDs.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.3 - October 29th, 2015

  • Fixed undefined variable warning for interest group labels
  • Added new filter to allow alterations of each form field description

Easy Forms for MailChimp - October 17th, 2015

  • Fixed error thrown for some users on edit forms page 'save'.
  • Added new shortcode: [yikes-mailchimp-subscriber-count list="#"] to display the number of subscribers to a specified list (use: [yikes-mailchimp-subscriber-count form="form_id"] (preferred) or [yikes-mailchimp-subscriber-count list="mc_list_id"])
  • Added new filter to filter the submit button text (yikes-mailchimp-form-submit-button-text)
  • Tweaked international phone number validation - now regex checks [0-9]{1,}
  • Added two new classes to field labels - .merge_tag-label (eg: EMAIL-label) on all fields & .yikes-mailchimp-field-required on fields set to required.
  • Added capability check to TinyMCE button in wp editor (defaults to manage_options).
  • Tweaked 'show some love' container on the edit forms page.
  • Ensured 'Clear Form Fields' button was hidden after all form fields were removed.
  • Passed form descriptions through the_content() to allow for shortcodes to be processed.

Easy Forms for MailChimp - October 16th, 2015

  • Fixed incorrect opt-in time being sent to MailChimp for new subscribers (fixed for checkbox integrations, ajax and non-ajax forms)
  • Fixed 'Hide Label' displaying twice under interest groups
  • Fixed error thrown for custom_fields for some users
  • Fixed dropdown interest group data not being sent to MailChimp properly

Easy Forms for MailChimp - October 15th, 2015

  • Added the ability to bulk remove form fields from the form builder
  • Fixed hidden interest groups from not displaying the default value properly
  • Added hidden interest groups to the field type switch
  • Fixed interest group errors thrown for some users
  • Added new option to replace/update interest groups

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.2/ - October 12th, 2015

  • Added ability to pre-select interest groups for each third party integration (bbpress, contact form 7, buddypress, edd, woocommerce, comment form, registration form).
  • Removed "Check your email for the confirmation message." from the default success message if single opt-in is checked.
  • Fixed Address field, zip not hiding properly.
  • Tweaked class names, labels.
  • Renamed clickable pre-defined tags to something more user friendly instead of tags (eg: 'Page Title' instead of {page_title}).
  • Renamed the field-third-left/right class to field-third as it made more sense. Now elements floated left.
  • Tweaked pre-defined class styles.
  • Altered pre-defined class names for the address fields.
  • Built in check for MailChimp class to prevent conflict with other plugins integrating MailChimp.
  • Built in responsive styles for pre-defined form class styles (field-half-left/right & field-third).
  • Tweak responsive styles on calendar date picker on mobile devices.
  • Confirm each integration is working as intended.

Easy Forms for MailChimp 6.0.1 - October 7th, 2015

  • This release is a complete rewrite of the previous version. Before upgrading to the latest release, it is highly recommended that you take a backup of your database.
  • Changed plugin name to Easy Forms for MailChimp to comply with new guidelines for Plugins that Include Company and/or Product Names in the Plugin Name
  • Enhancements:
  • All forms have moved to their own table in the database, yikes_easy_mc_forms.
  • Admin interface has been re-designed for a seamless integration into the WordPress dashboard.
  • You can now create an unlimited number of forms, and assign them to any of your MailChimp lists (even multiple forms to the same list).
  • Now you can easily duplicate forms at the click of a button.
  • We have built out an advanced debugging feature that will log MailChimp errors as they occur, for easy debugging.
  • You can now toggle on/off AJAX form submissions on a per form basis.
  • Toggle on or off the MailChimp welcome email being sent.
  • You can now quickly switch which MailChimp list your forms assign subscribers to.
  • We now support every type of MailChimp field you can assign to a form, including interest groups.
  • You can now set custom success and error messages, to set messages in your native language.
  • Easily browse your MailChimp lists and view individual subscribers. Manage your subscriptions directly within the plugin.
  • We've completely re-designed the settings pages to allow for easier navigation.
  • A whole number of additional settings have been enabled for different form input fields.
  • Español translated started by @hiwhatsup
  • Française translated by @mialevesque
  • Português do Brasil translated by @enxaqueca
  • reCAPTCHA now loads in the language of the site it's being displayed on.
  • All translations functions have been implemented for worldwide i18n.
  • We have built out an API and implemented a number of hooks and filters to enable developers to easily extend the plugin see knowledge base
  • We have started building out a number of add ons to extend the base functionality of the plugin. check them out

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.4.3 - March 17th, 2015

  • Fixed: Re-import form fields function not properly refreshing the page
  • Fixed: Updating a MailChimp list field no longer throws an empty error

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.4.2 - March 10th, 2015

  • Fixed: custom class names on input fields merged together with other class names making them un-usable.

