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Here, at UserEngage we care about simple, yet effective tools. So, let’s keep it simple cause your time is the precious asset we could have.

UserEngage has been created to provide you with all the tools you need to make automated marketing a piece of cake. The mechanisms of engaging customers has never been facilitated on so many levels which are right there to be used.

By creating a platform aiming at helping you with giving your users’ the correct answer what they actually need, marketing will never be the same.

UserEngage gives you a live chat which enables you to have a direct contact with the visitors on your website. Because of the fact that you probably don’t have a big group of people managing the Customer Support and still, all the customers need to be treated individually, we give you an infinite number of options to personalize the messages. At the same time, they remain automated. Cool, huh?

We offer you solutions that facilitate lead generating and nurturing. By knowing the users’ tendencies, you are able to know exactly what they want. That’s why we give you a separate tool that helps you to keep an eye on their behavior.

On top of that, automated email campaigns as well as multiple templates of different forms that you can adjust however you like, make marketing easier than you could think.

We want to thank you for your time by simply giving you a 14-day trial available [here].

Enjoy and … see you around!

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/userengage directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress
  3. Use the screen to configure the plugin

  • updated deprecated functions

  • fixed some minor errors

  • added support for sending image urls via events for woocommerce

  • fixed ajax add to cart conflict entirely and moved user register event to js file

  • fixed ajax add to cart conflict

  • fixed possible conflict with hook_javascript function

  • fixed output name / last name

  • added WooCommerce compatibility

  • now after saving settings you will see a notification that they were saved or there was an error

  • added woocommerce compatibility, tracking add to card events + new orders

  • re-remove emoji

  • rocket loader fix

  • bringed back previous plugin

  • added default value for api key field

  • translations

  • added app icons


  • fixed errors while getting user info, removed space if name not specified


  • force remove WP emoji detection


  • added state selection

  • updated compatibility for wordpress


  • fixed CloudFlare rocketscript type


  • updated deprecated functions


  • updated wp function to get user info


  • added data-cfasync="false" to window.civchat script tag


  • added data-cfasync="false"


  • quick-fix on link with api key


  • added link where you can find your APP api key.


  • updated logos


  • readme update


  • First version. Full integration with

1. How to import and export contact to my e-mail list?

Importing and exporting contacts from or to E-MAIL MARKETER is very simple. See how to import and export contact.

You just go to E-MAIL MARKETER section, then to contacts (that is a place where all of your e-mails are gathered) import and export contact

At the top of the page with your contacts you can find the button IMPORT and EXPORT.

You can IMPORT your contact in the form of .csv file.

Keep in mind that all of that it will be automatically downloaded from your CSV file exactly how you grouped and named it.

If you are about to EXPORT. It will automatically generate the CSV file with all of your contacts and gathered information.

2. How to personalize e-mails with tags?

E-mail personalisation is a key. E-mail marketing is changing more and more.Those who focus on personalization of their content are not left behind. by using UserEngage tool you can write stunning personalised e-mails.

Personalising the content with UserEngage is so simple. During an e-mail creation you just add specific tags which send you the value from the database. It is connected to user attributes.

3. What is the difference between ACTIVE and CLOSED conversations?

Actually, the difference is trifling. We grouped the chat messages to make your conversations more clear. You can close your conversation if you don’t want it to be on the top. Literally, it means that if you close your conversation but it does not mean you lose it in any way nor you will not get any new messages from it. It is made just to simplify and optimize your conversations.

4. How to add custom attributes?

To add custom attributes in order to help you organize and manage your users and campaigns, you have to be a bit skilled in IT. If you are not, ask anyone in your team to do it. It’s not that hard.

Keep in mind that:

  • Characters like ‘$’, ‘.’ or the NULL are prohibited .
  • Your keys are CASE-sensitive
  • We allow you to have custom attributes named maximum to XXXXXXXX characters.
  • You have to modify your JSON script that enables you to connect with

Check if JSON value of your custom attribute key is valid!

5. Types of attributes

You can group, categorize or name as much as you want. It is up to you, how your attribute are named, how you group or categorize them. There are many types of attributes. You will soon notice, how powerful they are if you use them properly.

What kind of attributes can you send us?

Anything! Let us give you some examples:

  • the name of the company
  • how much he/she has spent in your shop
  • street
  • telephone number
  • birthdays date (look down for details)
  • sex
  • any URLS (look down for details) (up to you)

6. Does it support WooCommerce?

Yes, indeed!

When your customer adds product to cart or is checking out the order, he will send automatically and event containing product / order details.

7. I need plugin support. Where should I ask questions? ||

Requires WordPress version: 3.4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 03 Jan 2017

Date Added: 09 Mar 2016


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