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Web To Print Shop : uDraw

W2P Shop: uDraw by Racad Tech, empowers your website by combining web to print technology with a powerful graphic designer.

The Web to Print Shop: uDraw plugin is browser based graphic designer. This HTML5 Designer comes built with a comprehensive online designer tools, which allows customers to create any template based products that can be later customized by end users. It integrates tightly with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell any print or promotional item. Templates can be left open or locked down with all layers of text and imagery exposed for reference and modification. The W2P Shop: uDRAW plug-in is developed by Racad Tech, Inc.

A quick getting started video can be found here:

  • Upload PDF files. You can use a PDF document of your template, upload it onto the uDraw designer, and edit it. (Full Version Only)

  • Convert your SVG image file into an editable image. You can edit the colours of the SVG image, which is printer-friendly and supports CMYK format.

  • Upload images from Facebook onto uDraw. Take images straight from your Facebook account, and implement them onto your design.

  • Apply image filters and masks. Use filters such as grayscale, sepia, tint, pixelate, gradient transparency, and more to the images on your design. Create a mask over your images to exclude any areas you do not want to be displayed.

  • Once the customer has finished ordering their product, you can download a layered PDF file, which can be re-edited or printed out.

  • Integrates with other W2P Solutions ( and W2P Shop ( products by Racad Tech ( such as GoPrint2 ( and GOePOWER ( now W2P Tech ( Upload PDF templates from GOePOWER onto uDRAW and edit them online without leaving your browser!

  • Check out a custom built website using uDRAW by visiting

Author Racad Tech, Inc.
Contributors W2PShop
Tags designer, graphic design, uDraw, W2P Shop, web-to-print, woocommerce
  1. udraw screenshot 1

    uDraw template management section.

  2. udraw screenshot 2

    uDraw designer while editing a business card template.

  3. udraw screenshot 3

    uDraw designer while editing a phone case.

  4. udraw screenshot 4

    T-Shirt template while accessing custom clipart storage.

Requires Plugin: WooCommerce

  1. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Start creating your first template by clicking 'W2P:uDraw->Add Template'.

Getting Started Video


  • Fixed bugs related to PDF template products.


  • Added new Price Matrix feature to set price based on a percentage of other fields.
  • Fixed bug when editing existing cart item that has Price Matrix attached to it.
  • Fixed bug when initially setting site as "multi-site".
  • Fixed bug in Price Matrix when auto-resizing designs based on the selected options.
  • Fixed bug that would show double title on product page in certain conditions.
  • Improved the Fullscreen UI Skin.
  • Improved the file upload process when displaying options first.
  • Improved Multi PDF Template product page.
  • Improved UI on Price Matrix products that are set to display product first.
  • Improvements to uDraw Designer.
  • Other small enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Added new multi-site feature. This will allow shared data (designs, clipart, etc.) between sites in Wordpress multi-side mode.
  • Added new hooks for Price Matrix pages.
  • Improvements to uDraw Designer.


  • Huge improvements for Price Matrix speed
  • Improvements & Bug fixes for Price Matrix UI ( Admin Section )
  • Updated uDraw Designer ( many improvements and fixes included )
  • Added new warning messages if permissions on server is not set properly.
  • Added new multiple file upload based on the template selected for the product.
  • Added new GoPrint2 options which will restrict the file upload types and check for uploaded DPI. Note the DPI check is used in conjunction with Price Matrix ( Area Mode )
  • Added new GoPrint2 ability which will allow post order routing. ( Per Product )
  • Added new option to disable the file size check if product is using upload and Price Matrix ( Area Mode )
  • Updated GoEpower Order Submission API.
  • Fixed bug when switching templates based on Price Matrix options.
  • Fixed PDF Ratio bug when rebuilding PDF.
  • Fixed IE11 issue when displaying certain options for Price Matrix.
  • Fixed IE issue with Price Matrix options that contains dashes.
  • Other small enhancements and bug fixes.


  • New interface for creating Price Matrix
  • Reverted Fullscreen Designer UI
  • Many bug fixes


  • Fixed bug with multiple layout designs not including bleed while generating PDF.
  • Fixed bug with Price Matrix UI.
  • Fixed bug with Price Matrix not registering width and height from cascaded options.
  • Other small enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Minor Bug fixes.