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.4.1 - March 3rd, 2015

  • Fixed: tinyMCE error thrown when saving settings page, ultimately preventing the ability to store the MailChimp API key.

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.4 - March 2nd, 2015

  • Enhancement: Re-bundled unaltered MailChimp API wrapper class file, and added appropriate class check to prevent conflicts with other MailChimp plugins (Gravity Forms etc.)
  • Enhancement: Removed the WYSIWYG editor from the options page. This caused issues for some users who were unable to validate the MailChimp API key.
  • Enhancement: Added a new setting to toggle the sending of the MailChimp welcome email. Users can now disable the email all together, on a list by list basis. (checked = disabled)
  • Enhancement: Prevented users from being able to update the 'EMAIL' merge variable. Added a notification with instruction on what filter to use.
  • Enhancement: Replaced all instances of the old class name (wpyksMCMailChimp API) with the appropriate MailChimp class (Mailchimp)
  • Enhancement: Stripped slashes and properly escaped interest group labels

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.3.3 - February 26th, 2015

  • Enhancement: Added a new filter to alter field labels. Very helpful when you want to alter the default MailChimp 'Email Address' field label to something else. (yikes_mc_field_label) (see 'filters' section in 'Other Notes')

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.3.2 - February 17th, 2015

  • Fixed: Patched the error displayed below the opt-in forms when display_yikes_mc_form_messages is not defined.

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.3.1 - January 13th, 2014

  • Enhancement: Added new filter to allow users to change which role has access to the MailChimp administration pages ( yks-mailchimp-user-role ) ( check readme for example )

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.3 - January 11th, 2014

  • Enhancement: Added ability to move the success + error messages above or below the form based on a defined constant ( display_yikes_mc_form_messages [options: before/after] )
  • Enhancement: Added new settings and the ability to show/hide * = required field , from the top of the forms, via the settings page
  • Enhancement: Fixed incorrect error 'click here to update your profile' shown on front end on all errors

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.2 - December 10th, 2014

  • New Feature: Added ability to add, edit or delete form fields directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • New Feature: Added ability to add, edit or delete interest groups directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • New Feature: Add "Update" link to forms when a user has previously subscribed
  • New Feature: Added 'default' option to text fields ( with custom pre-defined tags : {post_id} , {post_title} , {page_url} , {blog_name} , {user_logged_in} with the ability to define your own! )
  • New Feature: Added the ability to adjust required state, visibility state, merge tag and more
  • New Feature: Added the ability to toggle between ssl_verifypeer true/false
  • New Feature: Added an error log to help users diagnose errors happening within the plugin (and updated advanced debugging) - found on the debug options of the settings page
  • Enhancement: Remove JavaScript dependency to populate place holder values
  • Enhancement: Replaced CAPTCHA with the all new reCAPTCHA API from Google
  • Enhancement: Introduced all new filters ( check documentation for examples )
  • Enhancement: Un-checking 'visibility' now hides the input field (instead of not generating it at all)
  • Enhancement: Re-defined YKSEME_PATH for users who have the plugins folder outside of wp-content
  • Enhancement: Added new classes to labels and input fields on the front end forms ( new classes yks-mc-label-field-label , yks-mc-form-row-field-label , yks-mc-input-field-row-field-label , yks-mc-input-field-label )
  • Bug Fix: Re-sorting fields that had a stored custom class name didn't store properly
  • Bug Fix: Wrapped bundled template text in filters
  • Bug Fix: Repaired some broken filters (get_form_data_before_send)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed labels on 'Manage List Forms' page and added field names to titles
  • Bug Fix: Fixed path to check box images on 'Clean Blue' bundled templates
  • Bug Fix: Fixed empty MailChimp API key from outputting any string (confused some users)
  • Other: Split main class file into multiple included files (help organize the main class file (sub-files located in /lib/inc/)
  • Other: Began to build up a Wiki on Github , for plug in installation/usage instructions
  • Other: Altered single/double opt-in strings inside shortcode_form.php (reference thread)
  • Other: Removed 'Interest Group Label' option, as users can now update the name from within the plugin

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.1.1 - November 5, 2014

Fix: repair 'Opt In' default list drop down on options page Fix: repair errors being thrown when a commenter is added to a list

Easy MailChimp Forms - November 4, 2014

Removed the update MailChimp profile info link, some users brought up security concerns. Fixed missing argument when using table display formatting.

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.1 - November 3, 2014

We have added brand new functionality, allowing users to easily customize forms on the fly, through a familiar UI as well as a templating framework to allow users to design and implement their own custom forms. A minor security bug was patched in this release as well. We fixed an issue with the MailChimp API key check running on each page load, and added a few new filters to allow users to alter text.

