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WooCommerce Digital Content Delivery (incl. DRM) - FlickRocket

Sales and rentals of (optionally DRM protected) digital content such as DVDs, video (HD+SD), audio books, ebooks (epub and PDF) and packaged content

This extension enables you to sell and rent (optionally DRM protected) digital content such as DVDs (incl. all menus, bonus material, etc.), video (HD+SD), audio books, ebooks (epub and PDF) and packaged content such as HTML, Flash, images, etc.

Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Kindle and SmartTV

Customers can consume the content on virtually all platforms and access the content also on multiple devices. While doing so the content is transparently end-to-end protected and you can freely define usage time frames, device limitations, regional limitations, and much more.

Everything included for getting started

You can encode, package, encrypt and upload your content right within WooCommerce/Wordpress or use desktop software (free download for Windows and Mac) to get your content ready for sale. The content distribution is done via our content delivery network (CDN) to ensure a high bandwidth distribution to a world wide audience.

More features for content stores

This extension includes not only the backend features to set up your content but also shop frontend features so you can present trailers and about guiding people after the checkout. It also includes a digital locker for customer to log in and access their purchased content at a later time.

Easy to use DRM control

You don't need to be an expert in DRM to get your content sales up can running. DRM is applied automatically during upload and you can select from various pre-defined licenses. You can even offer customers the option to select between licenses (e.g. download-to-own or rental) at different prices.

More Information

For more information about FlickRocket see For more information about the plug-in see For a video about how the plugin is obtained, installed, configured and used, see

Author FlickRocket
Contributors FlickRocket
Tags android, apps, audio, content, digital rights management, drm, ebook, iOS, Kindle, MacOSX, SmartTV, video, windows
  1. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 1

    Shop view in sample theme

  2. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 2

    Product details view with license selection (optional)

  3. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 3

    Button for Digital Cntent access after purchase complete

  4. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 4

    Customizable player installation page (active OS on top)

  5. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 5

    iPad content overview - tile mode (landscape)

  6. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 6

    iPad content overview - list mode (landscape)

  7. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 7

    iPad during video play (landscape)

  8. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 8

    iPad during video play with DVD navigation (landscape)

  9. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 9

    iPhone content overview - tile mode (portrait)

  10. woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket screenshot 10

    iPhone content overview - list mode (portrait)

  1. Make sure Wordpress and WooCommerce are installed
  2. Go to Plug-ins -> New Plug-in and install the plug-in
  3. Activate the plug-in

= 2.11 * Added separate email for digital orders

= 2.10 * Cleanup

= 2.09 * New check for php-soap being installed

= 2.08 * Fixed crash issue related to missing php-soap

= 2.07 * Fixed several issues with PayPal payments * Code cleanup

= 2.0 * Fixed dynamic login URLs based on company * Removed "Check" button in settings - no longer required * Extended fields on settings page so no values are visually “cut off” * Added Sync Secret to Settings * Added optional email/password change sync adapter (URL is http(s):///wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket/flickrocket_sync.php * "My Content" no accessed via iframe instead of button * Fixed sending orders only for FlickRocket products * Added "My Content" iframe on after order page * Fixed protocol issues (https vs. https) with "My Content" integration * Fixed issue with special characters in password * Added help information specific to sandbox usage * Fixed "My orders" handling in certain scenarios * Extended settings with sync information * Requires now only account if FlickRocket product is in carts * Upload wizard displayed only in live mode (can't be using in sandbox) * Various wording changes * Code cleanup

= 1.9 * Minor fix

= 1.8 * Minor fix

= 1.7 * Fix for mixed physical/digital shopping carts

= 1.6 * Fixed for order status issue with non-digital products

= 1.5 * Replaced "Content Access" text and botton with player access iframe

= 1.4 * Minor bug fix in domain handling

= 1.3 * Minor bug fix for accounts without projects/themes


  • UI cleanup


  • UI cleanup
  • Theme selection as drop down
  • Reset password functionality added


  • Public release version

Can the plug-in work just with Wordpress but without WooCommerce?

No, WooCommerce is required.

Do I need a FlickRocket account to use the plug-in?

You can test the plug-in by using the pre-installed Sandbox account. However, for productive use you need to sign up to FlickRocket. The free BASIC account is enough to use the plug-in.

Is there any cost for using the plug-in

The plug-in is provided free. If you want to use it, you need to sign up to a FlickRocket account. If you go with the free BASIC account there is no cost. There is a cost for the PREMIUM accouts (ask us for details).

Which kind of content is supported by FlickRocket?

Unfortunately the space here is not enough to list all kinds of supported content. Some examples are available on the FlickRocket information page. If you are unsure, just contact us.

Can the content be consumed on every platform?

At time of this writing we support Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Kindle, SmartTV and more.

Version 2.11

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Jan 2017

Date Added: 09 Jul 2014

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