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Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration

Integrates Woocommerce With Polylang

This plugin makes it possible to run multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and Polylang.It makes products and store pages translatable, lets visitors switch languages and order products in their language. and all that from the same interface you love.

Please do not ask for support on wordpress forum anymore , it is becoming hard to me to follow issues on wordpress forum , Email and Github , if you want help just open new Github issue please.


  • [√] Auto Download Woocommerce Translation Files
  • [√] Page Translation
  • [√] Endpoints Translation
  • [√] Product Translation
    • [√] Categories
    • [√] Tags
    • [√] Attributes
    • [√] Shipping Classes
    • [√] Meta Synchronization
    • [√] Variation Product
    • [√] Product Gallery
  • [√] Order Translation
  • [√] Stock Synchronization
  • [√] Cart Synchronization
  • [√] Coupon Synchronization
  • [√] Emails
  • [√] Reports
    • [√] Filter by language
    • [√] Combine reports for all languages

What you need to know about this plugin

  1. The plugin needs PHP5.3 or above
  2. This plugin is developed in sync with Polylang and WooCommerce latest version
  3. The plugin support variable products , but using them will disallow you to change the default language , because of the way the plugin implements this support. So you have to make sure to choose the default language before you start adding new variable products.
  4. Polylang URL modifications method The language is set from content is not supported yet

Setup your environment

  1. You need to translate woocommerce pages by yourself
  2. The plugin will handle the rest for you



Everyone is welcome to help contribute and improve this plugin. There are several ways you can contribute:

  • Reporting issues (please read issue guidelines)
  • Suggesting new features
  • Writing or refactoring code
  • Fixing issues
Author Hyyan Abo Fakher
Contributors hyyan, decarvalhoaa
Tags bilingual, cms, commerce, e-commerce, e-shop, ecommerce, international, language, localization, multilanguage, multilingual, polylang, products, shop, translate, translation, woocommerce
  1. woo-poly-integration screenshot 1

    Add and translate products from the same interface you love

  2. woo-poly-integration screenshot 2

    Products meta is synced , no need to do anything by your own

  3. woo-poly-integration screenshot 3

    Orders use the customer chosen language

  4. woo-poly-integration screenshot 4

    Orders language can be changed

  5. woo-poly-integration screenshot 5

    Get reports in specific language and combine reports for all langauges

  6. woo-poly-integration screenshot 6

    Control plugin features from its admin page

Classical way

  1. Download the plugin as zip archive and then upload it to your wordpress plugins folder and extract it there.
  2. Activate the plugin from your admin panel

Composer way

  1. run composer command : composer require hyyan/woo-poly-integration

Does this work with other e-commerce plugins ?

No. This plugin is for polylang and woocommerce

Does this work with WPML plugin?

No. This plugin is for polylang and woocommerce

What do I need to do in my theme

Well , Nothing

Products Category or tags pages are blank

Just make sure to setup your permalinks , and every thing will be fine , I promise


  • Improve Multisite compatibility
  • Fix variation description couldnt be translated
  • Fix PHP Notices when translating variable products with variations
  • Fix wc translation download


  • Fix PHP notice in Reports when products dont have translations
  • Fixed PHP notice due to Polylang deprecated functions
  • Fixed Wordpress database error in reports page
  • Fixed missing argument warning in order detailspage and emails
  • Fixed strpos() empty needle warning for empty endpoints
  • Fixed removing email instructions from 3rd party payment gateways
  • Fixed not detecting whether polylang pro is active
  • Fixed unable to unselect a complete settings section Issue #51
  • Fixed Fields Locker is not working in variation tab Issue #76
  • Tested and confirmed working on WordPress 4.6.1, Polylang 2.0.7 and WooCommerce 2.6.7




  • Add the ability to handle the locale code of Paypal checkout
  • Fixed locale for emails that are triggered by a Paypal IPN message
  • Fixed fields locker is not working in Firefox browser


  • Added support for Layered Nav Widget
  • Added support for endpoints translation
  • Fixed products are duplicated when shop page is set as front page
  • Fixed Unable to open order details after 0.20 upgrade
  • Fixed translations links are not hidden in the order page
  • Fixed email is not translated when complete button is used in orders table
  • General code improvements


  • Added support for Woocommerce search widget @see Duplicated search result
  • Fixed translation downloader tries to download woo translations for en_US locale
  • Fixed wrong product duplicate behavior


  • Added Translation Downloader to auto download woocommerce translation files when a new polylang language is add
  • Added Arabic translation
  • Fixed translation links are hidden in posts page
  • General code improvements


  • Added admin interface to allow user to control plugin features
  • Added link for every attribute to search for its translation in the polylang strings table
  • Added generic fields locker
  • Added POT file for translation
  • Fixed product_type is not synced in 0.20 version
  • General code improvements


  • Added the ability to sync total_sales when stock value is changed
  • Added the ability to combine product report with its translation
  • Added the ability to combine category report with its translation
  • Fixed database error in sales_be_category reports
  • Fixed Orders Interface to use the current user language instead of the order language


  • Added the ability to set the write permalinks that can work with polylang if the default woocomerce permalinks are used


  • Added basic support for reports (filter by language)
  • General fixes



  • Removed wrong php used statement


  • Fixed (Polylang language switcher is disabled even if there is no variable products)
  • Added the ability to sync product category custom fields


  • Added support for product gallery translation


  • Extended meta list to include _visibility


  • Released in the wordpress repository
Version 0.29.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 22 Jan 2017

Date Added: 20 Apr 2015

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38 ratings


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