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WP w3all phpBB

WordPress w3all phpBB integration - easy, light, secure, powerful

WP w3all phpBB provide free integration - users login/registration between a phpBB bulletin board and WordPress cms. Easy, fast, light and secure.

Wp w3all phpBB integration

Integration cookie based between WordPress and phpBB installed on same and subdomains.


  • Login/logout widget (but users can login/out/register on both WordPress or phpBB).
  • Last Topics Posts widget, with Links or Links and Text, with or without avatars.

WP w3all auto embed phpBB into WordPress template

You can completely ignore this part. Or choose if WP w3all phpBB run in iframe mode and auto embed phpBB into WordPress template: complete the iframe responsive embedded procedure in few steps.

Wp to phpBB users transfer

WordPress users to phpBB transfer, to transfer pre existent WordPress users into phpBB! (phpBB users are auto added in WordPress when they login on WP first time or when they visit WP side, as logged into phpBB)

phpBB avatars into WordPress options

Use phpBB avatars to replace WP Gravatars options!

Help pages

A WP w3all phpBB help page with common questions, easy how to use and answers to be up and running in minutes is available here: WP w3all phpBB help page.

Author axew3
Contributors axewww
Tags board, bridge, bulletin, cms, embed, forum, iframe, include, integration, phpBB, phpbb3, template, transfer, users, wordpress, wp
  1. wp-w3all-phpbb-integration screenshot 1

    Wp w3all phpBB integration main config

  2. wp-w3all-phpbb-integration screenshot 2

    Wp w3all (raw) WP users transfer to phpBB

  3. wp-w3all-phpbb-integration screenshot 3

    WP w3all auto embed phpBB into your WordPress template

  • Read this page at for installation helps
  • Set the path of phpBB cookie to be available over all the domain
  • Upload the WP w3all phpBB plugin to your blog, Activate it, then go under 'Settings - WP w3all' and setup path and url settings: these are REQUIRED values
  • Transfer WP existent users into phpBB: activate the WP w3all transfer, and under WP Settings menu (you can so deactivate the option when finished, removing it from WP menu) choose WP w3all transfer, follow instructions
  • Activate, configure and save wp_w3all widgets login and last forums topics
  • Detailed instructions at WP phpBB integration help install docs page


Release Date - 12 Feb, 2017

  • Fix first login fail on register in WP definitively.
  • Update all iframe resizer files. It is Request to Update the old iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js into phpBB root. Please replace the old phpBB root iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file with new one contained inside the /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer folder.
  • Minor fixes.


Release Date - 28 Gen, 2017

  • Fix minor security bug.
  • Fix any PHP error notice and warning (NOTE: except Warnings if path setting wrong on wp_w3all config).
  • Fix correct redirect in WP page where login has been performed, if login done using the WP_w3all widget Login/out.
  • Several code fixes.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date - 24 Gen, 2017

  • Fix correct phpBB 3.2> - phpBB 3.1> profiles fields update about url (and fix ready code for all other fields).
  • Fix bug avatar about: if on phpBB option avatar.driver.remote enabled, avatar in WP was not included for the user.
  • Fix language files, adding all configuration page hints and frontend into translated strings. The unique NOT translated part, is the Admin Users Transfer page of wp_w3all.
  • Fix logout loop, if on phpBB there is a wrong phpBB cookie settings.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date - 9 Gen, 2017

  • Fix bug 'first user login on WP fail'.
  • Fix correct redirect for widgets, and get vars, using native WP functions.
  • Resolve 'Iframe, post preview fail': for this fix, that is related to phpBB overall_footer.html code, please just read this post: .
  • Fix correct redirection to WP forum page, onlogin, if login done via modal/iframe.
  • Add translation files for all front end strings output (if not please report), but not for admin configuration back-end.
  • Fix 'Warning unwanted chars detected' issue, that was wrongly fired on some path settings.
  • Fix a bug on widget file inclusion: translate function on wrong place has been removed.
  • Fix a php Warning, that was suppressed by WP on redirect (so maybe never seen) by fixing the - add_action('wp_login' - adding correct params call.
  • More fixes.


Release Date - 11 Nov, 2016

  • Resolve problem about login, related latest security bug fix reported on post
  • Correct sanitization, that should solve (maybe) many other compatibility problems.
  • Resolve correct addition and no more loop redirect, if user register and login directly in iframe mode.
  • Fix more hints on Admin config page.
  • Fix more issues and updates.


Release Date - 8 Nov, 2016

  • Fix a security bug.


Release Date - 7 Nov, 2016

  • Fix avatars bug. Should be the definitive fix that should resolve all reported bugs about avatars.
  • Fix more secondary bugs.
  • Fix some English hints on WP_w3all admin config page.


Release Date - 23 Oct, 2016

  • Fix error user already added on login when user added from phpBB into WP (on first time login on WP).
  • Fix avatar on Last Topics Widget bug when no number for avatars to retrieve was set on admin WP_w3all config.


