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Storefront Header Picker

Lets you select a header layout to your site by adding a Header Layout tab to the customizer for the Storefront theme.

Lets you pick a header layout for Storefront theme.

This plugin is built to work only for the Storefront theme.

How to use:

  1. Navigate to Customize page under Appearance
  2. Find the header section
  3. Choose either default, compact, or centered layout
  4. Choose either to hide/unhide the product search box in the header.
  5. Choose either to hide/unhide mini cart in the header.

Note: The compact layout can only hold either one of the search box or the mini cart.

Author Wooassist
Contributors wooassist
Tags custom, customizer, header, layout, storefront
  1. storefront-header-picker screenshot 1

    Here's a screenshot the header layout section.

  2. storefront-header-picker screenshot 2

    Here's a screenshot when centered layout is selected.

  3. storefront-header-picker screenshot 3

    Here's a screenshot when compact layout is selected.

Install via the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins, and select add new to go to the "Add Plugins" page.
  3. In the right side, enter "Storefront Header Picker" in the search input bar, and hit your enter key.
  4. Click install, and wait for the plugin to download. Once done, activate the plugin.

Install via FTP:

  1. Extract the zip file, login using your ftp client, and upload the storefront-header-picker folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. go to plugins and activate "Storefront Header Picker" plugin.


  • initial release


  • added screenshots

Will this plugin work for themes other than Storefront? Unfortunately, No. This plugin was designed to work for the Storefront theme, utilizing Storefront's action hooks and filters. Activating the plugin while using a different theme will trigger a warning.

I've activated the plugin, where can I access the settings? The settings for this plugin can be found in the Customizer page under Appearance. In that page, find the section named "Header".

I want to use Storefront Designer, Will it have a conflict on the header layout? When you have Storefront Designer enabled, the layout picker of Storefront Header Picker will be disabled. The Storefront Designer's layout picker will have priority to avoid css conflict with two layout picker enabled. The checkboxes to disable/enable the product search bar and the cart menu dropdown will be the only function left to work.

Version 1.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.4.7

Last Updated 25 Nov 2016

Date Added: 24 Oct 2016

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