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User Upgrade Capability

Link multiple network sites/blogs together - Maintain only one site list of users.

'User Upgrade Capability' is a plugin to help with a multi-site network and helps with the administration of users and their roles. When you start using a multi-site WordPress installation you soon realise the power of having the ability to use a separate site for different functions (e.g. main site, separate blog, separate calendar …etc) each can then be handled separately and even with different themes.

However, without 'User Upgrade Capabilities' you would need to maintain the user access on each site, this is an overhead for administrators since for each site Admins will need to grant access and add/remove capabilties & roles as required, which all takes time. 'User Upgrade Capability' helps with this admin task and allows you to create a new site and point back to a master reference site re-using its user listing and capabilties/roles to define access permissions for the new linked site.

One example of where this approach is helpful is for the case where you want multiple calendars for different purposes on the same WordPress site. Calendar plugins generally use a fixed database table name, this means that you can't install two calendars on the same site. With 'User Upgrade Capability' you can create a new site for each calendar and point back to the reference site re-using its user base and capabilties. The end user doesn't even know that the calendars are on a different site.

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Activating this plugin on a site will replace the available user roles/capabilities with a copy from the reference site you will not be able to undo.



If you select the options for extending functionality through other plugins the following are available for ease of installing..

Author Justin Fletcher
Contributors justinticktock
Tags access, capability, cms, groups, multisite, permission, role, security, teams, user
  1. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 1

    General Settings Screen (Reference Site).

  2. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 2

    Define Key Roles

  3. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 3

    Users with the sp_staff role on the primary reference site will have the administrator & author roles on the local site

  4. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 4

    Define Key Capabilities

  5. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 5

    Users with the view_sportspress_reports capability on the primary reference site will have the more capabilities added to this local site.

  6. user-upgrade-capability screenshot 6

    Plugin Suggestions

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Goto the "Users" Menu and "Reference Site" sub menu.
  4. Defined the "Reference Site" to point back to the site that you will be using to define your user capabilities
  5. Once the Ref Site is defined you will see two new sub-menus under the "Users" Menu. (1) "Upgrade Roles" (2) "Upgrade Caps". Under these two menus you will be able to set keys (role or capabilities).
  6. Each Key that you define will provide a new settings tab where you can select new access to the local site where the users have the key role/cap on the reference site.

For example if you simply want to add and new site and grant every subscriber on the primary reference site the same access to your new site.
- Then under the "Upgrade Roles" settings pages and the "Key Roles:" tab tick the "Subscriber" option save changes. - Select the new "subscriber" tab settings page. - Tick the "Subscriber" option and save changes. Now all subscribers on the primary reference site will automatically be given subscriber access to the local site.

Change log is maintained on the plugin website

Version 2.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 24 Dec 2016

Date Added: 22 May 2014

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