  • Added edit link beside each uDraw product in the cart.
  • While downloading PDF of uDraw design, now giving it a friendly name instead of generic name.
  • Improved customer preview on order admin area. Now able to view multiple pages instead of just the first.
  • Improved integration with XMPie products.
  • Improvements & Bug Fixes for uDraw designer.
  • Fixed issue when linking products that have quotes in the name.
  • Fixed add to cart function for uDraw Simple products.
  • Fixed bug when Design button on Price Matrix products should not appear.
  • Fixed bug in Firefox when displaying XMPie products.
  • Fixed bug with quantity display for Price Matrix products in the cart.


  • Added new setting under Proofing to exclude the bleed for customer preview.
  • Added Instagram support to Designer.
  • Added ability to show/hide controls based on options selected in Price Matrix.
  • Added structure file as a per-product option.
  • Added ability to dynamically check width and height of uploaded images/pdf based on Price Matrix selection.
  • Added ability to check DPI of uploaded images/pdf in products that use Price Matrix.
  • Added admin menu bar option to edit Price Matrix on product page.
  • Added ability to create multiple pages with different sizes in uDraw.
  • Lots of improvements to uDraw designer.
  • Improved Mobile UI skin.
  • Improved position of Designer in WooCommerce frontend.
  • Improved PDF Template API with GoEpower.
  • Improved XMPie Template UI
  • Renamed "Settings->Facebook" to "Settings->Social Media".
  • Fixed bug with file upload, if user re-uploads a file.
  • Fixed bug when displaying Design Now and Upload in certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug with Allow Artwork Upload not showing up when initially linking products.
  • Fixed bug with Download PDF button with both PDF and XMPie Templates.
  • Fixed bug when saving uDraw template with punctuation characters.
  • Fixed bug when reordering items that have Price Matrix, which caused the items to be 0.00.


  • New feature to allow Artwork(PDF & Image) to be downloaded by the customer after purchase.
  • Added new option to enable/disable image replacements when updating uDraw templates.
  • Improvements for 'Display Options First' products.
  • Improvements to uDraw Designer.
  • Fixed 'Upload Artwork' display on Simple Products.
  • Fixed bug when creating PDF for PDF Template orders.
  • Fixed bug with Variable Products.
  • Fixed bugs with XMPIE Products.


  • New Designer UI added 'Mobile UI'. Also set as default UI if not previously set.
  • New feature to now label objects on the designer. This will allow for variable data products and excel uploads of lists.
  • New feature added which allows you to add any language for the designer UI. This also supports languages which require Right-to-Left.
  • New feature to allow zoom on PDF Template products.
  • New designer object added. 'TextBox'.
  • MANY MANY updates/bug fixes to Designer Core, UI and Settings.
  • Improved the Price Matrix Editor.
  • Now sending SKU of items to GoEpower when order is placed.
  • Improved PDF Template support for extra commands.
  • Fixed bug on editor on settings page.
  • Fixed bug which in some cases would not allow you to add multiple items to cart.
  • Fixed bug when sending price of product to GoEpower. Now properly including price after discount.
  • Fixed some warning and errors being produced by the code.


  • Added PHPExcel as asset. Will be used for variable uDraw upload products.
  • Added new Custom JS / CSS hooks for general uDraw products.
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop images from image panel.
  • Fixed bug when using multiple templates for PDF Templates.
  • Fixed bug when submitting multiple items to GoEpower.
  • Fixed bug for private products that have no templates assigned to it.
  • Fixed bug when uploading SVG documents with foreignObjects
  • Improved the GoEpower settings tab under uDraw->Settings
  • Improvements done on PDF Templates products.
  • Updates to uDraw Designer


  • Fixed Issue when Submitting Variable Data to GoEpower.
  • Updates to PDF->uDraw Conversion Functions
  • Added new feature to Price Matrix to Calculate Price Per Page.
  • Added extra support for WooCommerce 2.5 Branch
  • Fixed Minor Bugs in WooCommerce Admin Panel
  • Updates to uDraw Designer


  • Fixed bug in certain conditions when generating PDF documents.
  • Optimized uDraw image preview when added to cart and new order placed.
  • Added ability to toggle the label on text inputs for PDF Templates.
  • Added new filters and actions to better extend uDraw.
  • Updates to uDraw Designer.


  • Fixed price matrix bug when linked with PDF templates.
  • Updated uDraw Designer 3.3.51
  • New feature to convert PDF uploads to uDraw designs.
  • New feature to set ratio when creating uDraw templates. This allows you to create large PDF documents while keeping your design smaller.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to code.


