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User Activity Log

Log all activity of users and get notified when user login to admin area.

Do your site have many users for various admin side activity? Do you stuck with issue to track user activity on your website admin side? do you want to secure your site by tracking log of all user activity ? do you want to get notified when particular user logged in ? Just relax, Now with the help of "User Activity Log" Plugin you can track all users activity on your website.

As of this moment, the plugin logs data when anyone do following activity:

  • WordPress - Core Updates
  • Posts - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Pages - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Custom Post Type Posts- Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Tags - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Categories - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Taxonomies terms - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Comments - Created, Approved, Unproved, Trashed, Untrashed, Spammed, Unspammed, Deleted
  • Media - Uploaded, Edited, Deleted
  • Users - Login, Logout, Login has failed, Update profile, Registered and Delete
  • Plugins -Activated, Deactivated
  • Themes - Installed, Updated, Deleted, Activated
  • Widgets - Added to a sidebar / Deleted from a sidebar, Order widgets
  • Menus - A menu is being Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Export - User download export file from the site
  • Plugins supported - bbpress
  • Translation Ready - .pot file attached

Additional features for security:

  • Admin will be notified via email when selected user logged in.
  • Admin will be notified via email when selected role's any user logged in.

User Activity Log Pro Features:

Pro version overcome your limitations with lite version of user activity log.

User Activity Log PRO Plugin Features

  • All lite version features with detail logs
  • Hook Settings - Can modify what will be in track list instead of all logs
  • Sorting options - To view log data in ascending or descending order
  • Password security - Only authorized user can delete log
  • Favorite/Unfavorite log to store log separately
  • Export Log - Export log anytime in CSV format for future usage
  • Detail Logs - View log in details to compare old and new changes
  • Delete Logs - Single & Multi delete log option
  • Custom Event Log - To add your own theme/plugin hook support
  • Plugins supported - bbpress, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and more coming soon..
  • Detailed Documentation - From which steps you need to start

For whom User Activity Log Pro is useful ?

  • Most needed for Website Owner
  • Product Manager, Site In-charge or Site Manager, Team Leader, Developers
  • IT companies to track multiple developers behavior
  • IT Consultants, Freelancers

Buy User Activity Log Pro on Codecanyon :

Documentation: User Activity Log Documentation Link


The purpose of this plugin is to keep track of all activity with in your WordPress area. we have performed testing with various cases to make sure plugins works very well, but you should make sure you have a backup of your database, before installing plugin.


Currently I am not aware of any compatibility issues with any other WordPress plugins. (NOTE: Please have a back of your database before installing plugin)


If you find any issue please ask questions on support forum and we will try to solve issue. We're active for any support issues. So hope you will love it.


This plugin is released under the GPL licence. We do not accept any responsibility for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, that may arise from using the plugin or these instructions. This software is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty. Please refer to the full version of the GPL license for more information.

Author Solwin Infotech
Contributors solwininfotech, sanjaydabhoya
Tags Activity Log, admin user log, log, log user, log user action, record user activity, security, track activity., track user, track user activity, user, user action log, user activity, user activity monitor, user log, user tracking, watch user, wordpress admin security, wordpress security
  1. user-activity-log screenshot 1

    User Activities - Dashboard

  2. user-activity-log screenshot 2

    User Activities - General Settings

  3. user-activity-log screenshot 3

    User Activities - Email Notification Settings

  4. user-activity-log screenshot 4

    User Activities - Email Settings

  1. Download the plugin file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the user-actity-log folder to the wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the "User Activity Log" plugin from plugin page on wordpress admin area.

Alternatively, you can install the plugin automatically through the WordPress Admin 1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New' 2. Search for 'User Activity Log' 3. Activate Plugins.


Release date: January 4th, 2017

  • Bug Fix - Customize notification email not working


Release date: October 11th, 2016

  • Enhancement - User Activity Log Pro database upgrade code added
  • Changes - Database table name changes to remove confliction with other plugin


Release date: September 8th, 2016

  • Bug Fix - Security issue resolved that reported by "Plugin Vulnerabilities" team


Release date: August 26th, 2016

  • Bug Fix - UI changes to make compatible with WordPress 4.6
  • Bug Fix - Remove usage of get_currentuserinfo() which is deprecated in WordPress 4.5.


Release date: December 8th, 2015

  • Bug Fix - Admin Ajax calling multiple times


Release date: October 13th, 2015

  • Bug Fix - Email settings and security issue resolved


Release date: October 12th, 2015

  • Bug Fix - Missing translation strings resolved


Release date: October 10th, 2015

  • Enhancement - Add localization
  • Enhancement - Sidebar added for fast submission of review and add ticket in support
  • Bug Fix - Bug fix of email setting saved
  • Bug Fix - Sending email user not found


Release date: August 29th, 2015

  • Bug Fix - Bug fix of widget saving


Release Date: June 9th, 2015

  • Initial release

Can plugin send me an email once selected users are logged in with site?

Yes, with “Email Settings” option you can manage mail notification as per your requirement.

Can I filter particular user’s activity with any filtering?

Yes, there are number of filter options available as you can filter activity log based on user, user roles and user actions.

Can I remove all user activity log details?

Yes you can. Whenever you want to clear your activity log data then Go to User Actions Log > Settings > General Settings > Delete Log Activities and click on “Reset Database”.

Why I need to use User Activity Log plugin?

Monitor and track all backend activities those are done by your freelancers, website developers, post authors, etc. If you are website owners and want to keep that logs, check to developer’s work flow or want to add more security with website then this is a best and most needed solution for you.

Version 1.2.7

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 09 Jul 2015

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