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WooCommerce Quaderno

Quaderno replaces and improves the default WooCommerce receipts. Setup in less than 5 minutes.

Quaderno for WooCommerce automatically sends beautiful invoices and receipts that comply with local rules in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the European Union.

What you would experience

  • Automatically send beautiful invoices and receipts with every order in your store.
  • Send credit notes for WooCoomerce refunds as well.
  • Comply with local rules in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the European Union.
  • Comply with EU VAT rules for digital goods & services.
  • Send invoices in multiple currencies and languages.
  • Customize your invoices with your logo and business details.
  • Download and print multiple invoices as PDF documents in bulk.
  • Manage your own invoices together with invoices from WooCommerce in one place.

Setup in less than 5 minutes. Easy and quick!

  1. Download & Activate this plugin
  2. Sign up for a Quaderno account
  3. Paste your API key in your site
  4. Add your personal branding to your Quaderno invoices

Please Note: this plugin requires a WooCommerce and Quaderno accounts.

Author Quaderno
Contributors polimorfico
Tags billing, eu tax, eu vat, european tax, european vat, invoices, quaderno, receipts, VAT, vat moss, vatmoss, woocommerce, woocommerce quaderno
  1. woocommerce-quaderno screenshot 1

    Copy your API token and API URL from your Quaderno account

  2. woocommerce-quaderno screenshot 2

    Paste it on the Quaderno settings page

  3. woocommerce-quaderno screenshot 3

    Calculate taxes on the fly if you sell digital goods to EU customers

  4. woocommerce-quaderno screenshot 4

    Example of a receipt

Following are the steps to install the WooCommerce Quaderno

  1. Unpack the entire contents of this plugin zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder locally.
  2. Upload to your site.
  3. Navigate to wp-admin/plugins.php on your site (your WP Admin plugin page).
  4. Activate this plugin.
  5. Configure the options from WooCommerce > Settings > Integration.

OR you can just install it with WordPress by going to Plugins > Add New > and type this plugin's name

That's it! You can now customize your WooCommerce receipts and be EU VAT compliant.


  • New: Collect Tax ID for customers in Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Italy
  • New: Translations to German, Dutch, and French
  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility
  • New: Register shipping costs
  • Fix: Unit price is not correct when ordering more than 1 product
  • New: Manage tax rates for physical products and shipping


  • New: Send sales receipts
  • New: Track transaction ID


  • Improvement: Invoices and credits generation
  • New: Stop base taxes being taken off when dealing with out of base locations


  • Fix: javascript was not updated


  • Improvement: Hide VAT Number field when customer is based in the store country


  • New: Validate EU VAT Numbers
  • New: Compatibility with Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • New: Track different payment methods on Quaderno


  • Fix: issue when postal code contains whitespaces


  • Refactoring code
  • Fix: issue in sending documents
  • Improvement: Update descriptions


  • Minor fixes to improve security


  • Improvement: Use wp_remote_request instead of curl


  • New: Send credit notes for WooCommerce refunds


  • Fix: Unit price calculation


  • New: Tag invoices from WooCommerce


  • Fix: Typo and test on Wordpress 4.3


  • New: Integration with WooCommerce Currency Switcher


  • New: Show generic tax name when no taxes apply


  • First version

Do I need to modify any code?

Nope - we take care of everything you. Just install the plugin, add your API token and you’ll be good to go!

Does Quaderno work with any WooCommerce themes?

Yes, Quaderno works with any WooCommerce theme - whether free, commercial or custom. You just need WooCommerce activated for Quaderno to work.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at


  • English - default, always included
  • Spanish: Español - siempre incluido
  • German: Deutsch - translated by Alex Gahr
  • French: Français - translated by Sébastien Jacobs
  • Dutch: Nederlands - translated by Sébastien Jacobs

Note: This plugin is fully localized. This is very important for all users worldwide. So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful. For translating we recommend the "Poedit Editor".

Version 1.8.9

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 26 Jan 2017

Date Added: 16 Jun 2015

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