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Simple Price Calculator(Basic)

Simple Price Calculator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create your own price calculation form. You can use it to provide instant price quote

Simple Price Calculator is a WordPress plugin that can transform any html based form into a price calculation form. You can use it to provide instant price quotes or estimates on products and services for your visitors. A total can be displayed dynamically within your page.

  • Simply create a form, setup a few attributes and the form is ready to go!
  • Ability to add checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Easy to customize
  • Premium version of plugin includes e-mai functionality, form tag generator, ability to add multiple fields together and more!
Author Premiumbizthemes
Contributors premiumbizthemes
Tags order estimate form, order form, price calculator, price calculator form, quote form, simple price calculator

How to install on WordPress

  1. Download the plugin zip file to your computer
  2. Go to the WordPress admin panel menu Plugins > Add New
  3. Choose upload and select the plugin zip file
  4. The plugin will now be installed. Click the 'activate plugin' link to make it active

How do I create a new form?

  1. Once the plugin is activated, click the Simple Price Calculator Forms tab in your WordPress admin panel menu and then the "Add New" link.

  2. A new post will appear with an example form that you can edit.

  3. Once you are done making changes, click publish to save.

How do I add my form to a post or page?

  1. Click on the Simple Calculator Forms Tab.

  2. Under the Shortcode column for your form, you should see a shortcode that you can copy and paste into a WordPress post or page for the form to appear.

What HTML attributes can the form add?

The basic version of this form can only add checkbox or radio buttons. Download the premium version for a wider variety.

How can my form values be calculated?

  1. Create a new checkbox or radio button (If unsure how to do this, just follow sample post and edit).

  2. Add a new value attribute for checkbox or radio button and it will automatically be added to total when clicked.

Ex: or

Note: If you wish to group a bunch of radio buttons together and want them to switch, make sure each radio has the same name attribute.

Premium Version

If you are looking for more features, please download the premium version. It provides the ability to use more html elements in pricing, the ability to e-mail the form along with details of each element that has been selected, a form generator and more!

Visit the link below for more information:


Please use the forums for support.

Version 1.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 27 Oct 2016

Date Added: 15 Sep 2014

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