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WP Video Gallery

Visual video selection / Access private & public videos from YouTube and Vimeo / Dynamic gallery builder / CSS3 animations & customization

WP Video Gallery helps you create sliders and galleries based on public and private Vimeo and YouTube videos, using features like realtime editing preview or tags filtering with dynamic CSS3 animations.

Major features in WP Video Gallery include:

  • Managing a video catalog with public and/or private videos.
  • Adding and automatic update of user's Vimeo account videos.
  • Adding / deleting public Vimeo and Youtube videos.
  • Dynamic selection system with filters to choose a gallery's items from your videos catalog.
  • Total customization : theme selection (Classic, Mosaic, Slider), colors, animations, dimensions and more.
  • Live preview of the gallery front display while customizing it.
  • Itegration using shortcode.
  • Avia builder custom module available for themes like Enfold

For a back-end live demo without download and the pro version, visit our website

Author Majba
Contributors majba
Tags animation, catalog, display, dynamic, effects, filter, galleries, gallery, grid, slider, streaming, tag, video, vimeo, youtube
  1. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 1

    Vimeo's public and private videos catalog. Add single public video.

  2. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 2

    Youtube's videos catalog. Add single video and/or channel videos.

  3. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 3

    Add new galleries.

  4. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 4

    Select the videos that compose your gallery. You can use tags filters and date/title order.

  5. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 5

    Order those selected videos (and selecte the ones to be double-sized when using the Mosaic theme).

  6. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 6

    Customize your gallerie while previewing it. You can choose the theme, different items colors, dimensions, animations, custom CSS and more.

  7. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 7

    Using Mosaic theme

  8. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 8

    Using Classic theme

  9. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 9

    Playing video in pop-up on Mosaic and Classic themes

  10. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 10

    Using Slider theme

  11. wp-video-gallery-free screenshot 11

    Playing video inside the slider on Slider theme

Upload the WP Video Gallery plugin to your website's plugin directory, activate it, then you can start managing your videos catalog. You can use public and/or private Vimeo videos. For private Vimeo videos, you'll need your API key to get your account's videos.

That's all. You can start building dynamic and animated galleries and sliders.


  • Plugin's launch


  • Small bug fixes
  • Add youtube videos support without token


  • Import demo
  • "How to get Vimeo api key" video.


  • Improve Youtube thumbnails


  • Include Youtube API key
  • Improve the demo
  • Display videos count by source
  • Enable/disable display on scroll to gallery
  • Improve French translations
Version 1.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 02 Nov 2016

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