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WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

WP Shortcode is a premium WP plugin for free, that provides easy to use over 24 shortcodes. You can easily add buttons, alerts, videos and more.

Add sexy-buttons, spoiler warnings, column layouts and much more to WordPress. WP Shortcode makes it happen with a click of a button. Until now, this premium plugin was available to premium members of MyThemeShop, but now everyone can use this premium plugin.

Why use WP Shortcode plugin? Tired of using a theme with built-in shortcodes, switching themes and then losing all your awesome styles? WP Shortcode offers over 24 useful shortcodes, so you'll never lose anything when changing your theme. Now you can add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables, among other awesomeness, and take them with you no matter what theme you decide to use.

We at MyThemeShop realise there are already some free shortcode plugins out, but they either only include a very few amount of shortcodes, they are way too complex, not well-coded, not styled to our liking or they weren’t free. We wanted to create something that was 100% GPL so you can use it and abuse it on all of your websites and client projects – and of course that’s very easy to use and minimally styled, so it can fit most sites right out of the box or be easily customized.

To see a full list of options available with this powerful plugin, try this page:

Shortcodes Included

Buttons, Videos, Alerts, Google Maps, Toggle, Tabs, dividers, Columns And much more! Easily add nice looking elements to your WordPress website without any knowledge of coding!


All support for this plugin is provided through our forums. If you have not registered yet, you can do so here for FREE

If after checking our Free WordPress video tutorials here:

you are still stuck, please feel free to open a new thread, and a member of our support team will be happy to help.

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Author MyThemeShop
Contributors mythemeshop
Tags alert shortcode, buttons, column shortcodes, google map shortcode, notification shortcode, shortcode, shortcodes, shortcodes list, toggle shortcode, vimeo shortcode, youtube shortcode
  1. wp-shortcode screenshot 1

    Single Shortcode Configuration

  2. wp-shortcode screenshot 2

    List of all plugins.

  3. wp-shortcode screenshot 3

    Alerts and Buttons

  4. wp-shortcode screenshot 4

    Tabs and Toggles

  5. wp-shortcode screenshot 5

    Videos and Dividers

  6. wp-shortcode screenshot 6

    Columns Shortcodes

  7. wp-shortcode screenshot 7

    Google Maps Shortcode

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the wp-shortcode folder to the to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. You can see '+' button on post editor, using this button, you can add shortcodes in your posts.


  • Added shortcode attribute "rel" to buttons
  • Updated tabs shortcode to support more characters like emojis!
  • Fixed toggle shortcode styling bug on smaller screens
  • Fixed notices when no title is provided in tabs shortcode


  • Changed text domain to 'wp-shortcode'


  • Fixed embed video issue in half column


  • Complete revamp of notification and button shortcode design.
  • Removed unnecessary images.
  • Optimized CSS code.


  • Added Tooltip shortcode
  • Fixed tab titles issue
  • Made embed URLs protocol-relative


  • Made compatible with (with TinyMCE 3 & 4).
  • Made translation-ready
  • Added "centre" position for buttons.


  • Fixed small issue in button shortcode CSS.


  • Official plugin release.

Shortcodes + button is not working

Please disable all plugins and check if shortcode plugin is working properly. Then you can enable all plugins one by one to find out which plugin is conflicting with WP Shortcode plugin.

Version 1.4.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 26 Feb 2014

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