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Slim Stat Analytics

The leading web analytics plugin for WordPress

Feature Spotlight

  • Real-time access log, server latency, heatmaps, full IPv6 support, and much more.
  • Exclude users from statistics collection based on various criteria, including; user roles, common robots, IP subnets, admin pages, country, etc.
  • Export your reports to CSV or get daily emails right in your mailbox (via premium add-on).
  • Compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP SuperCache, CloudFlare and most caching plugins.
  • Support for hashing IP addresses in the database to protect your users privacy.
  • Accurate IP geolocation, browser and platform detection (courtesy of MaxMind and Browscap).
  • Add shortcodes to your website to display reports in widgets or directly in posts and pages.
  • World Map that works on your mobile device, too (courtesy of amMap).

Premium Add-ons

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Slimstat is available in multiple languages: English, Belarusian (UStarCash), Chinese (沐熙工作室), Farsi (Dean), French (Michael Bastin, Jean-Michel Venet, Yves Pouplard, Henrick Kac), German (TechnoViel), Italian, Japanese (h_a_l_f), Portuguese, Russian (Vitaly), Spanish (WebHostingHub), Swedish (Per Soderman) and Turkish (Seyit Mehmet Çoban). Is your language missing or incomplete? Contact us today.

Reviews and Feedback

  • This is by far the most accurate and in-depth tracking plugin I've encountered for WordPress MiMango
  • I have been relying on SlimStat to not only track all traffic to my sites accurately but also to present the stats in very useful graphic format JJD3
  • Thanks you for such an excellent plugin. I am using it to kick Jetpack out of all the wordpress installations that I manage for myself and others - robertwagnervt
  • I like Slimstat very much and so I decided to use it instead of Piwik - Joannes
  • Read all the reviews and feel free to post your own!


  • WordPress 3.8+
  • PHP 5.2+ (or 5.5+ if you use the Browscap data file)
  • MySQL 5.0.3+
  • At least 20 MB of free web space
  • At least 5 MB of free DB space
  • At least 32 Mb of free PHP memory for the tracker (peak memory usage)
  • IE9+ or any browser supporting HTML5, to access the reports
Author Jason Crouse
Contributors coolmann
Tags analytics, counter, geolocation, hit, maxmind, online users, pageviews, power stats, reports, spider, statistics, StatPress, stats, tracker, tracking, wassup
  1. wp-slimstat screenshot 1

    Overview - Your website traffic at a glance

  2. wp-slimstat screenshot 2

    Activity Log - A real-time view of your visitors' whereabouts

  3. wp-slimstat screenshot 3

    Settings - Plenty of options to customize the plugin's behavior

  4. wp-slimstat screenshot 4

    Interactive World Map - See where your visitors are coming from

  5. wp-slimstat screenshot 5

    Responsive layout - Keep an eye on your reports on the go

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for WP Slimstat Analytics
  3. Click on Install Now under WP Slimstat Analytics and then activate the plugin
  4. Make sure your template calls wp_footer() or the equivalent hook somewhere (possibly just before the </body> tag)
  5. Go to Slimstat > Settings > Maintenance tab > MaxMind IP to Country section and click on "Install GeoLite DB" to detect your visitors' countries based on their IP addresses
  6. If your wp-admin folder is not publicly accessible, make sure to check the FAQs to see if there's anything else you need to do


  • [Note] Would you like to spread the word and tell your friends how much you love Slimstat? Now you have one more reason to do that: win a $50 discount on our online store. Yes, you read that right: write a review highlighting some of the features you love in Slimstat, and we will send you a special code to take $50 off your add-on purchase on our website. The more reviews you write, the more coupons you can get. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our support team with the URL of where the review has been posted, and take advantage of this limited time offer today!
  • [Fix] A fatal error was being experienced by users whose Browscap Library installation was corrupted (missing cache).
  • [Fix] More checks have been added to the source code to prevent Fatal Error issues in case the filesystem permissions are too restrictive for Slimstat. Also, we are now storing the "last modified date" in the database, instead of relying on "touch"-ing files and accessing the mtime there.
  • [Fix] A bug was preventing referrers from being properly recorded when handling external web pages (static tracking code).
  • [Fix] The date widget in the Filter Bar was not working when tracking admin pages (thank you, Colin).


  • [New] Slimstat is now looking for custom HTTP headers like CF-Connecting-IP to determine your visitors' originating IP address when your website is behind reverse proxies like CloudFlare.
  • [New] By default, when the domain of the referrer for a given page view is the same as the current site, that information is not tracked to save space in the database. However, if you are running a multisite network with subfolders, you might need to track same-domain referrers from one site to another, as they are technically "separate" websites. A new option under Settings > Tracker was added to handle this situation (thank you, chenryahts).
  • [Fix] A type in checking the PHP version was preventing some users from installing our new Browscap library.
  • [Fix] PHP warning of undefined offset in one of the reports when the database was empty.
  • [Fix] In some specific cases a function used to unzip the Browscap Library on the user's server was not defined (thank you, victor50g, gdevic and others)
  • [Fix] A few users pointed out that using file_get_contents might not be ideal, if allow_url_fopen is turned off in PHP. Per Per Dennis' suggestion that call was replaced with wp_remote_get. Thank you for your help!