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.9 - October 3rd, 2014


  • Added autocomplete="false" to MailChimp API input field
  • Added event listener to form submission (forms can now be placed in modals/slideout menus)

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.8 - September 23, 2014


  • Band-aid fix for the -1 response returned from ajax.php

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.7 - September 19, 2014


  • Security Vulnerability patched - props @g0blinResearch for privately disclosing the issue

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.6 - August 22, 2014


  • fix bug with nonce security check when using table 'Preferred Form Layout' setting

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.5 - August 21, 2014


  • added stripslashes() to the following settings fields :
    • Single Opt-in Confirmation Message
    • Double Opt-in Confirmation Message
    • Interest Group Label
    • Opt-in Checkbox Text


  • Updated readme FAQ section

Easy MailChimp Forms 5.0.4 - August 6, 2014

  • Update SSL conditional in main plugin file
  • Added mcrypt module check, for MailChimp API encryption
  • Conditionally loaded scripts and styles in admin ( prevent conflicts )
  • Included NONCE security checks on form submissions ( helps prevent CSRF and other attacks )
  • Added proper update task function to add missing settings to the options page ( prevents undefined variables for new settings )
  • Added missing styles to post page ( added missing icon to tinyMCE button )
  • Added missing styles to widget page
  • Adjusted Chimp Chatter activity time formatting to return correct time based on user time zone
  • New Feature: Real time updates to MailChimp Account Activity ( utilizing the heartbeat MailChimp API )
  • New Feature: Added MailChimp account activity widget to dashboard ( with live updates using heartbeat MailChimp API )
  • Added screenshot of admin dashboard account activity widget

Easy MailChimp Forms 4.5

  • Added reCAPTCHA support to prevent bots and spammers from submitting forms
  • Split settings page into three separate sections
  • Removed Jetpack sharing icons from appearing in the success messages (removed sharedaddy filter)
  • Updated translation files with new strings
  • Update existing screen shots and add new screen shot
  • Update FAQ
  • Added "loaded server modules" to the debug page, to better aid in support requests

Easy MailChimp Forms 3.0

  • Update MailChimp API to v2.0
  • Added MailChimp API Key Validation Check

Easy MailChimp Forms 2.2.0

  • Added support for multiples of the same MailChimp list
  • Bug fixes

Easy MailChimp Forms 2.1.0

  • Changed name of plugin to Easy MailChimp Forms
  • Added support for multiples of the same MailChimp list
  • Bug fixes

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 2.0.0

  • Supports custom merge vars now
  • Allows import from MailChimp
  • Allows Table or Div output

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.3.1

  • Fixed form not submitting to MailChimp for anonymous users bug

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.3.0

  • Custom merge vars allows more customized field configuration

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.2.0

  • Removed required from First Name and Last Name fields
  • Added update routines for future versions

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.1.0

  • Changed the list logic and added a notice for the MERGE VAR naming schema

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.0.1

  • Changed CSS paths from Absolute to Relative

YIKES Inc Easy MailChimp Extender 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

All documentation can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Do I need a MailChimp account to use this plugin?

Yes, you must have a MailChimp account and at least 1 list set up in order to use the plugin. You can register for one for free at MailChimp.

How does the plugin connect my MailChimp account to my site?

Our plugin uses a MailChimp API Key to allow your site to communicate with your MailChimp account. After you enter your MailChimp API key into the plugin settings your site is connected to MailChimp and ready to make forms.

How do I create a MailChimp API key?

Go to the MailChimp article About MailChimp API Keys for detailed information on creating MailChimp API keys.

Step-by-step instructions from MailChimp:

  1. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and choose Account.
  2. Click the Extras drop-down menu and choose MailChimp API keys.
  3. Copy an existing MailChimp API key or click the Create A Key button.
  4. Name your key descriptively, so you know what application uses that key.

Copy your MailChimp API key so you can paste it into the plugin General Settings.

How do I change the submit button text?

The submit button text can be customized to use any text you like. This is done via the shortcode. Please visit our How-to article How do I change the submit button text for step-by-step instructions.

How do I add new fields to my form?

The fields that are assigned to a list are managed on the MailChimp site. To add or remove fields you need to log in to your MailChimp account and manage them there.

Please read the MailChimp article Manage List and Signup Form Fields to learn how to add and edit the fields for your lists.

After you’ve added fields, they may not show up immediately in our plugin’s Form Builder. Our plugin pulls the information from MailChimp and stores it for a period of time before pulling it again. To get the new information immediately you will need to clear the MailChimp API cache. Please read our article API Cache Settings for instructions on how to clear the MailChimp API cache.

How do I change the field labels?

