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UpiCRM – Free WordPress CRM and Lead Management

UpiCRM – Best Free WordPress CRM & Lead Management.

UpiCRM: Free WordPress CRM & Lead Management solution/plug-in. Simple & easy to install and set-up, powerful and intelligent solution, designed for all WordPress users.

UpiCRM is designed to easily integrate with your WordPress website. It works in parallel with existing solutions you are currently using, such as existing contact forms - Contact Form7, Gravity Form, Ninja Forms, and any other contact forms you are currently using, in order to collect and mange leads and customers from your website.

UpiCRM solution works as follows: Elegant, non-intrusive, easy to set-up: UpiCRM maps your existing database/forms fields from your current website, by using an advanced yet elegantly simple, semi-automatic mechanism, in order to create a new single, central, unified database of all your leads. UpiCRM can also import existing data from contact forms databases (if existing), and import all leads during the configuration and mapping.

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management: UpiCRM unified leads database unfolds new capabilities for managing the lifecycle of all leads: Receive new leads - track traffic sources, route lead to the designated person, manage status per each lead, up to the closing of the process. Future version V2.0, expected on October 2015, will include lead conversion to customer / contact.

Teamwork & Collaboration: UpiCRM provides the means for the most efficient teamwork, by allowing new leads to be assigned to any designated function of your team – sales, marketing, executives, and service providers, while keep tracking the lead management process by the management team.

Analytics, Monitoring and tracking: UpiCRM offers the most advanced capabilities of analysis and effectiveness measurements, by attaching the traffic source to each and every lead, as well as utilizing the URL UTM tagging mechanism, in order to allow you to gather, report, and analyse the marketing activities you manage, starting right from the investment in a marketing channel.

Dashboards and KPI's: Gain instant knowledge of your current funnel and predictions with the UpiCRM dashboard. No more endless spreadsheets, manual reports or confused and angry managers. Simply provide your executive team with an easy access to the real-time, easy to understand UpiCRM dashboard.

Muti-server envorinment: UpiCRM can act as an aggregator of leads from multiple / remote web sites.

Adanced User/roles hirerchies: UpiCRM is designed to work in a multi-user / global organization environment, with up to 5 tiers of users, per your choice / definition.

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    UpiCRM Options

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    UpiCRM Lead Management

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    UpiCRM Map existing forms fields to UPiCRM stuctured database field

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    UpicCRM Status Management

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    UpcCRM email template for lead management

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    UpiCRM New Lead

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    UpiCRM EMail

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    UpiCRM EMail Succesfully Assigned

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    UpiCRM New Lead Settings

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    UpiCRM Main Table with export to excel option

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    UpiCRM Main Table in row editor

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    UpiCRM Dashboard

  13. upi-crm-universal-crm-solution screenshot 13

    UpiCRM Lead Routing Table

  14. upi-crm-universal-crm-solution screenshot 14

    UpiCRM Integration Center

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    UpiCRM Mail Notification

Manual install: Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and extract all files. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress note: you can always download UpiCRM form our web site:

Automatic installation: While on "Add New" screen on "Plugins" page from your WordPress dashboard / management screen - simply search for UpiCRM, and click the "install now" link. Be sure to activate UpiCRM plugin after installation!

First time configuration: After installing the plugin from website, or from "plugins" page on your WordPress site, you will need to perform the following actions before you can enjoy the capabilities of UpiCRM:

First Step: Set up users and roles.

UpiCRM has two built in user roles:

UpiCRM Admin: Can configure all options, grant access rights, view and edit all leads, access UpiCRM dashboard, and perform any additional task UpiCRM allows.

UpiCRM User: Can view & manage leads assigned to him only.

Simply create a WordPress user using the default "Users" menu provided by your WordPress management interface, or edit existing WordPress users, by navigating to the lower end of the page, and assigning the new user with the desired UpiCRM role:

Note: remember that you can simply assign UpiCRM user roles using the native users management screens of WordPress.

