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Slider Ultimate

Add a responsive slider to any page via shortcode. Multiple slide effects. Product catalog and WooCommerce integration.

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Ultimate Slider is an easy-to-use slider plugin that lets you add a clean, modern, responsive slider to any page on your WordPress site using a simple slider shortcode. It includes multiple different slide transition effects to make your slider unique. There are also various other slider customization options, including slider autoplay and the ability to set the slider delay and slide interval times. There is even a custom CSS input that lets you further modify the slider styling, so you can get it looking and working exactly as you need.


Simply insert the shortcode above into any page to display your slider.

The Ultimate Slider plugin fully integrates with both the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin and WooCommerce. This means that you can choose to have a slide's content and image pulled directly from a specific product from either the Ultimate Product Catalog or WooCommerce. Alternatively, you can choose to just type in the slide content and set either the featured image or the first image in your post as the slide image.

Each slide has a customizable title and text area. You can also add custom links to each slide in the form of buttons, offering your visitors an easy and upfront way of accessing the most important pages on your site.

Key Features

  • Responsive full-width slider layout that adapts perfectly to any page setup and size
  • Simple slider shortcode for adding the slider to any page
  • Create an unlimited number of slides for display in your slider
  • Create different slideshows using categories
  • Ultimate Product Catalog slider integration
  • WooCommerce slider integration
  • Drag and drop slides to re-arrange slider order
  • Custom post type for easy integration with other WordPress functionality
  • Customizable slider options, including autoplay, and slide interval and slide delay time
  • Custom CSS input to modify slider styling
  • Add YouTube videos to your slider
  • Carousel mode
  • Timer bar so visitors know when the slide will change
  • Choice of dots or thumbnails for slide navigation
  • Shortcode builder
  • Choose from ~20 arrows, set any color, size or background you'd like without any coding

Premium Features

  • Lightbox option to create scrolling galleries with the carousel feature
  • Multiple slide transition effects
  • Title animations for your slides
  • Option to add watermarks to your slides to protect your images
  • Styling options, including the font family, size and color of your slide’s title, text and buttons
  • Adjust the size, color and background of your arrow controls.


  • [ultimate-slider]: displays all slides that you've created, can accept the attributes 'category' (set to a category's slug), to display only slides from a certain category, and 'slider_type' to display WooCommerce products without having to create new individual slides for them

For more information, please visit our WordPress slider plugin page.

Author Etoile Web Design
Contributors Rustaurius, EtoileWebDesign
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  1. ultimate-slider screenshot 1

    Front-end view of full-width slider

  2. ultimate-slider screenshot 2

    Slider with thumbnail previews

  3. ultimate-slider screenshot 3

    Slider with styled arrows

  4. ultimate-slider screenshot 4

    The lightbox slideshow mode

  5. ultimate-slider screenshot 5

    The 'Controls' options page, where you can set the arrows, colors and backgrounds

  6. ultimate-slider screenshot 6

    The slider options page

  7. ultimate-slider screenshot 7

    Individual slide options, showing choice of UPCP or WooCommerce integration

  8. ultimate-slider screenshot 8

    The admin table with list of slides

  1. Upload the 'ultimate-slider' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


  1. Go to the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress and click 'Add New'
  2. Search for 'Ultimate Slider' and select 'Install Now'
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

Getting Started

  1. To create slides:

    • Click on 'Ultimate Slider' in the WordPress admin sidebar menu
    • Click on 'Add New'
    • Enter the slide title in the title area and any desired slide content text in the main post content area
    • Use the 'Featured Image' area on the right to set the slide image
    • Use the 'Slide Options' area to configure where the slide content is pulled from, add buttons to the slide and choose whether to display the featured image or a YouTube video
    • Select and/or create slider categories and slider tags in the right-side menu
    • Click the 'Publish' button
  2. To display the slider on your site:

    • Place the [ultimate-slider] shortcode in the content area of any page you've created and it will display your slider
    • Use the 'category' attribute to display only slides from a specific category. This can be used as a way of making two different sliders.
  3. WooCommerce and Ultimate Product Catalog integration:

    • Using the 'Content' tab in the 'Slide Options' area, when creating/editing a slide, you can choose to have your slide pull content from a specific WooCommerce or UPCP product
    • You can use the 'slider_type' attribute in the shortcode to display WooCommerce or UPCP products without having to create new individual slides for them (i.e. [ultimate-slider slider_type="woocommerce"] and [ultimate-slider slider_type="upcp"])
  4. Customize your slider experience by making use of the many available settings and options, including autoplay, aspect ratio, carousel mode, timer bar, arrow style, slide transition effect (premium), watermark on your images (premium) and more.

