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User Meta

A well designed, features reached and easy to use user management plugin that allows front-end login, profile update, user registration with extra fie


  • Front-end user login.
  • Allows users to update their profile on front-end.
  • Add extra fields to customized user profile.
  • Front-end user registration by shortcode.
  • Add extra fields to custom user registration.
  • Add profile link to users listing page.
  • Fields and forms editor to customize front-end user profile and registration.
  • Create unlimited forms for custom user registration or profile.
  • Show role based user profile. Users from different role can see different profile form.
  • Users can register their account with different role by using different registration form.
  • Show user avatar to profile and registration page (both ajax and non ajax).
  • Modify default email sender information (Let your user get email from your preferred name and email instead of
  • Use conditional logic to show/hide fields based on other fields.

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Extra features for User Meta Pro (paid version)

  • Front-end custom user login by username or email.
  • Front-end reset password.
  • User Profile widget, registration widget and login widget.
  • Auto user login after registration.
  • Email verification on registration.
  • Admin approval on user registration.
  • Admin can activate or deactivate any user by user listing page.
  • Add extra fields to default profile or hide existing fields.
  • Role based redirection after user login, logout and registration.
  • Customize emails sent from your WordPress site. Add default field or extra fields content to each email.
  • Bulk users import/export from/to csv file with extra fields.
  • Customize, filter, or change user order while exporting users.
  • User import/export with hashed or plain text password.
  • Customize all email notifications.

Supported field for form builder

Bellow are the list of supported fields to build profile or registration form:

WordPress default fields

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Website
  • Display Name
  • Nickname
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Biographical Info
  • Registration Date
  • Role
  • Jabber
  • Aim
  • Yim
  • User Avatar

Extra fields

  • TextBox
  • Paragraph
  • Rich Text
  • Hidden Field
  • DropDown
  • Select One (radio)
  • CheckBox

Extra fields for User Meta Pro (paid version)

  • Multi-select
  • Date-Time
  • File Upload
  • Image Url
  • Phone Number
  • Number
  • Url
  • Country
  • Custom Field
  • Page Heading
  • Section Heading
  • HTML
  • Captcha

Get User Meta Pro.


2 steps to get started

  1. Go to User Meta >> Forms. Create a form, give a name to your form and populate it with fields.
  2. Write shortcode to your page or post. e.g.: Shortcode: [user-meta-profile form='your_form_name']

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Get User Meta Pro.

Note The plugin stores all user's data to wp_usermeta table as WordPress standard. So it is possible to other plugin talks with User Meta using WordPress standard.

Author Khaled Hossain
Contributors khaledsaikat
Tags admin, AJAX, Avatar, captcha, csv, custom, email, file, frontend, image, images, import, login, page, password, photo, picture, plugin, profile, redirect, register, registration, shortcode, upload, user, user import, usermeta, users, widget
  1. user-meta screenshot 1

    Simple registration form.

  2. user-meta screenshot 2

    Simple profile form.

  3. user-meta screenshot 3

    Front-end user registration with extra fields.

  4. user-meta screenshot 4

    Front-end user profile with extra fields.

  5. user-meta screenshot 5

    Supported fields for creating profile or registration form.

  1. Upload and extract to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or add the plugin from Plugin >> Add New menu
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


  • PHP7 compatibility
  • Modify class names according to PSR-2 standard
  • Added more options to captcha
  • Lite: Add login features to lite version
  • Fix: print inline js to backend profile (date-time was not working)
  • Fix: bug on user importing extra fields
  • Fix: Login error message bug
  • Fix: Conditional logic for checkbox, radio, and multi-select
  • Fix: Using multiple captchas on the same page