UpiCRM General Settings:

"Send all leads and updates to the following user": you may choose to distribute new leads by mail to any external eMail address, or to a list of multiple comma separated (",") eMail addresses.

"By default, Leads are assigned to" : use this option in order to determine who will be assigned to deal with all new leads.

"Email format": you can choose to send mail notifications as plain text or HTML. As some external systems (SalesForce, ZohoCRM etc.) require plain text in order to parse new leads, you may choose to change default format to plain text.

Change default "from" field for emails sent from UpiCRM: use this option in order to set the "from" name used on email that will be sent by UpiCRM.

Step 2: map all your existing forms and fields onto UpiCRM's structured database UpiCRM needs to import all your old data and map all your current forms and fields onto its superset of structured database. In order to perform this task, navigate to the "General Settings" screen on the UpiCRM sub-menu. Please remember to perform this task again if you're adding more new forms to your site in the future!

Use the drop-down menus on this screen in order to map ALL your current forms fields onto the UpiCRM structured database.

Tip: if you are using an additional field that does not appear on the UpiCRM predefined fields list, you can always add it to the UpiCRM database using the "Add additional fields and datatypes to UpiCRM" option.

Note: this procedure needs to be performed only once per every form on your website. UpiCRM Lead status: Use this screen in order to add or change a status.

Step 3: Edit eMail notifications UpiCRM will consistently inform you and your team about any reception/edition/modification of any lead. Take a couple of minutes in order to personalize the messages you wish to distribute, by editing the eMail templates on the "eMail Notifications" screen:

Tip: use the variable [lead], [url] and [assign-to] in order to embed information with the notifications you send. In the future, UpiCRM will provide even more optional variables.

Step 4: Optional - define rules and conditions automatically route leads to designated personnel or to change lead status.

  • Added feature: status deletion

  • Added feature: lead management table now saves state and filed choices.
  • Added feature: lead manegement table now saves default date range

= = * Tested with WordPress 4.7 * Added default number of rows in table - lead management

  • General bug fixes (activation, plugins collisions) .

  • Added: "Not A UpiCRM User" option to new WordPress users.
  • Added: inbound web service now accepts both POST and Get methods.

  • Added feature: Round-robin lead distribution.
  • fixed - auto lead management bug.
  • fixed - import from Excel presentation bug.

  • fixed Bug - dashbaord date range errors
  • fixed bug - lead routing error
  • tested stable WordPRess 4.6.1

  • added Web service : inbound / outbound web services integration
  • fixed bug in integration domain
  • fixed : integrate to a remote server subfolder installation of wordpress
  • fixed : UI issues

  • Fixed bug - Upi users tree view
  • added - date range selection on dashboard
  • added - more view on dashboard: Country
  • fixed - minor UI issues.
  • fixed - syntax error preventing dahsboard from apearing on previous versions of php

  • fixed bug - export to Excel
  • Added PT_BR translation

  • Added: custom date picker in the lead manamgenet screen, soon (next version) to implement in the Dashbaord screen as well.
  • fixed - some collision with a custom made function - users request.

  • Fixed - screens doesn't load because of plugins/jquery collisions.
  • Added - send lead to rmeote server using web service, autmcatically, by using rules, and manually.

  • Fixed - Notifications and emails not sent bug. On some unique conditions emails were NOT sent from the system. We have fixed that.
  • Fixed - some presentation issue on main leads table

  • Added - lead routing / content manipulation based on 2 conditions. (if counrtry contains France and product contains "shoes" than assign lead to "Johnny"...)

  • Added Content manipulation - enable text edits/manipulation based upon field's data (if field X contains "data" then fields "Y" equals "Hello" ...
  • General bug fixing.

  • Added auotmation / field contents manupulation - example: "If Field 'country' contains 'Italy' then change Field 'continent' to 'Europe'.

  • Caldera Forms support added
  • Italian translation added
  • bug fixes (edit/view leads)
  • improved leads edit / view screen.


