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WP CleanFix

The all in one tool for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog.

WP CleanFix is a plugin born to improve the core features within your WordPress installation and keep clean your databases with ease This plugin is the perfect fit for anybody who needs to get rid of the annoyances database management which regularly rises and for those who need to literally clean their WordPress up from missing categories, users, meta, etc.

CleanFix embodies several functions, which normally are provided as single plugins, and make them all quickly and easily available through a clean dashboard for the website management (for specific information see the features tab). A clean and simple UI lets you enable/disable every single feature quickly and smoothly with just a click. Since CleanFix takes advantage of Ajax, you’ll be able to perform simultaneously multiple actions without refreshing your page. CleanFix, you’ve never been happier to clean stuff.


  • Optimise database tables, MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Reset auto-increment preferences
  • Check/Remove expired transient
  • Transient preferences
  • Check/Remove Post Revision, post in trash, auto-draft
  • Check/Remove Post Meta, Orphan Media attachments, Orphans Post Tags and Orphans Post Categories
  • Check/Repair Post without valid user linked
  • Check/Remove Orphans Post Types
  • Check/Repair Terms, Terms Taxonomies and Terms Relationships
  • Check/Remove Orphans generic Terms
  • Check/Remove expired user transient
  • Check/Remove user meta
  • Check/Remove Unapproved, SPAM and Trash Comments
  • Tools/Database compact index
  • Tools/Posts Find & Replace
  • Tools/Comments Find & Replace
  • Tools/Post Meta Find & Replace
Author Giovambattista Fazioli
Contributors gfazioli
Tags admin, administration, categories, clean, comments, compress, database, draft, fix, improvements, manage, optimize, options, orphan, page, post meta, posts, repair, Revision, spam, taxonomies, tools, utility
  1. wp-cleanfix screenshot 1

    Database - optimize

  2. wp-cleanfix screenshot 2

    Database - preferences

  3. wp-cleanfix screenshot 3

    Options - cleanup

  4. wp-cleanfix screenshot 4

    Posts - clean and fix

  5. wp-cleanfix screenshot 5

    Taxonomies - clean and fix

  6. wp-cleanfix screenshot 6

    Users - fix

  7. wp-cleanfix screenshot 7

    Comments - clean trash and spam

  8. wp-cleanfix screenshot 8


  9. wp-cleanfix screenshot 9

    Posts Find & Replace

  10. wp-cleanfix screenshot 10

    Comments Find & Replace

  11. wp-cleanfix screenshot 11

    Post Meta Find & Replace

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the entire content of plugin archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress (deactivate and reactivate if you're upgrading).
  3. Done. Enjoy.


  • improve UI
  • minor update


  • added tool postmeta find & replace
  • added security fixes


  • added tool comments find & replace


  • update framework


  • Add posts tools find & replace


  • Add tools for database compact index


  • Updated core

Is this Plugin Dangerous?

Some clean procedure could be. In order to avoid human error be sure to backup all data from WordPress database before execute any functions.

Version 5.3.4

Requires WordPress version: 4.5.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 02 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Mar 2010

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