  • Visual options selector for dropdown, multi-select, radio and checkbox
  • Code: Minimum requirements for the plugin is PHP-5.4 and WP-3.7
  • Code: Using namespace and rewriting field generation classes
  • Code: Apply PSR-2 coding standard to all PHP files
  • Code: Rewrite all field generation codes
  • Optimized for wpml support
  • Update translation files
  • Added user_meta_loaded action hook to load extensions
  • Put inline front-end JavaScript to footer
  • Added tooltip to field editor
  • Remove placeholder as field label type, as placeholder has its own field.
  • Force uploaded file name to be lowercase and special character escaped.
  • New Hooks: user_meta_field_config_render, user_meta_field_config_before_update, user_meta_form_config_render
  • Style file remove link
  • Delete avatar and files while deleting a user
  • Delete old files & avatar on profile update
  • Pro: Redirection to a page
  • Pro: Export users by form_id and write to file
  • Pro: Renamed user-meta directory to user-meta-pro for pro version
  • Fix: re-validation for regex input
  • Fix: Storing admin approval emails bug
  • Fix: Email notification selection tab collapse
  • Fix: Bulk users export issue
  • Fix: Password reset issue since WP-4.3
  • Fix: Add user to blog, without user_login but user_email
  • Fix: Don’t let existing user register again for the same site under network
  • Fix: WP-4.5 compatibility

  • Fix: Duplicate field id in case of form import
  • Check if other reCaptcha library is exists, to avoid conflict.
  • Fix: Add user to blog
  • Fix: Rich text url bug


  • Redesigned fields and forms editor.
  • Conditional logic.
  • Username will remain same as email while registration without username.
  • Remove base64_decode.
  • Switch uploader code to admin-ajax.php.
  • Remove html5 required validation, add html5 regex to custom field.
  • Strip
  • Added Turkish and Czech translation.
  • Added regex to password field.
  • Pro: Allow to hide extra social fields from backend profile.
  • Pro: reCaptcha v2.
  • Pro: Added %generated_password% placeholder.
  • Pro: Remove password & email field from standard fields set. Those fields can can be used via “custom fields”.
  • Pro: Add retype_label to custom field.
  • Pro: Added yearRange to datetime field.
  • Pro: Profile update email for backend, track modified email.
  • Pro: Added filter: user_meta_countries_list filter to countries list.
  • Pro: Separate email verification and admin approval processes.
  • Fix: Pagination bug.
  • Fix: required checkbox error.


  • Support user registration for free version.
  • Remove plugin-framework.css/js. Split user-meta.js into user-meta.js and user-meta-admin.js
  • Optimize the plugin for user-meta-advanced add-on.
  • Allow action/filter hook enable/disable by ‘user_meta_wp_hook’ filter.
  • Added Chinese translation.
  • Fix: postbox toggle icon and allows drag texts inside postbox.
  • Removed users_can_register option dependencies for user registration form.
  • Added role placeholder.
  • Added ver paramater to js and css files.
  • Pro: Shortcode: [user-meta-field id=Field_ID] for showing single field.
  • Pro: Shortcode: [user-meta-field-value id=Field_ID] to show stored field content.
  • Pro: Store resetpass hashed key instead of plaintext as of WP-3.7
  • Pro: Added Lost Password email notification.
  • Pro: Number field allows integer and decimal point.
  • Pro: Filter: user_meta_admin_email_recipient to filter admin notification email.
  • Pro: Added multiselect field and allow optgroup on select.
  • Pro: Import both plain text and hashed password with users import.
  • Pro: Allow override of WordPress default user registration and reset password email by add-on.
  • Pro: try to send single email when sending multiple email at a time failed.
  • Pro: Added registration link with login form/widget.


  • Add user_id parameter to user_meta_pre_user_update filter hook.
  • Remove not used uploaded files via schedule events.
  • Add Russian translation. (Thanks to Vitaliy Cherednichenko for his translation)
  • Add placeholder support to Fields Editor.
  • Change file upload directory to /uploads/files/
  • Change logout url. Logout url is not using resetpass anymore.
  • Add html5 placeholder to field by user-meta hook.
  • Bug fix: Required validation for country field.
  • Add settings for customize UMP generated text for front-end.
  • Pro: Allow to send email notification for all users who have administrative role.
  • Pro: User password will not force to include in registration email notification.
  • Pro: Add option for use default lostpassword url.
  • Pro: Remember last user import settings.
  • Pro: Use separate page for reset password and email verification.
  • Pro: Login redirect will not show any message while redirecting.

