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WP Company Info

Allows you to input information specific to the company/website such as a logo image, address, phone number and social network links.

This plugin allows you to specify various company information such as a logo, favicon, and various contact information. There are various shortcodes and template tags available for outputting the information. See the FAQ for the available shortcodes and template tags.

Author Brianna Deleasa
Contributors bdeleasa
Tags company info, company information, contact info, contact information, social links, social network icons, social network links, social network widget
  1. Upload the wp-company-info folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Input the branding information by going to Settings > Branding.
  4. Input your contact information by going to Settings > Contact Information.
  5. Input your social network links by going to Settings > Social Network Links.
  6. See the FAQ for instructions on outputting all of the branding, contact information and social networks.
  7. That's it! :)


  • Only including the address field if another plugin didn't already register a CMB2 address field.


  • Adding support for adding classes to the phone number link.


  • Adding the $output variable to fix an 'undefined variable' PHP notice.


  • Adding a new pencil icon as an option.


  • Adding nofollow to the social links output.


  • Adding support for links in custom contact shortcodes.


  • Fixing issue with the email link not being outputted properly when the schema tags are active.


  • Adding schema tags around the email address if schema tags are enabled.


  • Adding a schema tag around the site name if the schema tags are being used.
  • Fixing an issue with the address field getting broken because of renamed functions.


  • Updating address function prefixes again.


  • Updating the function prefixes for the address field functions.


  • Renaming the shortcode date function.


  • Updating the changelogs.


  • Adding a new class for creating generic shortcodes.


  • Making sure a comma appears after the address line 1 in the unformatted shortcode output.


  • Adding two new shortcodes: one for outputting the site name and another for outputting the site description.


  • Adding a widget that outputs the custom logo uploaded by the user.


  • Changing the customizer control from an image control to a media control so it saves the attachment ID instead of a URL.


  • Fixing an issue with the address shortcode when not using any formatting.


  • Adding Instagram to the list of social network options.


  • Removing the wpautop reordering function because it interferes with the Gravity Forms shortcode output.


  • Modifying the schema tags for the address so it uses a span tag instead of a div tag.


  • Adding support for showing addresses not formatted (on one line).
  • Adding a function that moves wpautop priority higher so shortcodes used within page/post content are formatted with paragraphs and line breaks.


  • Adding a missing constant that was causing some PHP warnings and an issue with the social network links widget.


  • Initial version of the official Wordpress plugin.

How do I embed the logo I uploaded?

Using the [logo] shortcode will output the image uploaded via the Branding settings page. There is one size parameter available for this shortcode:

[logo size="thumbnail"]

The size parameter refers to a registered Wordpress image size. The default size is "medium".

How do I embed the contact information?

This plugin provides various shortcodes for outputting the contact information. The default shortcodes available are as follows:

  • Address: [address] OR [address field="address-1|address-2|city|state|zip"]
  • Phone Number: [phone]
  • Fax Number: [fax]
  • Email address: [email]
  • Social Links: [social-networks class="class-name-here" icons="true|false" size="lg|2x|3x|4x|5x" square="true|false" styles="true|false"]

You may also specify additional contact information as well. A shortcode will be created for each of the additional fields you add via the options page. To output that additional field, use the ID you specified as a shortcode. For example, if the ID you specified is cell-phone, the shortcode created would be [cell-phone].

Are there any template tags available?

Yes, there are! Here are a list of the available template tags:

wpci_get_option( $key )

Returns the value for the specific key/field.

wpci_has_option( $key )

Checks whether the value for the specific key/field exists.

wpci_the_option( $key )

Outputs the value for the specific key/field.

wpci_get_logo( $size = 'full', $icon = NULL, $atts = NULL, $src = false )

Outputs the logo. The first 3 parameters are the same parameters as the wp_get_attachment_image function. The last parameter controls whether an <img> tag is returned, or if the actual image URL is returned.

  • $size = Image size. Either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(32,32).
  • $icon = Use a media icon to represent the attachment. Default is false.
  • $atts = Query string or array of attributes.
  • $src = Whether to return the full <img> tag or just the URL to the image.

wpci_the_logo( $size = 'full', $atts = NULL )

Outputs the logo as an <img> tag. Parameters are as follows:

  • $size = Image size. Either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(32,32).
  • $atts = Query string or array of attributes.
Version 1.8.6

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 01 Feb 2017

Date Added: 04 Sep 2015

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