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Simple Content Adder

Add custom content to your posts, pages and/or footer, without the need to update each post or page.

This plugin allows you to easily add custom content to your posts, pages and to the footer of your website, without the need to update each post or page. The content is created through the Wordpress text editor and therefore you can easily insert not only text but also images, videos etc.

How to start?

  1. Click Add New under the Added Content in the left sidebar.

  2. Enter the title (only you will see the title).

  3. Select the position for custom content; available options are above content, below content and footer.

  4. Under Include In select where do you want your content to show; available options are posts, pages and everywhere. Please note that everywhere option is only compatible with the footer position.

  5. Added Content Class allows you to give the custom content div a class for later CSS styling.

  6. Add your cool content and hit the publish button.

What can you do with this plugin?

  1. Show disclaimers

  2. Show banners

  3. Show author info

  4. Show ads (as long as they do not contain JavaScript)

  5. Display other cool things by your wishes

Note: The plugin does not come with templates for author boxes, banners etc.

Author Blaz K.
Contributors BlazK.
Tags Add Content Above Post, Add Content Below Post, Add Content Footer, Add Content Front Page, Add Content Pages, Add Content Posts, Add Text Above Post, Add Text Below Post, Add Text Footer, add-content, Simple Content Adder
  1. simple-content-adder screenshot 1

    Added Content List

  2. simple-content-adder screenshot 2

    Add new content to posts/pages

  3. simple-content-adder screenshot 3

    Add new content to footer

  1. Unzip the plugin file
  2. Upload the folder simple-content-adder and it's contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. Click Add New under the Added Content in the left sidebar.
  5. Start creating!

Support and further development?

For support as well as for further development ideas please use the support forum.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 29 Sep 2016

Date Added: 28 Sep 2016

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