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Woocommerce Google Feed Manager

Sell more on Google Shopping! Optimize your product listings and campaign results with our Extremely Powerful Woocommerce Product Feed Manager.

Woocommerce Google Feed Manager is an extremely powerful and easy to use google shopping feed manager for Woocommerce web shops. With Woocommerce Google Feed Manager you can easily add up to 100 products from your woocommerce store to a product feed setup that meets the requirements from Google Shopping.

We have connected al the required and recommended fields of the feed with the Wordpress database. So after installation you're ready to submit your product feed to your Google merchant center. But you can go even further and tweak the content of every field in order to maximize your revenue from your products in Google shopping.

You have very advanced and professional options at your disposal to make your products stand out, use titles different from your shop, change your product google categories depending on title names.

Premium Woocommerce Google Feed manager
If you love the plugin, or have more than 100 products in your woocommerce webshop we offer a full featured premium version. if you're a serious webshop owner and want to have absolute controle about over Google Shopping Feed you should start using our Premium Woocommerce Google Feed Manager

Sell your products on other selling channels
If you want to get your products shown in Price comparison, product aggregators, affiliate networks and selling channels we have our Premium Woocommerce Product Feed Manager supporting all shopping channels. Increase your Sales, Show your products on worldwide selling channels and affiliate networks! We have the most popular and important feed templates already installed like Bing, Pricegrabber, Amazon, Nextag, Beslist,,, Connexity and more.

Everything you need to be successful! You have full controle over your Google feed, how your products are listed and what products you show and which products not.

  • Simple: Creating Google shopping feeds is very simple with our tool
  • Optimize: Tweak the feed in every possible way to improve performance
  • Feed Updates: Changes in your Woocommerce store are reflected in your feed instantly with the scheduled update option

Learn how to setup up your first basic feed in our online manual > Product feed manager manual

Author Michel Jongbloed
Contributors MichelJongbloed, AukeJomm, wpmarketingrobot
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  1. wp-product-feed-manager screenshot 1

    Plugin installation

  2. wp-product-feed-manager screenshot 2

    Install a channel

  3. wp-product-feed-manager screenshot 3

    Add a new feed

  4. wp-product-feed-manager screenshot 4

    Map a category

  5. wp-product-feed-manager screenshot 5

    Save and generate your feed

Step 1. Download the wp product feed manager plugin zip file from the Wordpress Plugin Repository. Step 2. Upload 'wp-product-feed-manager' to the ’/wp-content/plugins/' directory Step 3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

That's basically it. You're ready to create your first feed and start making money.

Take a look at the video. They lead you through the proces in creating your first product feed.

Install woocommerce google feed manager

How to setup a basic feed

1.4.3 - 03/02/2017

  • Fixed a bug where using 'Image Library' as a source caused the feed generation to fail

1.4.2 - 15/01/2017

  • Added the option to duplicate an existing feed
  • Fixed an issue where the "edit values" option could sometimes not be opened in a Chrome browser
  • Sorted the WooCommerce source pull-down fields alphabetically
  • Added a "Select All" selector to the feed Category Mapping table
  • Fixed an issue with a combined source including static fields and a filter
  • Fixed the sale price dates to output the dates in the correct format

1.3.1 - 02/12/2016

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when calculations where done on a combined input field
  • Fixed a code error that caused the plugin not to activate on PHP versions 5.3 or lower
  • Added a Last Feed Update source that represents the feed update date and time
  • Made some changed to the auto feed update that should improve the update process
  • Changed the Edit Feed Page so the user cannot change the channel after the feed has been initialized
  • Changed the Edit Feed Page so the user can change the Target Country and Default Category during and after the feed has been stored
  • Updated the Google feed specifications to the October 2016 rules
  • Changed the code to force feed file names not to have spaces

1.2.1 - 16/09/2016

  • Added the Shipping Class source
  • Fixed an issue with numeric condition values with non-english/us values
  • Added access to another third party attribute set
  • Fixed an issue with html special characters in the feed
  • Added the item_group_id source to the source list
  • Fixed a bug with combined fields in the not required level
  • Changed the way the input fields are shown when making a new feed, thus preventing errors from not using the correct order to fill in the fields
  • You can now change the name of an existing feed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the advised source of the Shipping source to go to undefined in specific situations
  • Added a "Convert to child-element" option to the edit values. This allows you to add a child element with a specific key to an xml feed