Release Date - 23 Sep, 2016

  • Fix user insertion into WP for certain phpBB users with not allowed specific chars. Please take a look into this post for further info about:
  • Fix avatar on Last Topics Widget bug, due the same above related problem, if user was containing unwanted char in WP the query was return error.
  • Fix error "user already added" message if a phpBB user was added in WP after login action, and correct auto login.
  • More fixes


Release Date - 16 Sep, 2016

  • Fix definitively users transfer, and wrong user addition if username contain certain characters
  • Fix wrong WP user addition on phpBB for the same above reason (user exist but after not found on ACP: after this release, will follow an article on forum on how to easily fix this problem in phpBB ACP, will be posted, if there is any to resolve.
  • Fix missed


ul> tag on Last Topics Widget * More fixes


Release Date - 12 Sep, 2016

  • Warning for WP_w3all installations using manual config.php on WP_w3all admin config page! Please READ this before update to 1.5.0!
  • Add option: replace WordPress Gravatars with user's profile phpBB avatars, if there is not a phpBB avatar for the user, Gravatar will be displayed (Vers 1.0)
  • Improved Last Forums Topics query by Sitmo2012
  • Fix all Php Notices and Warnings
  • Fix groups assignement for users added in WordPress from phpBB
  • Hints: improvement and corrections
  • More code fixes


Release Date - 14 Aug, 2016

  • Add - Deactivate phpBB user account (option) until WP confirmation
  • Fix profile fields updates (if empty URL field on user profile, update was not executed correctly)
  • Fix minor iframe bug


Release Date - 20 Jul, 2016

  • Fix 1.4.7 just released, more profile bugs. Update as soon please!


Release Date - 19 Jul, 2016

  • Add Manual phpBB configuration mode for compatibility with some external plugins (and for a more easy and fast config include, expecially on subdomains installation). See wp_w3all config admin page for easy instructions to switch to manual config (that mean just change path to the new edited config.php file)
  • Fix several compatibility problems about external, users login/registration profile update, plugins
  • Fix correct wordpress default profile fields updates
  • Fix minor security bug
  • Fix minor bugs


Release Date - 15 Giu, 2016

  • Only an important security fix. Update as soon.


Release Date - 14 Giu, 2016

  • Fix stay on index and viewforum when refresh browser iframe mode
  • Fix correct config include and code execution (on rare possible scenario)
  • Fix Last Topics Widget notice error and overall WP on certain php.ini configurations
  • Fix more minor bugs
  • Add compatibility with plugins that replace default WP login page (not ajax frontend login widgets)


Release Date - 9 Giu, 2016

  • Fix remember me auto login that was Not solved since 1.4.0


Release Date - 8 Giu, 2016

  • Fix users deactivation/activation in WordPress, that are at same time activated/deactivated in phpBB
  • Fix correct number of topics to display for each Last Topics Widget instance


Release Date - 7 Giu, 2016

  • Fix logout and remember me auto login


Release Date - 6 Giu, 2016

  • Fix WP logout loop redirection and logout (remain minor fix)
  • Fix Last Topics Post - Text Post Mode fix, where was failing to clean/remove tags
  • Fix correct session user update
  • Fix, user active, or not on register: registered phpBB user, not active in phpBB, added as deactivated in WP (ex: awaiting validation)
  • Fix more 1.4.0 bugs


Release Date - 31 Mag, 2016

  • Fix user profile fields update: email, password, URL. Direct update in phpBB if profile update done on WP side. If user profile is modified via phpBB, the update in WP is done when user visit WP side
  • Add Posts Text option on Last Topics widget - Post Text option to display latest topics, only with title/link author and date, or title/link, post text (choose how many words for each widget), author and date
  • Ready (on next version) for more profile fields updates like (signature on phpBB to Bio info on WP and viceversa), Facebook, Google etc.
  • Fix WP to phpBB users transfer definitively: users are correctly added as activated on phpBB if with roles on WP, deactivated in phpBB if no Role on WP
  • Fix for more security on login
  • Fix several minor bugs
  • Add https


Release Date - 23 Mag, 2016

  • Remove latest additions about ajax plugins with login on frontend ajax widget, due to several bugs that cause onlogin/out
  • English language corrections: thank to member raykaii at


Release Date - 21 Mag, 2016

  • Fix compatibility with ajax login plugins, ReCaptcha ...
  • More very important fixes


Release Date - 19 Mag, 2016

  • Minor (but important to fix) bug about function wp_delete_user function not exist.
  • Minor fixes


Release Date - 19 Mag, 2016

  • !Important Fix add user into phpBB bug on register WP (since 1.3.4)


Release Date - 15 Mag, 2016

  • Fix user email address update on WordPress if user email is modified on phpBB profile. Update is done when user visit WordPress. If instead, email address change is done via WordPress Admin or user profile, it is immediately applied on both WP and phpBB.


