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Staff List

Staff List is a staff directory to display photos, contact and bio information of your employees, faculty or staff members.

Staff List - staff directory of employees, faculty or staff members.

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  • Responsive layout.
  • Single page option.
  • Easy to add to any page or post - just insert a shortcode.
  • Custom templates. You can add any field in any order.
  • Custom styles to create the uniform look and feel that match your theme.
  • Full list of features.

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Full list of features.

Staff List Pro

Author abcfolio
Contributors abcfolio
Tags directory, employee directory, employees, faculty, faculty directory, medical staff, staff, staff contact information, staff directory, staff list, staff profiles, team members

0.4.1 20170126

  • New: Single Page Text Link. Easier way to create text hyperlinks to a single page.
  • Update: Moved content of template options to simplify edits.
  • Update: Added template options tab: Single Page.

0.3.2 20170117

  • New: Direct links to Documentation sections.
  • New: txt-aurl
  • Update: Changed admin font stack to system fonts (as per WP 4.6).
  • Update: Added 'p' tag to paragraph allowed tags.
  • Update: Hide template sections if layout not yet selected.
  • Fix: Multipart field description.
  • Fix: Pretty permalinks.
  • Fix: Added missing labels.

0.3.1 20161229

  • Fix: Order by Sort Text.

0.3.0 20161228

  • Major update.
  • New: Couple of a new fields.
  • New: HTML text editor.
  • New: Single page option.
  • New: Single page pretty permalinks.
  • Update: Demo records.

0.2.1 20160822

  • Fix: Added missing file v-tabs.php

0.2.0 20160814

  • New: Added field type Paragraph Text.
  • Update: Unlimited number of templates.
  • Update: Field number increased from 5 to 10.

0.1.1 20160519

  • Fix: Plugin reloaded to fix error: No valid plugins were found.

0.1.0 20160518

  • Update: Changed min permissions to Editor role.

0.0.9 20160422

  • New: Added field options: font size and top margin.
  • Update: Modified templates interface for better user experience.

0.0.8 20160329

  • Update: Changed Text Domain to: staff-list.

0.0.7 20160229

  • Update: Removed unused files.

0.0.5 20160229

  • Fix: Typo fixed.

0.0.3 20160229

  • Upload to repository.

0.0.2 20160225

  • Initial version.
Version 0.4.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 29 Feb 2016

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