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Lightbox Ultimate

Add a responsive lightbox to images on your site

Plugin is still in beta, so please report any bugs you might find in the support forum!

Ultimate Lightbox lets you add a lightbox to any or every image on your site simply by clicking on a checkbox on the plugin's options page.

For those unfamiliar with lightbox functionality, it is when you click on an image and, instead of opening in a new window, that image opens up in a box that appears as an overlay above your page content. You remain on the page you were on and, once you close the lightbox, you're instantly brought back to the page. No extra navigating or time lost.

With our Ultimate Lightbox plugin, you can even cycle through multiple images in an open lightbox, which creates a smooth and quick browsing experience for those visiting your site.

You have full control over which images you want to add lightbox functionality to. You can choose to add this lightbox to all images on your site or just to images in WordPress galleries. You can even add a lightbox just to images with a specific CSS class, ID or selector.

With all the features you'd expect from a good lightbox plugin, with the added ability to choose from a wide variety of arrows and icon sets for the navigation controls, as well as a full complement of styling options, Ultimate Lightbox is the only WordPress lightbox plugin you will need.

Key Features

  • Add lightbox functionality to all images, WordPress galleries, YouTube videos and more!
  • Add lightbox functionality to images with a specific CSS class, ID or selector
  • Optional thumbnail strip underneath the main image in the lightbox
  • Full set of lightbox controls, including autoplay, zoom, maximize, close, download and more
  • Assign specific controls to specific corners of the lightbox screen
  • Choose from an array of different lightbox arrow graphics
  • Choose from a variety of icon sets for your lightbox controls
  • Advanced styling options that allow you to modify the color, size and font size for virtually every element within the lightbox
  • And more!
Author Etoile Web Design
Contributors Rustaurius, EtoileWebDesign
Tags Jquery lightbox, lightbox, wordpress lightbox
  1. Upload the 'ultimate-lightbox' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


  1. Go to the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress and click 'Add New'
  2. Search for 'Ultimate Lightbox' and select 'Install Now'
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

Getting Started

  1. Click "Lightbox" in your WordPress admin menu to bring up the Ultimate Lightbox options. In the "Basic" area, use the "Add Lightbox Options" section to choose which images you would like to apply the lightbox functionality to.

  2. Use the "Controls" area in the options to set which controls you would like to appear in your lightbox, and where on the lightbox screen you would like them to display.

  3. Use the "Icons" area in the options to choose which arrow graphic you'd like to use as well as which icon set you'd like to use for your controls

  4. Customize your lightbox experience by making use of the available settings and options, including adding a thumbnail strip to the lightbox, lightbox autoplay, gallery loop, and more.

  5. Style your lightbox to fit the look and feel of your site by making use of the multitude of available color, size and font size settings in the "Styling" area of the lightbox options.

For a list of specific features, see the Ultimate Lightbox description page here:

For help and support, please see:


  • Added in a class that lets you add an image to a lightbox, without making it clickable


  • Enabled keyboard functionality (right/left arrows and escape key)


  • Minor fix so that the admin bar displays


  • Added a "YouTube Video" option, so that YouTube videos embedded on your site can be opened in a lightbox
  • Added in a "Transition Type" option, with many more transitions to come!


  • Updated the "All Images", "Images with the Class" and "Images with the Following CSS Selectors" options so that they now function as intended
  • Various CSS and styling changes so that all of the elements fit better together
  • Updated CSS styling for thumbnail preview functionality
  • Added in option to start autoplay on lightbox open
  • Added in option to set minimum image height and width to activate lightbox


  • Fixed an error some users were getting when they tried to activate the plugin if they were using older verions of PHP


  • Fixed an error where the icon set and arrow selections weren't being used on the front-end


  • Added in a tonne of new customization options!


  • Initial beta version. Please make comments/suggestions in the "Support" forum.

How do I add a lightbox to the images on my site?

Select any of the options from the "Add Lightbox Options" area of the options page to pick which images should have a lightbox associated with them.

How do I get the thumbnail preview strip to show in the lightbox?

Go to the "Basic" area of the lightbox options and set "Show Thumbnail Images" to either "Bottom" or "Top"

Can I customize the location of the lightbox controls?

Yes you can. In the "Controls" area of the lightbox options, you can add and remove controls to the four corners of the screen

How do I enable the slideshow feature?

First go to the "Controls" area of the lightbox options and put the autoplay control into one of the areas. Then, in the "Basic" area of the lightbox options, you can choose the autoplay interval and whether or not you want autoplay to start automatically when the lightbox is opened.

Is it possible to hide certain elements in mobile view?

You can choose to hide the image title and/or description and/or the lightbox thumbnail preview strip using the "Hide Elements from Mobile View" setting in the "Basic" area of the lightbox options.

How do I change the look of the arrows and/or the control icons?

Just go to the "Icons" area of the lightbox options to choose your arrow graphic and your icon set for the controls.

How do I change the color and size of the different elements in the lightbox?

In the "Styling" area of the lightbox options, you can modify the color, size and font size for virtually every element that makes up the lightbox.

Version 0.9

Requires WordPress version: 3.5.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 17 Jan 2017

Date Added: 22 Aug 2016

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