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Very Simple Signup Form

This is a very simple signup form. Use the widget to display form in sidebar.


This is a very simple responsive translatable signup form.

Now visitors of your website can signup for a meeting, event, newsletter and more.

It only contains Name, Email and Phone. And a simple captcha sum.

Phone field can be hidden or changed into something else. You can add some additional information above your form as well.

Use the widget to display form in sidebar.

For more info please take a look at the Installation section.

List form submissions in dashboard

With plugin Contact Form DB you can list form submissions in your dashboard.


Please take a look at the Installation and FAQ section.


Not included but plugin supports WordPress language packs.

More translations are very welcome!


Without the WordPress codex and help from the WordPress community I was not able to develop this plugin, so: thank you!


Author Guido van der Leest
Contributors Guido07111975
Tags captcha, email, event, form, honeypot, meeting, newsletter, responsive, sidebar, signup, simple, subscribe, subscription, widget
  1. very-simple-signup-form screenshot 1

    Very Simple Signup Form (Twenty Sixteen theme).

  2. very-simple-signup-form screenshot 2

    Very Simple Signup Form (Twenty Sixteen theme).

  3. very-simple-signup-form screenshot 3

    Very Simple Signup Form widget (dashboard).

How to use

After installation go to Appearance > Widgets and add the widget to your sidebar.

By default signups will be send to email from admin (set in Settings > General).

Widget attributes

While adding the widget you can add several attributes to personalize your form.


  • Change email from admin: email_admin="your-email-here"
  • Multiple email: email_admin="first-email-here, second-email-here"

You can also change message text or label text using an attribute.

  • Label attributes: label_name, label_email, label_phone, label_captcha, label_submit
  • Label error attributes: error_name, error_email, error_phone, error_captcha
  • Error and success message attributes: message_error, message_success


  • Change Name and Submit labels: label_name="Your Name" label_submit="Send"
  • Change captcha label: label_captcha="Please enter %s"
  • Change captcha label: label_captcha="Please enter %s here"

Phone field

  • Hide field: hide_phone="true"
  • Change label into something else such as Address: label_phone="Address"


Without Phone field you can use this plugin as newsletter subscription as well.

Version 4.7

  • file vssf-form: removed error message above form
  • updated file vssf-style

Version 4.6

  • information field: save html is allowed
  • added filter wp_kses_post
  • updated files vssf-form and vssf-widget

Version 4.5

  • all php files: disable direct access to file
  • updated file uninstall

Version 4.4

  • file vssf-widget: fixed php7 error (thanks nx3d)

For all versions please check file changelog.

How do I set plugin language?

Plugin uses the WP Dashboard language, set in Settings > General.

If plugin language pack is not available, language fallback will be English.

How do I add attributes?

You can find more info about this at the Installation section.

How do I style my form?

It mostly depends on the stylesheet of your theme.

You can change style (CSS) using for example the Very Simple Custom Style plugin.

Can I hide Phone field?

You can find more info about this at the Installation section.

Can I still use the shortcode?

I have added the widget feature in version 1.1 because a signup form is mostly displayed in a sidebar.

The shortcode to display form on a page is still supported (but without the additional information above form).

Do not use shortcode and widget because this might cause a conflict.

Are form submissions listed in my dashboard?

No, they will be send to admin by mail only.

With plugin Contact Form DB you can list form submissions in your dashboard.

Why am I not receiving form submissions?

  • Look also in your junk/spam folder.
  • Check the Installation section and check shortcode (attributes) for mistakes.
  • Install another contactform plugin (such as Contact Form 7) to determine if it's caused by my plugin or something else.
  • Form submissions are send using the wp_mail function (similar to php mail function). Maybe your hostingprovider disabled the php mail function, ask them to enable it.

Why does the captcha number not display properly?

The captcha (random number) uses a php session to temporary store the number and some hostingproviders have disabled the use of sessions. Ask them for more info about this.

Does this plugin has anti-spam features?

Of course, the default WordPress sanitization and escaping functions are included.

It also contains 2 (invisible) honeypot fields (firstname and lastname) and a simple captcha sum.

How can I make a donation?

You like my plugin and you're willing to make a donation? Nice! There's a PayPal donate link on the WordPress plugin page and my website.

Other question or comment?

Please open a topic in plugin forum.

Version 4.7

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 04 Nov 2014


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