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Unite Gallery Lite


The Unite Gallery is all in one image and video gallery for WordPress.

It's based on the unite gallery javscript version, and has a very powerfull and intuitive wordpess admin for your ease of use. Every gallery option has it's description, devided into logical sections, and the items manager is very intuitive windows explorer style. Yet this gallery is very powerfull, fast and has the most of nowdays must have features like responsiveness, touch enabled and even zoom feature, it's unique effect.

Check the gallery demo at:

View Live Demos

Tiles - Columns

A tiles columns type gallery for best images organization and fast load. The tiles can be lined close to each other or separate.

Tiles - Justfied

The justified type is the best for elegant images organizing, without any gaps and spaces from all the sides.

Tiles Grid

his type is the best if you want the tiles to be same sized. In addition it can scroll through panes with bottom navigation.

Default Theme

The default theme is the most popular theme. It has the text and the control buttons in one line above the thumbs strip.

Compact Theme

The compact theme is a minimal theme allowing you to place the thumbnail panel anywhere you like.

Grid Theme

This theme allows you to set up any amount of thumbnails in as many columns you like from all the sides.

Video Gallery

The video gallery is a special theme for best video displaying, with 3 special navigation solutions on the right.


The slider theme is a simple gallery with navigation bullets on the bottom to navigate between the slides.


Carousel displaying solution that allows you to show image thumbnails and open in light-box.

Author Valiano
Contributors valiano
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  1. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 1

    Tiles - Columns gallery type

  2. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 2

    Tiles - Justified gallery type

  3. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 3

    Tiles Grid gallery type

  4. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 4

    Carousel gallery type

  5. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 5

    Default Theme gallery type

  6. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 6

    Compact Theme gallery type

  7. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 7

    Grid Theme gallery type

  8. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 8

    Slider Theme gallery type

  9. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 9

    Video Gallery gallery type

  10. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 10

    Gallery Settings Page

  11. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 11

    Galleries Page

  12. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 12

    Items Page

  13. unite-gallery-lite screenshot 13

    Media Dialog

  1. Download the plugin then upload 'unitegallery' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory --OR-- Download and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go the galleries page and create your first gallery.


  • feature: added load more functionality for tiles - columns theme

  • bug fix: fixed tiles type resize after 10 seconds

  • bug fix: fixed add category bug
  • bug fix: fixed some php7 compatability
  • bug fix: fixed issue for small screen galleries


  • feature: added admin items sorting options

  • bug fix: fixed some ratio related js issue

  • bug fix: fixed easing functions jquery 3.0 compatability
  • bug fix: fixed some js error in case of iframes in the page
  • bug fix: fixed the thumb image as big image bug


  • bug fix: fixed the thumb image as big image bug
  • bug fix: fixed some errors related to jquery 3.0
  • bug fix: the lightbox was switched to wide even on normal screens
  • bug fix: fixed php7 compatability

  • protection: made some protection against video visibility:hidden

  • protection: added some protection against js scripts that add additional items inside the gallery

  • change: add a check if the gallery resized once in 2 seconds


  • feature: added general settings
  • feature: moved permission chooser to general settings
  • feature: added gallery output type in general settings

  • bug fix: fixed no thumb image bug

  • bug fix: fixed left arrow inside arrows not in place bug
  • bug fix: on keyboard event only first gallery affected


  • bug fix: fixed slash in paths issues
  • bug fix: add slashes before admin image output
  • feature: updated tiles grid type, added options for better responsiveness
  • protection: added protection for margin and padding in the slider
  • feature: added mobile resolution chooser for big and lightbox image
  • bug fix: fixed limitation for tiles based galleries with category tags
  • bug fix: added default value for imageid when adding items
  • bug fix: fixed lightbox compact bottom text issue
  • protection: added protection to html5 video player for css size change
  • feature: added option - allow lightbox slide swipe
  • bug fix: escaped "'" character in image url's
  • feature: added theme_next_video_onend function in video gallery theme
  • bug fix: fixed the api events issue on tab change
  • bug fix: fixed bug related to video sizes in lightbox
  • bug fix: fixed bug when right button was disabled on non fixed thumbs


  • bug fix: fixed one row only bug in tiles grid


  • bug fix: fixed youtube player destroy function, was a bug there


  • feature: updated option: Always Show Video Play Icon, added "mobile only" to it
  • change: make only mp4 field a must in video dialog


  • bug fix: fixed jquery 1.8 issue with fading.
  • bug fix: fixed icon always on issue
  • bug fix: fixed image border issue.
  • bug fix: fixed tiles grid small issue with rtl
  • bug fix: added validation in admin for inside plugin check
  • change: changed html5 video example links
  • bug fix: fixed video dialog styles
  • bug fix: fixed html5 video preview in items
  • bug fix: fixed edit title if not selected


feature: added option to close the lightbox on empty space click yes/no bug fix: many small bug fixes


  • change: changed items output for better google indexing
  • feature: added export/import cat items functionality (on category right click)
  • bug fix: fixed direction arrows slide direction
  • bug fix: fixed titles with html tags
  • feature: added text panel description to lightbox wide
  • feature: added tile text panel description
  • protection: added protection against width:100% css

version 1.7.5

  • feature: added tile text panel top/bottom/middle positions (text outside image)
  • bug fix: fixed left / right buttons on input objects
  • bug fix: fixed ie11 fullscreen mode

version 1.7.3

  • feature: added category select box

version 1.7.1

  • feature: added "open lightbox at start" option for tiles theme

version 1.7

  • feature: Added Tiles - Nested gallery type


-addition: added protection against undefined big images url's for the slider. * change: changed mediaelement to new version * bug fix: added z-index:0 to the gallery to avoid menu over the gallery * bug fix: fixed html5 video add


bug fix: make the gallery work for multisite systems

1.6.6 b1

  • bug fix: moved scripts include to the footer - make themes without init jquery work.
  • bug fix: fixed min jquery version checking.


  • feature: added tile text panel additional css field
  • feature: added minimal version jquery validation -addition: added unitegallery_force shortcode to force gallery add on page
  • change: changed additional css to text panel to css from json


  • feature: keep order option in tiles columns
  • change: improved show/hide controls display
  • bug fix: fixed position on the page


  • feature: changed tiles view - make variable number of columns
  • feature: added dynamic size thumbs.
  • change: improvement transition movement of tiles and justified types

1.5.8 b2

  • bug fix: fixed shortcode include on some special widgets and editors

  • change: take new image title from attachment title if available

  • change: removed link open in option from item edit window because it was not needed.

1.5.8 b1

  • bug fix: fixed issue that gallery shortcode was working only on posts/pages content.


  • bug fix: the video player stayed on compact mode on slide change
  • change: added more "protection" agains another type of theme content filters.
  • change: make the gallery "updatable" from codecanyon main file


  • change: set lightbox transition "fade" as default transition
  • bug fix: fixed position: left,right for tiles columns view.
  • feature: added option: "Always Show Video Play Icon" in tile design section
  • added export / import all content function for theme in php operations class.


  • feature: added export/import function.
  • change: when updating to full version now the folder changed to unitegallery
  • bug fix: fixed justified view in safary for windows browser


-important Change: fixed important secirity issues. Please update to this version. * feature: added category tabs functionality.


initial release

For more detailed log please visit here:

Full Release Log

There is no FAQ yet.

Version 1.7.43

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 26 Jan 2017

Date Added: 15 Apr 2015

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