Release Date - 15 Mag, 2016

  • Fix wp_error coming logged as newer user into WordPress


Release Date - 14 Mag, 2016

  • Fix 1.3.2 user logout bug when login done on WP side


Release Date - 13 Mag, 2016

  • Fix users transfer, that can be executed safely also more than one time consecutively
  • Deactivated/activated/banned (no role user) user in WP admin, is deactivated/activated on phpBB. Deactivated/banned etc user in phpBB ACP is auto deactivated only on user WP onlogin
  • More important fixes


Release Date - 3 Mag, 2016

  • Fix cookie check and reload problems in some installations and remember me logins


Release Date - 2 Mag, 2016

  • Fix wrong old phpBB user addition in WordPress when username was containing wrong chars. It solve so probably, any other reported redirect error.


Release Date - 1 Mag, 2016

  • Fix bug subdomains login/out due to a wrong setcookie


Release Date - 29 Apr, 2016 * Fix presistent autologin


Release Date - 27 Apr, 2016 * Important! Fix old phpBB users, that login first time in WP and aren't added: now are added and logged on fly * Fix redirect problems on some installations * Fix stay on topic or page on browser refresh (iframe mode) * More important fixes


Release Date - 22 Apr, 2016 * Fix ONLY 1.2.5 bug about path setting not correct and WP admin logout can't login error


Release Date - 21 Apr, 2016 * Fix persistent login * Fix changed user passw on phpBB, if first login in WP instead of phpBB * Fix WP users transfer to phpBB


Release Date - 18 Apr, 2016 * Fix correct username/nicename registration insert into phpBB * Fix users transfer for correct username/nicename registration insert into phpBB


Release Date - 17 Apr, 2016 * Fix user post count on transfer process where was set to 1 and should be 0 * Fix persistent rememberme autologin * Fix user post count on phpBB user registration when done on WP side


Release Date - 15 Apr, 2016 * Unique config include that fix numerous problems and increase script execution speed * Cookie domain fix for subdomains * Security fix * More minor fixes


Release Date - 8 Apr, 2016 * Fix sessions +- definitively. Remain to unify queries * Fix password/email change for WP admin to match phpBB pass if different on WP login * Links for iframe: viewtopic and viewforum * WP 4.5 more fix


Release Date - 5 Apr, 2016 * Fix sessions * Fix password/email change for admin and users * WP 4.5 ready


Release Date - 29 March, 2016 * Fix bug user password reset on WP * First fix for installations on WP multisite


Release Date - 28 March, 2016 * Fix bug about when wrong path and warning messages * More fast (action wp_loaded replace init for the wp_w3all_phpbb_init) * Prepare for next release and definitive sessions fix onlogin, when login performed on WP side


Release Date - 27 March, 2016 * Fix phpBB session logic * Login/register/lostpass by default in WP if actions are performed on WP side


Release Date - 25 March, 2016 * Fix login out of admin in front end


Release Date - 24 March, 2016 * Users can now login/out/register and change profile email or password on WP or phpBB. More on next versions. * Fix iframe mode logout when performed from WP: required to rebuild the forum page on wp_w3all or manually modify adding the new logout fix. * Fix user transfer from WP to phpBB, where last insertid value was missed during insert query * Fix several bugs


Release Date - 10 March, 2016 * Fix iframe mode * Remove unuseful options on config wp_w3all * Add modal CSS login for iframe mode * Fix user transfer bug * Fix several bugs


Release Date - 7 March, 2016 * Fix login/out


Release Date - 5 March, 2016 * Fix problems about correct links and inclusion for widgets * Fix more bugs about iframe mode * Added option for widget links iframe mode subdomains or not


Release Date - 3 March, 2016 * Fix problem for wordpress repo that do not correctly download the new inc folder, so it has been removed


Release Date - 1 March, 2016 * Solve more wp_w3all path setting bug


Release Date - 29 Febrary, 2016 * Solve wp_w3all path setting bug


Release Date - 29 Febrary, 2016 * Add responsive javascript or css iframe option that is created by default * Added related documentation


Release Date - 28 Febrary, 2016 * Fix login/out widget links for iframe mode * Fix correct template page name detection * Fix minor bugs


Release Date - 23 Febrary, 2016 * Fix config problems * Add more friendly configuration interface * Fix minor bugs


Release Date - 21 Febrary, 2016 * Added phpBB embedded into WordPress template feature * Added js library * Fix minor bugs


Release Date - 15 Febrary, 2016 * Fix cookie logout bug for subdomains and minor bugs


Release Date - 14 Febrary, 2016 * Added subdomain capability to the wp_w3all integration plugin. You need to change the relative path on wp_w3all config and substitute with ABSOLUTE path.


Release Date - 13 Febrary, 2016 * Added WordPress users transfer to phpBB forum * Added exclude Forums from last Topics option * Fix database cleanup on plugin deactivation * Fix redirect after login on WordPress to correct WP page * Fix lost config values on plugin update * Fix minor bugs


Release Date - 2 Febrary, 2016 * Fix problem about default install administrators (Uid 1 on WP and Uid 2 in phpBB) with different usernames. * Added to the widget w3all Login the option to choose different text to display on login/out.


Release Date - 1 Febrary, 2016

Version 1.6.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.0.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Feb 2016

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