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Simple Login Page Customizer

Simple Login Page Customizer

This plugin provides a simple, intuitive interface for the customization of the Wordpress User Login Page. The interface allows the user to customize the text colors, background colors and even add background images to the login page by selecting images from the Wordpress Media Library. This plugin is great for those who need to customize their login page for employees, contributors, customers and users.

Author Matt Shirk
Contributors mshirk
Tags custom login, customizer, login page, login-page-customizer, sign in page
  1. simple-login-page-customizer screenshot 1

    Screenshot of the plugin listed on the Plugins admin page.

  2. simple-login-page-customizer screenshot 2

    Screenshot of Login Page Customizer Admin Settings Page

  3. simple-login-page-customizer screenshot 3

    Screenshot showing an example of how a customized login page will appear to a normal user.

  4. simple-login-page-customizer screenshot 4

    Screenshot of the final changes on a live user login page.

Simply activate this plugin from the Plugins page and then navigate to Settings > Login Page Customizer


  • Initial Upload.


  • Fixed conflicts with new version of All-In-One WP Security.

How do I restore the default Wordpress login page styles?

The default Wordpress login page styles can be restored by deactivating then reactivating the plugin.

I have activated the plugin and made changes to my login page, how come I can’t see those changes on my site?

Cache plugins such as “WP Super Cache” will need to be disabled while you are making changes to the login page. After you are finished customizing the login page, you can re-enable your cache plugin.

Is this plugin compatible with plugins such as “All-In-One WP Security” and “Password Protected” which change the URL of the Login Page?

Yes, however the All-In-One WP Security Brute Force "Rename Login Page" setting will disable the Login Page Preview feature. In order to preview your login page correctly while logged in, you will need to temporarily disable this setting while customizing your login page. After you are finished customizing your login page, you can re-enable the All-One-Security "Rename Login Page" setting.

Is this plugin compatible with secure Wordpress sites using HTTPS?

Yes! This plugin has been tested with secure sites and works great!

Is it OK to leave some fields blank?

Yes, This plugin adds styles to the Login Page and overwrites the existing styles. If fields are left blank, it simply uses the default style settings.

Background Images and Background Colors

If a background image is set, it will override the any background colors that are set for that element. To remove a background image entirely, simply change the background image field to blank or enter “none”.

Version 3.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 03 Nov 2016

Date Added: 08 Sep 2016

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