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CodePinch - WP Error Fix

Our patent-pending technology provides fixes to PHP errors within hours, prevents costly maintenance time and keeps your WordPress site error-free.

Our patent-pending technology keeps your website error-free. The easy to use plugin provides solutions to errors within hours, preventing costly maintenance time


  • Keep your website error-free
  • Easy to use
  • Provides solutions to errors within hours
  • Prevents costly maintenance time

What you get:

  • Monitors your site and notifies you when there are errors
  • Our dedicated team sees the error and provides a solution within hours
  • Errors that cannot be programmatically fixed, CodePinch provides technical consultation on how to resolve the issue

Who is it for:

  • Front-end Developers (small business, hiring freelancer)
  • Designers (Time/knowledge deficient)
  • Website Administrators (companies, individuals)
  • All Developers

How it Works:

  • First, it constantly monitors your website for any type of PHP errors and provides the complete report in well organized format;
  • Once CodePinch is activated, your errors are reported to our server and we analyze them and provide fixes;
  • Your website gets notified that there are available solutions for your errors and simply with the click of a button, you apply fixes to your website.
  • Consultation

Most important:

  • No upfront fees
  • Your first fix is on us
  • There are NO monthly or hidden fees.
  • You DO NOT share any private information with us (like FTP or Backend credentials).
  • You pay only small amount for fixes that you select.
  • We have best-in-class developers standing-by to assist you.
  • We provide consultation is a proactive manner, often altering you a solution before you even know there is an issue.
Author Vasyl Martyniuk
Contributors vasyltech, myjive
Tags bug, development tool, error, hotfix, log, notice, php error fix, plugin, security, warning
  1. wp-error-fix screenshot 1

    List of errors in table format

  2. wp-error-fix screenshot 2

    Pie graph of grouped errors by plugins, themes and core

  3. wp-error-fix screenshot 3

    Dashboard Widget

  4. wp-error-fix screenshot 4

    Error Fix Settings

  1. Upload wp-error-fix folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. And you are ready to go.


  • Improved API
  • Refactored core
  • General bug fixing

  • Minor improvements to reporting process


  • Bug fixing
  • Improved core speed

  • Bug fixing
  • Improved internal mechanisms


  • Improved multi-site support
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved source fetching mechanism

  • Improved reporting feature
  • Added support for affiliate activation

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Minor bug fixes

  • Fix core bug


  • Bug fixing


  • Refactored core implementation
  • Optimized plugin execution
  • Fixed bug with reporting queue
  • Added ability to get module info
  • Added info to About tab


  • Fixed bug with plugin deactivation
  • Added support for affiliate program


  • Bug fixing
  • Added support for promo codes


  • Bug fixing


  • Optimized error reporting feature


  • Bug fixing


  • Optimized ajax requests
  • Covered the scenario when instance id is deployed to different domain


  • Fixed bug with connection


  • Deprecated Rejected tab in favor of future Notes tab
  • Improved UI functionality
  • Added localization file
  • Added Notes functionality (currently inactive)


  • Fixed bug in storage functionality
  • Improved fixes apply UI functionality
  • Wrapped majority UI labels in WP localization


  • Improved UI
  • Refactored the storage functionality toward DB storage
  • Moved backup functionality on the CodePinch server side for end user simplicity
  • Added Exclude Directories settings


  • Re-branding
  • Minor bug fixing


  • Fixed a minor issue with UI Activation button


  • Fixed reported bugs
  • Improved and simplified UI
  • Increased report limit



  • Improved UI
  • Simplified core options implementation
  • Bug fixing


  • Fixed bugs reported on itself
  • Added ability to trigger emergency routine in case patch has to be installed
  • Improved error reporting mechanism


  • Fixed two minor bugs reported on itself
  • Optimized the reporting and checking process
  • Moved to Error Fix API v3
  • Added global message support to notify user about upcoming maintenance days
  • Deprecated initial Activate pop-up


  • Optimized connection mechanism
  • Added Auto-Fix setting
  • Fixed UI bug with FIXED ERRORS tab


  • Added Fixed Errors history tab
  • Improved UI


  • Improved Zip archive support
  • Fixed reported bug in Error Handling mechanism for PHP 7


  • Added counter of fixed errors to the dashboard widget
  • Removed ability to retrieve error log
  • Fixed the reported bug about E_DEPRECATED constant for PHP lower 5.3.0


  • Extended API to support bulk support purchase
  • Added ability to push message from the server to client


  • Fixed bug with curl_init
  • Fixed bug with backup mechanism when the same file backed-up twice
  • Added global dashboard message when new fix is available for download
  • Extended Connect API


  • Fixed bug with reporting error from a windows server
  • Added ability to obtain the server configurations through the discovery process


  • Increased server request timeout to 20 seconds


  • Added ability to send direct message to us
  • Added a full year service support


  • Added Settings Tab
  • Added ability to receive email notifications on errors
  • Added ability to receive email notifications when fixes are available
  • Simplified UI for newly installed WP Error Fix


  • Changed the error handling mechanism to core PHP error_handler
  • Simplified the implementation
  • Removed PHP error log parser from the Error Fix framework


  • Refactored the core. Moved the Error Fix functionality to the mini-framework
  • Added Rejected tab to explain the reason for report rejection
  • Updated screenshots


  • Completely from scratch implementation
  • Faster and simplified core functionality
  • Responsive and more intuitive UI


  • Moved plugin to technical support concept


  • Initial version

How much does Error Fix cost?

CodePinch plugin is a free of any charges. You pay nothing for monitoring and reporting errors. However majority of available fixes are not free. You would have to pay a small amount (usually around 50 cents) to apply a fix.

Who does provide the solutions?

Our main priority is quality. That is why only experienced senior software developers analyze error reports and provide solutions. We do not outsource our work and keep everything in-house. For more information about us check our website

How long it takes to fix an error?

Depending on the number of error reports, it might take us up to a few days to prepare fixes for your errors. But you can request High Priority support and we will be able to assist you within 24 business hours.

Does Error Fix keep backups?

YES. When you apply fixes to your website, original files are archived to wp-content/errorfix directory and grouped by the day so you can revert back any changes if necessary.

Version 4.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Nov 2013


4.5 stars
16 ratings


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