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Ultimate Pinterest Display Shortcode

Ultimate Pinterest Display Shortcode is a Pinterest Display shortcode plugin for wordpress. Using this one plugin you will able to show multiple pinte

Ultimate Pinterest Display Shortcode is a Pinterest Display shortcode for wordpress. Using this one plugin you will able to show multiple pinterest display options on your website like - Pin It Button, Pin Display, Profile Display and Board Display.


  • Can display pin it button, pin, profile as well board profile using this one plugin of wordpress
  • It should work with all wordpress version upto 3.0.1 - Still if you found any errors just inform us and we will work on that issue asap
  • Stable Version Release

If you have any questions you can reach me directly via email -

Author Kristijan Lopac
Tags pinterest board shortcode, pinterest display, pinterest pin display, pinterest pin it button, pinterest pin shortcode, pinterest profile shortcode, ultimate pinterest display shortcode, wordpress shortcode for pinterest
  1. ultimate-pinterest-display-shortcode screenshot 1

    Screenshot of Pin It Button, Pin Display, Profile Display, Board Display

Now Let's get the plugin working on your wordpress website.

  1. Upload 'ultimate-pinterest-display-shortcode' to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory - make sure you've unzipped it after upload done.
  2. Or simply install the '' file using your wordpress backend. Go to Plugins and Add New and upload & install.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

This is a Wordpress Shortcode Plugin.

Shortcode Configuration Fields:

Shortcode ->

Shortcode: [cd_pinterest]

Shortcode Options:

  • Select Which Widget to display "By default it is configured to display Board Widget" ->For Pin IT Button [cd_pinterest select_one="pinit"] ->For Pinterest Widget [cd_pinterest select_one="pinwidget"] ->For Pinterest Profile Widget [cd_pinterest select_one="profilewidget"]

  • Pinterest URL/ Details: This field for pinterest Configuration

Put your prefer Pinterest URL.

->For Pin IT Button [cd_pinterest piniturl="CAN_PUT_ANY_EXTERNAL_URL"] example/default value:

->For Single Pin DIsplay [cd_pinterest pintitle="YOUR_TITLE" pinwidgeturl="YOUR_SINGLE_PIN_URL"] example/default value: Title: Kent Brewster\'s pin on Pinterest PIN URL:

->For Pinterest Profile Widget [cd_pinterest profileurl=""]

-> For Pinterest Board Widget [cd_pinterest boardurl=""]

More Settings: -> For PIN IT Button: pinit_size = 28 - Integer Number pinit_shape = "round" if you want it round. By Default it's Rectangular.

-> For Single Pin Display None available

-> For Pinterest Profile Widget pwwidth = 92 - Integer Number (Image Width) pwheight = 175 - Integer Number (Height) pwbwidth = 300 - Integer Number (Width)

-> For Pinterest Board Widget bwwidth = 92 - Integer Number (Image Width) bwheight = 175 - Integer Number (Height) bwbwidth = 300 - Integer Number (Width) addpin = by default true - "false"


Basic Configuration:

  • Title: Give your shortcode a title. If don't want to show a title you can keep that field blank.
  • Ultimate Pinterest Display: As told already that using this shortcode you will able to show Pin it button, Pin shortcode, Profile shortcode, Board shortcode. So select the one you of your choice.
  • On below their you will find pinterest configurations. You have to just fill the info of the shortcode you would like to show. That means if you have choose pin it button then you just have to fill pin it button information only. No need to worry about others as they won't display on your website.

Pin It Button Configuration:

  • Pin It URL: The URL you would like to pin after the button click action.
  • Pin It Button Size: Two option available - Small or Large.
  • Pin It Button Shape: Two option available - Rectangular or Circle.

Pin Display Configuration:

  • Pin Title: Title of your Pin
  • Pin display URL : URL of your Pinterest Pin.

Profile Display Configuration:

  • Pinterest Profile URL : Your Pinterest Profile URL. Example -
  • Image Width : Image Width of your shortcode in pixel.
  • Profile Height : Profile Height of your shortcode in pixel.
  • Profile Width : Profile Width of your shortcode in pixel.

Board Display Configuration:

  • Pinterest Board URL : Your Pinterest Board URL. Example -
  • Image Width : Image Width of your shortcode in pixel.
  • Board Height : Board Height of your shortcode in pixel.
  • Board Width : Board Width of your shortcode in pixel.


  • Latest Stable Version Release

Is this free?

Yap absolutely free and always will be.

What about if Pinterest make any changes on their widgets officially?

We are active ;) so hopefully will get that updated asap for you.

Version 0.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 11 Feb 2017

Date Added: 10 Feb 2016

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