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Feeback is the easiest way to gather feedback, identify bugs, and collect ideas from website visitors. Always Free Option!

Feedback by Social Intents helps you engage your visitors early and often with an easy to set up feedback lightbox form. Quickly learn about problems, gather new ideas, and get an overall view of customer satisfaction. Our Feedback widget gives you private, unbiased, and instant user feedback. Instead of a separate page or sidebar, Feedback brings extra attention by popping up an in-page feedback widget. Customize targeting rules, add your css and your logo. Best of all - it won't slow your site down.

It's a must have for any wordpress site! 14-Day Free Premium Trial!

Combine this plugin with our List Builder, Social Offers, and Live Chat plugins to improve your site and boost sales!

Questions about our live chat plugin? Contact us at

Getting Started with User Feedback and Ratings

Step 1: Login to WordPress Admin and search for the plugin 'Feedback and Modal Contact Form by Social Intents' and install it.

Step 2: Register for a Free Trial Account right from the plugin or at our website.

Need help getting set up? We can help! Contact us at

Why choose Modal Feeback and Modal Contact Form by Social Intents

  • Private and Unbiased Feedback - not skewed by competitors posting on public boards
  • Quickly and Effectively Gather Realtime Website Feedback
  • Find and Address Bugs
  • Target specific pages or website visitors
  • Proactive Popup
  • Customize the widget look and feel with custom CSS, logos, and messages

Other Social Intents Widgets

We also have Email List Building, Live Chat, Social Sharing, Shopping Cart Saver, and Social Offers widgets available that can be used to grow your audience and boost your sales.

To learn more about Social Intents visit us at

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  1. user-feedback-and-ratings-by-social-intents screenshot 1

    Modal Feedback and Modal Contact Form Settings

  2. user-feedback-and-ratings-by-social-intents screenshot 2

    Example User Feedback Popup

  3. user-feedback-and-ratings-by-social-intents screenshot 3

    Social Intents Dashboard

  4. user-feedback-and-ratings-by-social-intents screenshot 4

    Social Intents Overview

  1. If you don't have a Social Intents account, you can sign up right from the widget.

  2. In the admin section of your WordPress site, click 'plugins' and then 'add new'

  3. Search for 'User Feedback and Ratings by Social Intents'

  4. Click 'Install Now'

  5. After Installation, enter your widget key or Register for a new Account.


  • 4.6 support

Do I need a Social Intents account for my feedback widget

Yes, you do. You can sign up for a free trial at

Do I have to install software on my server to get this working?

No, Feedback is a service. Simply sign up for the service, grab your widget key, and save it in your plugin.

Version 1.0.43

Requires WordPress version: 3.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 19 May 2014

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