  • Fixed general UI issues - collision with Avada, Page Options, and other UI problems. For Any issue you still have problems with please conatct our support with access details to a staging/dev environment on which we can test and resolve the issue.

  • Integration Center: UpiCRM can act as an aggregator of leads from multiple / remote web sites. This means that a UpiCRM master can receive leads from any other UpiCRM "slave" , as long as the connection (pairing) is performed. UpiCRM can work in complete orchestration, receive / send leads from and to multiple servers at the same time.
  • Minor UI / Bug fixes.
  • Improved e-mail notification: use [field-] ( - UpiCRM field name) in order t include lead details in e-mail subject (New Lead from John Smith – UK…)
  • Send mail bug fix

  • Removed CSS objects in order to prevent UI problems.
  • Added new feature: Import from Excel file - you can now import new data into UpiCRM!

= * Muti-server envorinment: UpiCRM can act as an aggregator of leads from multiple / remote web sites. * Adanced User/roles hirerchies: UpiCRM is designed to work in a multi-user / global organization environment, with up to 5 tiers of users, per your choice / definition.


  • Improved UI , Dashboard and more.
  • Bulk actions applied to multiple leads in the leads management table.
  • Improved lead management table.
  • Advanced User management and user hierarchies

  • solve jquery collision issues with plugins (WPML...)

  • Added default date range for leads managment table.
  • Improved view/edit leads details.

what does UpiCRM do?

UpiCRM is a WordPress CRM and lead management plugin that enables you to manage your customers throughout the complete life cycle of the “leads to customers” process.

CRM solutions are known to be very hard to implement… how easy is UpiCRM, starting with installation, set-up and work cycle?

CRM solutions are known to be very hard to implement… how easy is UpiCRM, starting with installation, set-up and work cycle?

with which forms plugins does UpiCRM work currently?

currently we support Contact form 7 + Contact form DB , as well as Gravity forms and Ninja Forms. If you are using another solution, please contact us on, and we'll be happy to promptly respond to your and the community's needs.

is UpiCRM free?

Yes. Please read the license file on the installation ZIP.

How can I track lead source in UpiCRM ?

UpiCRM provides 3 ways of tracking a lead source: 1) Form name – which form was filled? 2) traffic source – Referral – from which site/URL did the user arrive from? 2) UTM URL Tagging : add UTM tags to all campaigns and traffic sources for your site, UpiCRM will parse and attached this information to every new lead.

Can I automatically change lead status or route lead to specific people, based on lead's contents?

Yes! from Version 1.9.0 and up. Make sure to always update to the latest version.

Arbitrary section

ANALYSIS, TRACKING, MARKETING EFFECTIVENES WITH UPICRM The Challenge: Tracking leads from actual traffic source – campaigns, referring sites, search engines etc., through the complete life-cycle of every lead, and creating the full picture about your marketing effectiveness.

UpiCRM supports URL tagging used for identifying traffic sources to a web site. Note: Please read more about URL Builder provided by Google. (link) Basically what this means is that if you tag all your inbound traffic in compliance with the UTM tagging rules, UpiCRM will attach the traffic source to each and every lead received.

In addition, UpiCRM will also attach the HTTP referrer parameter to every lead, so you'll be able to track the source per every lead in your database. On the bigger picture: With UpiCRM you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of all your marketing activities and traffic sources, both on a single lead basis, and up to a complete reporting and analytics information.

The way to achieve this is simply by adding the built-in fields - ‘HTTP referrer’, ‘Campaign Source’ (utm_source), ‘Campaign Medium’ (utm_medium), ‘Campaign Term’ (utm_term) , ‘Campaign Content’ (utm_content), ‘Campaign Name’ (utm_campaign) - to the default "View leads" table. Alternatively, simply export all data to excel in order to create your own views and analysis.


Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 17 Jan 2017

Date Added: 31 Mar 2015

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