  • [Note] Can you believe it? It looks like it was yesterday that we were celebrating the new year with our loved ones, and here we are, getting ready to welcome 2017. For our team, 2016 was a very intense year: we celebrated Slimstat's 10th anniversary, released new add-ons, started community outreach initiatives on Facebook and on our website, implemented new features and much more. Now, with a smaller team, we need to find creative ways to keep providing the stellar support service which many of you appreciate so much in your reviews. For this reason, we need to slighly increase the price of our add-ons starting in early 2017. Don't worry, it will still be a very competitive and reasonable price point, affordable even for those of you who cannot spend hundreds of dollars on their website. However we encourage you to take advantage of these few remaining weeks and buy our add-ons today, before prices go up in January!
  • [New] You spoke up, we listened. The third-party Browscap data file has been increasing in size over time, forcing some users to uninstall it from their server because it was causing issues with the PHP memory limit set by the administrator. Although Slimstat provides a built-in heuristic function as a workaround for this issue, we wanted to find a better solution. Replacing the obsolete Browscap parser with the shiny new version 3.0, our tests show a big improvement in terms of performance and use of resources. The only caveat is that the new parser requires PHP 5.5 or newer, so please make sure your server environment is compatible before enabling this feature.
  • [Update] Minor touches to the look and feel to make our admin color scheme more consistent throughout the various screens.
  • [Fix] Uninstall procedure was not deleting the Browscap and MaxMind data files from the server.
  • [Fix] Our release highlights, which are usually shown after updating to the latest version, were not disappearing when clicking on the corresponding button.
  • [Fix] PHP warning being returned under certain circumstances (thank you, Sasa and computershowtopro).


  • [New] We separated errors and notices in the log, to avoid confusion when users were trying to troubleshoot issues with the tracker.
  • [Update] Because of old settings stuck in the database, some people were not able to uninstall the Browscap data file as expected.
  • [Update] AmMap, the library used to render the world map, has been updated to version 3.20.17, released on October 24, 2016.


  • [Fix] Certain fields in the settings were not accepting case sensitive values (thank you, undertheboardwalk).
  • [Fix] The heuristic browser detection functionality was failing to do its job under certain circumstances.


  • [Fix] The new Browscap Data caused some Fatal Error issues for some users running PHP 5.6. We would like to thank all those who helped us narrow down the issue.
  • [Update] Moved the new Browscap Data file from the plugin's folder to wp-content/uploads/wp-slimstat to address concerns with permissions raised by some of our users.


  • [Note] You may have noticed that our support service has become slightly less efficient in the last couple of months. Aside from having our (small) team use their summer vacation days, our support specialist Luigi found a full-time job and decided to start the next chapter of his career. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. At the same time, we are investigating our options to keep providing the excellent level of support that many people mention when leaving a 5-star review for Slimstat. In order to scale up and attract new talent, we might decide to switch to a paid support model, where our users will need to purchase packages to get help for nontrivial requests. Please stay tuned while we discuss this internally.
  • [New] We’ve been working on optimizing the Browscap User Agent data file, and following the model we introduced a while ago, we implemented a feature that keeps the data file always up-to-date, by automatically downloading the latest version. So far, we were forced to release a Slimstat update in order to distribute a new version of the data file, which was not ideal. By switching to a dynamic workflow, you will not need to update Slimstat anymore in order to have the latest version of Browscap running on your server. Also, the plugin zip file is much smaller now. Cool, huh?


  • [Fix] The option to restrict authors to see only reports for their posts was affecting other filters in some of our add-ons.


  • [New] Number of matches for local search result pages will now be tracked in the notes as 'results:X' where X is the number of matches found. You can also use the Filter Bar to find, for example, "all the search queries that had NO results". Cool, huh? (thank you, revisionsolar).
  • [New] Browsers are starting to deprecate synchronous XHR requests, and they run the corresponding call asynchronously. This was causing our tracker to not record certain events as expected. We followed Google's lead and implemented the Beacon API in our code. Please make sure to clear your server caches to allow Slimstat to append the new tracker to your pages.
  • [Update] The time to drop 'WP' from our plugin's name has come. Easier to remember, easier to find, easier to use. And yes, it will still remind you of that dietary supplement from the 80s.
  • [Fix] Settings were not being saved correctly under certain specific circumstances, when add-ons were enabled.
  • [Fix] Calls to admin-ajax.php were being tracked under certain circumstances.
  • [Fix] The javascript code used to run various functions in the admin has been cleaned up and optimized.

Our knowledge base is available on our support center website.

Please note

  • If you decide to uninstall Slimstat Analytics, all the stats will be PERMANENTLY deleted from your database. Make sure to setup a database backup (wp_slim_*) to avoid losing your data.
  • If you are upgrading from a version prior to 4.0, please install version 4.0 first to upgrade the database structure and download the new Geolocation data.


Slimstat Analytics is an open source project, dependent in large parts on donations. This page is for those who want to donate money - be it once, be it regularly, be it a small or a big amount. Everything is set up for an easy donation process. Try it out, you'll be amazed how good it feels! If you're on a tight budget, a review for Slimstat is still a nice way to say thank you!

Version 4.5.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Jan 2017

Date Added: 12 Apr 2010

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