1.1.0 - 08/08/2016

  • Due to recurring issues with support folder permissions for some users, moved the support folders from the plugins folder to the uploads folder. Existing feed files will retain their old url, only new feeds will be stored in the new support folder
  • Changed the file writing procedures to minimize the times the system asks to enter ftp credentials

1.0.1 - 27/07/2016

  • Added the option to include product variations in the feed (Premium versions only)
  • Fixed the change values option in such a way that you now can perform recalculations even on combined source fields
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct recalculation of comma separated financial values
  • Several small changes in the styling code
  • Fixed the Add Channels functionality as some firewalls prevented downloading a channel (Premium versions only)

0.19.0 - 18/06/2016

  • Fixed a bug that caused a critical error with users that had PHP 5.5 or older
  • Fixed a bug in the selection of recommended and optional output fields
  • Expanded the error logging of the channel download process of the Premium versions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct output when working with conditions on feed items that have an advised source
  • Fixed a bug that slowed down the wp-admin pages in the Premium versions
  • Updated the auto-feed update


  • Added the option to filter specific products from a feed (Premium versions only. Goto for more information)
  • Price values are now formatted according to the Woocommerce settings in the Currency Options, except the currency as this can be added manually and not all channels allow a currency in their feed
  • When building a new Feed for Google the price is now preset to the current price followed by a space and the Woocommerce Currency
  • Fixed a bug preventing the auto-feed update to work


  • Now fixed the Product Category String in such a way that it shows the correct category string even when only a subcategory has been selected for a product
  • Price results are now always printed in a money format with two digits after the comma, even if the product has no digit in its price
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with jQuery that prevented the Add New Feed form from proceding after a channel was choosen
  • Fixed an issue with the Combined Source Fields option where adding a static value didn't always work
  • Added the Woocommerce Currency option that can be used in conjunction with the price outputs (use Combined Source Fields)


  • Fixed a bug in the auto-feed-update function
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when installing a paid version over the free version, causing a white screen and error message
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation options of the change value selections
  • Changed the way that the support folders are made by temporary removing the umask modifier to force the server to make these folder writable
  • Changed the way the change value selections are shown
  • Again changed the procedures to get the Product Category String and Selected Product Categories because the last procedure still did not work in all situations


  • Added the option to use Product Tags as source
  • Added the Custom Fields from the Posts and tha Products as selectable sources
  • Changed the procedure to get the Product Category String and Selected Product Categories because the old procedure did not work in all situations
  • Fixed a bug where the user could not make a new feed if there is no Custom Attribute defined
  • The plugin now works correctly on websites using the https protocol


  • Changed the Product Categories source and split it in a Product Category String source that contains a string representing the category in which the product is stored in the actual shop, and a Selected Product Categories source that will give you a comma separated string with all the shop Categories that where selected for this product.
  • Daarnaast de Image Library source toegevoegd waarmee additionele images aan de feed kunnen worden gekoppeld.
  • fixed a bug.


  • Changed the product name reference for the login process.


  • Added version numbers to the loaded javascript files to make sure the plugin is always using the latest version of the script.
  • Also repaired a few minor bugs.


  • Added 'Min Variation Price', 'Min Variation Regular Price', 'Min Variation Sale Price', 'Max Variation Price', 'Max Variation Regular Price', 'Max Variation Sale Price' and the 'Post Category' as additional sources.
  • Repaired a few minor bugs.


  • Improved the javascript conflict handling


  • Changed the Woocommerce Source pulldown options to match the Woocommerce Products inputs and fixed a few bugs


  • The javascript files are now disabled when the user leaves the plugin pages
  • fixed a few small bugs


  • Made the feed production faster


  • Removed all html code from the feed output


  • Changed the processing of the url and image sources


  • Added a preset for the Availability tag for a Google feed and AvantLink feed


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some categories to produce a feed


  • Fixed a bug that prevented products to be added to the feed under specific situations


  • Repaired an include error


  • Added error loggin to a error.log file.
  • Improved the uninstall actions
  • fixed a few bugs


  • Optimized the form layout to better fit in smaller screen resolutions and fixed a few bugs


  • Removed the starting underscore sign from some sources in the source selectors and fixed a bug


  • Removed some traces of an automatic updater in order to get accepted as WordPress plugin


  • First active version, first launch
Version 1.4.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 18 Jan 2016

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