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WordPress Film List

A plugin that allows you to create an online Movie and TV Show library! Simply use this shortcode to get started: [wpfilmlist_shortcode].

Finally, an easy way to add Movies and TV Shows to your website for all the internet to see!

Check out a working demo here.

UPDATE: WordPress Film List Premium version is now available! Receive all of the features of the free version you see here, plus:

  • Add your Amazon Affiliate ID to each Movie & TV Show you display
  • Display famous and entertaining movie quotes
  • Rate each title with 1-5 review stars and display the rating for all to see
  • Save time by Bulk-Editing all of your entries
  • Set the default sorting option site-wide
  • Display Cast and Crew images and information for every entry

Get all of the awesome functionality of the free version, plus the features listed above right now for just $5 Dollars! That's only 2 cups of coffee! Check it out at!

How does WPFilmList work?

Simply plug in the name of a Movie or TV Show and let WordPress Film List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including:

  • Poster Images
  • Trailers
  • Season Images/Additional Images
  • Official Links
  • Descriptions
  • Genres & Runtimes
  • Release Dates & Production Companies
  • Seasons & Episodes
  • Budget & Revenue
  • Status & Original Titles
  • Links to Amazon Video, Best Buy, & iTunes

Additionally, WPFilmList allows you to record your own thoughts and opinions on each Movie & TV Show for all your visitors to see!

Some additional features include:

  • Multiple ‘Libraries’ for different pages and purposes on your site
  • Search by Title
  • Display an entry in your Footer or Sidebar with the WPFilmList Widget
  • Download & Backup your entire library to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Display Amazon links in the body of a page or post with the [showfilmcover] shortcode
  • Track how many Movies you’ve added
  • Track how many TV Shows you’ve added
  • Social media links for sharing your titles

Be sure to check out the new StylePaks feature for WPFilmList. For just $2, you can drastically change the look and feel of WPFilmList to suite your own tastes! Check em’ out here.

Try out WordPress Film List right now!

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Author Jake Evans - Forward Creation
Contributors forwardcreation
Tags amazon, film, films, imdb, iTunes, media, movie, movies, reviews, television, television shows, the movie database, themoviedb, tmdb, tv, tv show, tv shows, WPBookList, WPFilmList, WPGamelist
  1. wpfilmlist screenshot 1

    How your Movies & TV Shows will appear on your website. WPFilmList uses most of the default styling of your currently active theme. The Quotation section is only available with WPFilmList Premium.

  2. wpfilmlist screenshot 2

    Another screenshot of the WPFilmList further down the page.

  3. wpfilmlist screenshot 3

    This is how your Movies & TV Shows will appear when you click on a title or cover image (Star Wars: Rouge One is displayed).

  4. wpfilmlist screenshot 4

    An example of the Cast Images section. Cast and Crew Image Sections are only available with WPFilmList Premium.

  5. wpfilmlist screenshot 5

    A screenshot of the Description and Images Section. The Description section is fully editable.

  6. wpfilmlist screenshot 6

    A Screenshot of the rest of the Images Section. The ‘Backdrop Image’ is the background image displayed behind the colored background.

  7. wpfilmlist screenshot 7

    A screenshot of the Videos section, where Trailers and other videos for each Movie and TV Show are displayed.

  8. wpfilmlist screenshot 8

    A screenshot of another entry, the TV Show ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

  9. wpfilmlist screenshot 9

    The backend display options, where individual components can be hidden, and where the number of entries per page can be set.

  10. wpfilmlist screenshot 10

    This is where you can create additional ‘libraries’ to add Movies & TV Shows to, as well as read about all the different options for the Amazon link shortcode, [showfilmcover]. This is also where you can add your Amazon Affiliate ID. Adding an Amazon Affiliate ID is only available with WPFilmList Premium.

  11. wpfilmlist screenshot 11

    The Bulk Editing section. Bulk Editing is only available with WPFilmList Premium.

  12. wpfilmlist screenshot 12

    This is where you can backup your library, download a spreadsheet, and restore your library from a previously-created backup.

  13. wpfilmlist screenshot 13

    An example of the WPFilmList widget placed in the sidebar of my website.

  14. wpfilmlist screenshot 14

    Another example of the WPFilmList widget placed in the sidebar of my website.

Method 1) Simply drop this folder (unzipped) into your WordPress plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins).

Method 2) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, click on ‘Upload Plugin’, and upload the ‘’ file you downloaded.

Method 3) In the WordPress admin dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Add New’ towards the very top of the page, search for ‘WPFilmList’, and then click ‘Install Now’.

USAGE: Simply paste this shortcode on the page or post you’d like to display your library: [wpfilmlist_shortcode], visit that page or post on the front-end (like a visitor to your website would do), and look for the “Add New Movies & TV Shows Here“ link. Enter your search term, click on the ‘Search for Title’ link, and select your Movies and TV Shows!

v1.0 - Initial release.

v1.1 - Implemented several bug fixes - removed hidden ‘isbn’ holdover from WPBookList, added code to allow for the StylePaks to be displayed correctly on the backend, and updated PHPEcel to version 1.8.

Does WPFilmList work for both Movies & TV Shows? - Yes! If it can be found at The Movie Database, it can be found by WPFilmList.

Why does it take a few seconds for each search? - When adding a title, you might find that it takes a few seconds for the search results to return. This is because WPFilmList is pulling in a large amount of data about every search result. Fret not however, because once the search completes, you can add multiple titles from the same search at the same time.

Why can't WPFilmList find my Movie or TV Show?? - While WPFilmList will have no problem finding the vast majority of Movies or TV Shows, occasionally WPFilmList will come across a title that it simply can't find information for. WPFilmList searches through The Movie Database for information about a title, so the general rule of thumb is that if it can't be found at The Movie Database, WPFilmList will not be able to pull information for your title.

How do I keep visitors from modifying my library? - On the WordPress Dashboard you'll see the WPFilmList icon (a white circle outlined in light blue) on the left-hand side. Click on that, which will take you to the WPFilmList Options page. Find the section titled "Display Options". Here you can set many different display options, including whether or not you'd like to "Hide the Edit and Delete Options". Checkmark that checkbox, click 'Save Changes', and the 'Edit' and 'Delete' links will be gone from your library, making it impossible for visitors to modify your library.

Do you provide support for WPFilmList? - Absolutely! As this plugin is a fairly new creation, there are bound to be bugs and issues that I haven't come across yet, so please, if there's something just not right about your wpfilmlist experience, shoot me an e-mail at

What are all of the Shortcode Options for displaying a Movie or TV Show? - To display the cover image of a Movie or TV Show, simply place this shortcode on a page or post: [showbookcover]. The available options are as follows:

[showfilmcover] - Shortcode for displaying an individual entry. The options below only apply to the [showfilmcover] shortcode, and not the [wpfilmlist_shortcode] shortcode.

  • Specify a movie/tv show: title="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  • Set alignment: align="left" or align="right"
  • Specify library: table="nameoflibrary" (leave out completely to use default library)
  • Set the size: width="100"
  • Set as Amazon Image link: amazon="true"
  • Display the title: showtitle="true"

Example One: To display a just an entry (without the title) from your custom 'fantasy' library on the left side of a page or post, with a size of 150, this shortcode would do the trick:

[showfilmcover title="Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" align="left" width="150" table="fantasy”]

Example Two: To display an entry from the default library, as an Amazon Image link, on the right side of a page or post, with a size of 200, with the title displayed below the image, this shortcode would do the trick:

[showfilmcover title="Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" align="right" width="200" amazon="true" showtitle="true”]

Version 1.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 04 Feb 2017

Date Added: 04 Feb 2017

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