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Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite

With this free Sign Up/ Login plugin, you can easily create a sign up and login process for your ecommerce site.

With this free Sign Up/ Login plugin, you can easily create a sign up and login process for your ecommerce site. This wordpress plugin gives you three simple shortcodes that you can paste on your site code to create a simple Signup/Login system for your website.

You can either create Sign Up/ Login Widgets or Pages.

With this plugins you get short codes for:

  1. Short code for login form - [lsphe-login-form]

  2. Short code for signup form - [lsphe-signup-form]

  3. Shortcode for both login and register form - [lsphe-header]

For headers and templates use this code - <?php echo do_shortcode('[lsphe-header]' ); ?>

This plugin allows you to:

  1. Create a Sign Up and Login Page

  2. Create a Sign Up and Login Popup

  3. Create a Page Header that gives you access to both these pages or popups

Premium Features:

Premium Version Link

LIVE DEMO Premium Version Link

  • Options to create your own custom registration fields like Name,user name, date of birth,address,contact number by using field types like text box,text area,drop own,date,check box,radio button.You can make the fields mandatory, can show label filled in the Field placeholder.
  • Autoload the login pop up on Checkout page.
  • Logout link tooltip and icon feature added.
  • Font icon added for login signup links.
  • Option to select a popup layout from three available choices.
  • Option to Set Popup Style as Lightbox or Dropdown.
  • Auto Load Popup Option lets you set time (in seconds) after which the popup appears on the loaded page.
  • You could Enable/Disable Terms & Conditions on Registration Page.
  • Choice to integrate Social Login Plugin into Popup. This includes option to a.) Enable social login, b.) Upload Facebook icon image, c.) Upload Google+ icon image.
  • Set social account layout (as up or down.
  • You could customize the name of the labels like 'Heading', 'Username Label', 'Password Label' , 'Email Label' etc., in Login Form, Register Form & Pop Open link.
  • Styling Options for Advanced Customization includes choice to select BG Color, BG Image, Border Color, Size & Style, Popup & Button's Color, Font Size, Border etc.
  • Other advanced Customization Settings Options include- setting field placeholder (for Username, Email & Password), link label (for Forget Password, Login, Register) etc.
  • You could add description in the Description Box available for 'Login' & 'Register'.
  • You could set a Popup 'Entrance' Effect from the given list of Effects, that includes bounceIn, fadIn, slideInUp, rotateIn and more such options.
  • You could also set a Popup 'Exit' Effect like bounceOut, fadeOut, rotateOut & slideOutUp.
  • The Pop up is mobile compatible.
  • New: Show or Hide the Placeholder field in the login form.
  • New: Show or Hide the Username and Password field label in the login form.
  • Separate shotcode for login signup links:

For login [lsphe-header-login]

For signup [lsphe-header-signup]

Premium Version Link

LIVE DEMO Premium Version Link

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  • Our plugin doesn't support the multisite network.

Author phoeniixx
Contributors phoeniixx
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  1. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 1

    This screenshot shows the enable option of Login / Signup popup.

  2. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 2

    By this page you can enter teh Page Slug.

  3. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 3

    This screenshot shows how Login form looks on your site.

  4. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 4

    This screenshot shows how Signup form looks on your site.

  5. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 5

    This screenshot shows the popup for Login form.

  6. woocommerce-login-and-registration screenshot 6

    This screenshot shows the popup for Register form.

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, and then to Plugins. Click on "Add New" and then upload the zip file of the plugin using the "Upload Plugin" button you can find on top of the screen.
  3. For the plugin to work as it should, WooCommerce plugin has to be installed and enabled.

==1.4.1 - 11/07/2016 = * Fixes.

==1.4 - 29/06/2016 = * Warning Fixes.

==1.3.12 - 03/06/2016 = * New version added.

1.3.11 - 13/05/2016

  • New feature added.

1.3.10 - 19/04/2016

  • Warning Fixes.

1.3.9 - 19/04/2016

  • Bug Fixes.

1.3.8 - 15/04/2016

  • Bug Fixes.

1.3.7 - 14/04/2016

  • Bug Fixes.

1.3.6 - 13/04/2016

  • Bug Fixes.

1.3.5 - 30/12/2015

  • New features Css added

1.3.4 - 28/12/2015

  • Fatal error fixed..

1.3.3 - 24/12/2015

  • CSS fixes.

1.3.2 - 23/12/2015

  • Bug fixes.

1.3.1 - 22/12/2015

  • Shortcode names changed.

1.3 - 21/12/2015

  • Email notification issue fixed.

1.2 - 05/11/2015

  • Bug Fixes.

1.1 - 14/09/2015

  • Fix - Compatibility issues.


  • Initial release.=== Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite ===

** Coming Soon

Version 1.4.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 06 Jul 2015

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