The text next to or above each field of a form is called a “label” and you may want to change them. For instance by default MailChimp uses “First” instead of “First Name” and you may want to change it to make more sense. In the form builder, you will find a little pencil icon next to each form label. Click that icon to edit the label and hit the check icon to save it. After you are done editing field labels you will need to hit the "Update Form" button to save all of your changes.

I’m not seeing all my lists on the drop-down menu when I go to make a new form, why?

Our plugin fetches your list information from MailChimp and stores it on your site in a cache. If you make changes to your MailChimp lists, our plugin will update your site with those changes within an hour. If you want it updated immediately (for instance if you add a new list), you can delete the MailChimp cache. Please read our Knowledge Base Article for more info.

Is there a way to display the number of subscribers for a given list?

Yes! You can use the shortcode, [yikes-mailchimp-subscriber-count] in the form description field to display the number of subscribers to that MailChimp list.

To display the count for a specific MailChimp list, you can use the form="#" or list="#" parameters. If using form="#" you should pass in a specific form ID, which will display the total number of subscribers associated with that form. If using list="#" you should pass in a MailChimp list ID.

I want to use my own styles. Can I remove the styles bundled with this plugin?

Yes, we've included a constant you can use to prevent our styles from loading, YIKES_MAILCHIMP_EXCLUDE_STYLES. For usage, please see our Knowledge Base Article.

Some of the characters in my form are being stored as ??? instead of in the correct format.

You'll want to make sure that your database collation is set properly. The best collation setting for all web languages is UTF8. If you need help switching collation settings in your database, please see the following article from Media Temple: Default MySQL character set and collation.

I'm having trouble upgrading to version 6, what do I do?

We want our users to have as smooth a transition as possible so we created Guides to Updating. Please check them out if you are experiencing problems.

Can I define my API key using a PHP constant, inside of wp-config.php?

Yes! Since version 6.1.2 of Easy Forms for MailChimp we have enabled the ability to define a PHP constant inside of wp-config.php to be used throughout the plugin. The constant name you'll want to use is YIKES_MC_API_KEY. Once you've defined your constant, you'll want to head into the options page and save your settings for the changes to take hold.


define( 'YIKES_MC_API_KEY', '12345679-us2' );

Other Notes

Alongside the default functionality of Easy Forms for MailChimp we've included a number of hooks and filters to allow for a higher level of customization of your MailChimp forms.

For information and code examples on how to implement the hooks and filters provided by Easy Forms for MailChimp, please see our Developer Documentation in the Knowledge Base.

Below you'll find a complete list of the hooks and filters available in Easy Forms for MailChimp.


  • yikes-mailchimp-form-title - Alter the output of the form title of the specified form. @params: $title, $form_id
  • yikes-mailchimp-form-description - Alter the output of the form description of the specified form. @params: $description, $form_id
  • yikes-mailchimp-redirect-timer - Alter the amount of time in milliseconds the user sees the success message before being redirected. Default: 1500 - @params: $time, $form_id
  • yikes-mailchimp-redirect-url - Alter the URL of the page that the user will be redirected to on a successful submission. @params: $url, $form_id, $page_data
  • yikes-mailchimp-filter-before-submission and yikes-mailchimp-filter-before-submission-{$form_id} - Catch the merge variables before they get sent over to MailChimp. @params: $merge_variables
  • yikes-mailchimp-after-submission and yikes-mailchimp-after-submission-{$form_id} - Catch the merge variables after they get sent over to MailChimp. @params: $merge_variables
  • yikes-mailchimp-user-role-access - Alter who can access this plugin page by capability. Default: manage_options - @params: $capability
  • yikes-mailchimp-international-phone-pattern - Alter the regex pattern for acceptable international phone number formats. Default: '[0-9,-,+]{1,}' - @params: $regex_pattern
  • yikes-mailchimp-us-phone-pattern - Alter the regex pattern for acceptable US phone number formats. Default: ^(\([0-9]{3}\)|[0-9]{3}-)[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}$ - @params: $regex_pattern
  • yikes-mailchimp-zip-pattern - Alter the zip code regex pattern. Default: \d{5,5}(-\d{4,4})? - @params: $regex_pattern, $form_id
  • yikes-mailchimp-process-default-tag - Alter the default form field value for text fields. @params: $default_value
  • yikes-mailchimp-{$merge_tag}-label - Alter the specified form field's or interest group's label text. @params: $label
  • yikes-mailchimp-{$merge_tag}-description - Alter the specified form field's or interest group's description text (note: if targeting an interest group, it will be the group_id instead of the merge tag). @params: $description_content, $form_id.
  • yikes-mailchimp-address-{$type}-label
Version 6.3.5

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 03 Nov 2011

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