  • Add Captcha for login form.
  • Fix import UMP and pagination bugs.


  • Use TinyMCE as rich text editor.
  • meta_key auto generate from field title.
  • Enable translation for dynamic text.
  • Disable free to pro one click update as WordPress plugin guidline.
  • add allow_custom in datetime field to allow more customization by js.
  • Added alternate method when allow_url_fopen=0 for showing uploaded image.
  • Field validation in both server and client side.
  • Pro: Introduce new field type "Custom Field" to add custom regex and error message.


  • Assign form to login widget.
  • Allow role based profile as widget.
  • Replace type=both into type=profile-registration
  • Replace type=none into type=public
  • type=public allow user_id as $_GET for showing public user profile.
  • Add type=login to form widget.
  • Change date format and filter hook.
  • Default role selection.
  • Shortcode generator popup.
  • Clickable checkbox and radio.
  • Added filter: user_meta_pre_configuration_update for fields_editor, forms_editor and settings.
  • Action: user_meta_load_admin_pages
  • Filter: user_meta_execution_page_config
  • Filter: user_meta_default_login_form
  • Aded filter support to lost password form and deafult login form.
  • Theme for reCaptcha.
  • Check user access by “add_users” capability.
  • Clickable users listing for Active | Inactive | Pending | Pending Approval
  • Change email verification and reset password process.
  • WordPress-3.5 compatibility.
  • UMP Export-Import fields, forms, settings.
  • Role based profile showing.
  • Allow role selection on registration/profile (admin can choose which roles user can select).
  • Field title position: Top, Left, Right, Inline, Hidden.
  • Added “Auto login after user registration” feature.
  • Fixes: Password changing from frontend.
  • Image crop for avatar or file upload.
  • Single pot file.
  • Enable SSL admin.
  • Assign custom form with login widget/login form that allow to use custom field, class name, changing button text/class.
  • Integrate plugin-framework.pot with user-meta.pot (single pot file instead of two).
  • Provide more action/filter hook in every steps.
  • Allow to use placeholder under html field.
  • MU: New blog registration.
  • MU: Add user to blog.
  • MU: added option for prevent login for non-member for current blog.
  • Registration/Profile widget.
  • Registration/Profile Template Tag.
  • Extended users export.
  • Allow to change button’s text and css class of form.
  • Custom email notification for profile update(both user and admin).


  • One click upgrade to Pro version.
  • Add default email sender support.
  • Pro: One click version update.
  • Pro: Login widget. Showing role based user data with login widget or shortcode.
  • Pro: Extra fields in backend profile.
  • Pro: Role based customizable email notification with extra fields.
  • Pro: Import users from csv file including user's meta data.
  • Pro: Front-end lost password and reset password tools.
  • Pro: User email verification on registration.
  • Pro: User activation and deactivation.
  • pro: Role based user redirection on registration, login and logout.
  • Fix: Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability


  • Added Support while fail AJAX call


  • Include first version of User Meta Pro
  • Pro: added more fields type
  • Pro: Frontend Registration
  • Pro: Frontend Login with username or email


  • Changing complete structure
  • Make Seperation of fields and form, so one field can be use in many form
  • Add verious type of fields
  • Added dragable fields to form
  • Improve frontend profile


  • Extend Import Functionality
  • Draggable Meta Field
  • Add Donation Button


  • Optimize code using php class.
  • add [user-meta-profile] shortcode support.


  • Some Bug Free.


  • First version.

Why error message, "User registration is currently not allowed." is showing in registration page?

WordPress doesn't allow to register new user by default settings. To allow user to register, go to Settings >> General page in admin section. Checked the checkbox which is saying "Anyone can register" and Save Changes.

Saving fields, forms or email notification settings in admin section displays 0

For very long form or lots of fields, you might encounter displaying 0 instead of saving, If you ever have this issue, mostly it could be max_input_vars are exceeding. To solve this problem increase max_input_vars in your .htaccess file.

php_value max_input_vars 3000

If you have suhosin installed, use following too.

php_value 3000
Version 1.2.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 14 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 Jul 2011

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