  • Fixed minor bugs related to Price Matrix and Designer.


  • Fixed small bug when saving PDF templates for later use.
  • Optimized load speeds for uDraw, Multi-Templates and Price Matrix products.
  • Updated uDraw Designer 3.3.50
  • Cleaned up code to handle notices/warnings
  • Increased thumbnail size for order emails


  • Fixed minor bug related to Design Now button.
  • Added search text box to Price Matrix list.


  • New feature for Price Matrix to calculate based on width x height. It allows for dynamic sizes of templates and image uploads based on the selected size.
  • Many new improvements to the designer including support for inches, cm and mm measurements.
  • New languages added to the Designer UI
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements to code.
  • Improved clipart functionality.


  • Fixed bug when downloading PDF with new format.
  • New support for GoEpower UK Servers.
  • Fixed bug when linking PDF Templates as a new product.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.


  • Optimized uDraw Designer saving routine to work with much larger templates like photo books.
  • Greatly improved performance when loading up large / multi-page templates.
  • Improved UX for Multi-Template product selection.
  • Fixed minor issues related to PDF templates.
  • Fixed minor issues related to uDraw Designer UI.
  • Fixed bug with Upload Artwork functionality. Files uploaded are now properly showing in order details page.


  • Fixed some minor issues with Designer UI


  • Fixed small bug with Pricing Matrix


  • Added new Designer UI ( Modern ) with 3 initial skins
  • Added new sanity check to be sure PHP 5.4 is installed before the use of the plugin.
  • Many bug fixes and optimization


  • Added new PDF Template features to record order information.
  • Added ability to define Upload Artwork function on simple products.
  • Fixed bug which would cause the system not to generate PDF in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug when loading images with none Latin characters as the filename.
  • Updates to the Designer UI and Core


  • New PDF Template feature which allows image select and upload combo.
  • Improved image quality of proof.
  • Fixed bug where Design Now wouldn't show on product with Price Matrix.
  • Now using a local PDF engine by default.
  • Designer handles high resolution images much better now.
  • Many small bug fixes.


  • Updated various elements on Designer UI.
  • Added new custom command to PDF Templates.
  • Price Matrix in admin area is properly displaying prices.
  • Installs on virtual directory now properly works.
  • Private Templates are properly displaying on page.
  • Many small bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug with Design Handler on systems that don't support 'allow_url_fopen'.
  • Added place holder text on PDF Templates and increased image preview size.
  • Added ability to attach multiple uDraw templates to one product. This will show a template selection before designer opens up on the frontend.
  • Updated Select2 JS to 4.0
  • Minor Bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug with XMPie on 'nix Systems.


  • Initial Release to Wordpress

What kind of products can I customize with uDraw? A large variety of products can be edited with uDraw. Whether it may be business oriented (business cards, invitations, flyers, brochures, etc) or for personal items (phone cases, laptop skins, bags, mouse pads, photo frames, CD covers, etc).

Can I add my own products onto uDraw? Yes, uDraw has the tools for you to create templates online.

I've followed all the steps, but when I activate the plugin, why doesn't it show up? You'll need to install WooCommerce as it is essential to use uDraw.

Can uDraw be implemented with other web site content management systems (CMS)? Possibly. This is one of our goals. Check our website for all the latest updates by visiting , , or .

Are there tutorials I can have access to? Yes, Here you can learn uDraw's functions as well as how to create certain templates: [uDrawTutorials]

Do you have any documentation I can refer to? You can access our documentation here: uDrawDoc

**Can I customize the UI of the uDRAW Designer? Yes. Please contact someone at the Racad Tech in order to learn how that can be done. You can contact someone by visiting the Racad Tech website at and filling in the contact form. Let them know what you hope to achieve and someone will get back to you with assistance.

**What do I do if I need assistance or if I require customizations? You are encouraged to contact the tech team responsible for uDRAW. Visit the Web to Print Shop website at, fill in the contact form with your request and someone will contact you.

**Do you have more tools and technologies that could be used for "web to print"? Yes. uDRAW is a modular component of the Web to Print Shop ( which was formerly known only as GOePOWER ( The ePOWER system is still in heavy use. You are encouraged to contact a web to print specialist at Racad Tech ( to learn how your requirements can be addressed.

Version 2.6.4

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 27 Jan 2017

Date Added: 11 Nov 2015

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