For a list of specific features, see the Ultimate Slider description page here:

For help and support, please see:


  • Minor Slider screen update


  • Fixed an error where using the trial in this plugin reset the trials for a number of our other plugins


  • Introducing a free new premium 7-day trial feature, which users can choose to test out before buying the premium version


  • Minor fix to return the admin bar


  • Switched to a customizable lightbox - you can now control the fonts, icons, thumbnail placement, controls, etc. simple by installing the plugin "Ultimate Lightbox"


  • Added in a link to the slides page to make it easier for new users to get started


  • Added extra information onto the slides overview page, including a thumbnail, to make it easier to know slide information at a glance
  • Added the shortcode to include a particular slide category on the categories page


  • Added in premium options to control what gets shown on mobile, the mobile aspect ratio and the ability to have an entire slide link to the slide post
  • Fixed a conflict with our new lightbox plugin


  • CSS update to nest a class


  • Minor CSS update for certain older themes


  • Premium version release
  • Cleaned up a bunch of minor errors that had been reported
  • CSS update to make the lightbox feature more user friendly


  • New Thumbnail slide navigation option
  • Lightbox option
  • Option to add watermarks to your slides
  • Title animation options
  • Timer bar option
  • Option to have button clicks open new tabs
  • Ability to add YouTube videos as slides


  • Minor CSS update


  • Fixed an error with the "No Arrow" option


  • Fixed a CSS file version error


  • Added in a bunch of options for the arrows, backgrounds and other sidebar controls


  • Added in two files that were missing from the recent update


  • Added in a tonne of new features and options, including a carousel mode, a slider_type attribute that let's you use WooCommerce products as slides without creating them separately, and a shortcode helper to make the plugin easier to use


  • Added in slider categories and tags
  • Fixed an error where WooCommerce products weren't shown as slide options on the first page load


  • Added in arrow images for the slider
  • Fixed a problem where the buttons tab was inaccessible
  • Changed the margins so that the text centers itself better as the screen shrinks
  • Transition time should now work correctly


  • Initial beta version. Please make comments/suggestions in the "Support" forum.

How do I add my slider to my site?

Add the [ultimate-slider] shortcode to any page on your site.

How do I create a new slide?

Click on "Ultimate Slider > Add New" in your WordPress admin menu.

How do I change the slide transition effect?

There is an option called "Slide Transition Effect" in the "Basic" area of the slider settings that allows you choose different slider transition effects.

Can I stop the slider from autoplaying when the page loads?

There is an option called "Autoplay Slideshow" in the "Basic" area of the slider settings that allows you to enable or disable autoplay.

How do I change how long each slide stays on the screen during autoplay?

In the "Basic" area of the slider settings, use the "Autoplay Delay" option to set how long the first slide stays on the screen when the page loads and the "Autoplay Interval" option to set how long every other slide thereafter stays on the screen.

Can I change the look and feel of the slider?

You can use the "Custom CSS" input in the "Basic" area of the settings to modify the styling of specific CSS classes and IDs used by the slider.

How do I integrate the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin?

When creating a new slide, or editing an existing one, select the "Content" tab in the "Slide Options" area (just under the main editor). Then select the radio button that says "Use UPCP product content." Then select the product that you want to display from the drop down box.

How do I integrate WooCommerce?

When creating a new slide, or editing an existing one, select the "Content" tab in the "Slide Options" area (just under the main editor). Then select the radio button that says "Use WooCommerce product content." Then select the product that you want to display from the drop down box.

How do I set the background image for a slide?

By default, the background image for a slide will be whatever you set as the Featured Image for the post. But, if you make use of Ultimate Product Catalog or WooCommerce integration, then it will be the main product image from your chosen product instead.

How do I change the order of the slides in my slider?

Click on "Ultimate Slider" in your WordPress admin menu to access the table/list of all the slides you've created. You can drag and drop the elements in this table to re-order the slides in your slider.

Can I restrict the number of characters in the title and text for a slide?

Yes. When creating or editing a slide, there are two options in the "Content" tab - called "Max Title Characters" and "Max Body Characters" - that allow you to do this.

Version 1.0.10

Requires WordPress version: 3.5.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 Apr 2016

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