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Shareaholic | share buttons, related posts, social analytics & more

World's leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform that helps grow your site traffic, engagement, conversions & monetization for FREE.

Shareaholic is the world's leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, which includes related content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads and affiliate links. This module makes it a snap for any website — big or small — to engage and grow their traffic, market their content, gain insights, and monetize their audience, all from one powerful but easy-to-use dashboard. All our Apps are designed to work well together, on any website.

Recent Updates

One on one email support is available. Visit our Support Center. Rest easy knowing real people are ready to help you. Everyone on our Customer Care team is an experienced Shareaholic user.

Share Buttons

Make it 1-click easy for your visitors to share your content with their friends with Shareaholic's award winning Share Buttons. This is the ultimate Social Media Widget for your website.

  • Vector share & follow buttons (SVG icons)
  • Official Share Counters for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Buffer, Google Plus, and more
  • Official support for Google's URL shortener ( and Google Analytics
  • Supported URL Shorteners: Bitly (including custom tracking),, TinyURL,,
  • Full support for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn, Gmail, Delicious, OneNote, Evernote, Stumbleupon, Digg, Tumblr, Hootsuite, Buffer, Fancy, Wanelo, Yummly, WeHeartIt, Flipboard, Printfriendly, Amazon Wishlist, Instapaper, Pocket, Odnoklassniki, Houzz, Hacker News,, Vk, etc
  • Automatic Google Analytics integration (setup guide)
  • Supports theme features such as HTML5 & XHTML, widgets, infinite scroll, post formats

Share Buttons (demo)

Share Buttons for Images (Pinterest "pin it" button for images)

Get more shares and viral traffic by adding smart share buttons to the images on your website and making them easy to share.

Learn more

Floating Share Buttons

Increase sharing engagement by 2x or more by Share Buttons that hover on the side of the page, rather than in the page content.

Learn more

Related Content

Increases pageviews, engagement and time on site by highlighting relevant content that may not otherwise be discovered from across your site. Shareaholic is not just yet another related posts content plugin. It involves a simple installation that's easy to update and tweak. You'll be using well-engineered and optimized code that won't slow or block your pages from loading.

  • Choose between several themes to seamlessly match your site's theme, design and personality. and customize every pixel if you'd like
  • Make money by displaying sponsored content, at the bottom of your posts, in the sidebar, or both
  • Easily promote your product or service on thousands of blogs and websites
  • Automatically utilizes post keywords specified in the "All in One SEO Pack", "WordPress SEO by Yoast", "Add Meta Tags", and other plugins
  • Optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android mobile phones, and more

Social Analytics

Provides you with important actionable metrics including insights into popular pages on your website, referral channels, and who are making referrals and spreading your webpages on the internet on your behalf bringing you back more traffic and new visitors.

Learn more

Affiliate Links

Automagically turn your site’s existing links into rewards. Clicks that turn into purchases from our ever-expanding universe of 35,000+ retailers, turn into commissions for you with zero additional effort.

Learn more

Follow Buttons

Will help you get more followers and grow your social influence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social networks.

Supported services include: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Instagram, VK, RSS feed, Github, Stackoverflow, Dribbble, Behance, 500px, iTunes, Houzz, Flickr, Foursquare, Yelp, Bloglovin, Etsy, TripAdvisor,, Polyvore, Soundcloud, eBay, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Skype, Zillow, Disqus, Spotify, Feedly, LiveJournal

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Additional features

  • 100% Customizable - Choose from several themes to match your site’s design or personalize your own to create a custom look.
  • Mobile Optimized - Responsive and retina display friendly. Shareaholic will work and look great on all mobile devices and tablets.
  • Built for Scale - It doesn't matter if your website generates 1 view or 100 million. Shareaholic scales to any size and will work just as well.
  • Generate Revenue - Make money with minimal effort while retaining full control at all times.
  • Fast & Secure - We use industry best practices to make our code as fast and unobtrusive as possible, meaning - for example - that the performance impact is comparable to adding Google Analytics to your site. Because all of the processing and collection runs on our servers and not yours, it doesn't cause any additional load on your hosting account. In addition, our JavaScript is hosted on Amazon's CDN to make fetching it as blazing fast and reliable as possible. In fact, it's one of the fastest proven analytics system, hosted or not hosted, that you can use.

You're in Great Company

Shareaholic is used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites like yours and touches over 450 million people each month. Designed and built with all the love in the world in Boston, Massachusetts.

Note: The analytics portion of Shareaholic may use trusted 3rd party services like Google Analytics and AppNexus to enhance its data.

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  1. shareaholic screenshot 1

    An 100% integrated and customizable approach - all the tools and apps you need in one robust plugin! Whether you want to get people sharing, grow your fans, make money, or know who's reading your content, we'll help you get it done. De-clutter your WordPress installation.

  2. shareaholic screenshot 2

    Related Content configuration panel - Drive pageviews and increase time on site with this tool.

  3. shareaholic screenshot 3

    Share Buttons configuration panel - Make it easy for your visitors to share your site's content via social networks, email, blogs, IM, and more.

  4. shareaholic screenshot 4

    You're in great company - Gizmo Gadget

  5. shareaholic screenshot 5

    You're in great company - Your Lighter Side

  6. shareaholic screenshot 6

    You're in great company - Guilty Kitchen

  7. shareaholic screenshot 7

    You're in great company - Career Girl

Via Upload:

  1. Upload the extracted archive to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu
  3. Open the plugin settings page Settings -> Shareaholic
  4. Adjust settings to your liking
  5. If you use a caching plugin please clear the cache
  6. Enjoy!

Via Admin:

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Shareaholic
  3. Install the plugin called Shareaholic and activate it
  4. Adjust settings to your liking
  5. If you use a caching plugin please clear the cache
  6. Enjoy!

Shareaholic Shortcode Support / Manual Usage

You can place Share Buttons, Related Content and any other Shareaholic app manually wherever you're like. Simply insert the following Shortcode where you want the corresponding app to appear:

[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]
[shareaholic app="recommendations" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]
[shareaholic app="ad_spaces" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]
[shareaholic app="follow_buttons" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]
[shareaholic app="total_share_count"]

Notes: optionally, you can also specify title, link or summary as Shareaholic shortcode parameters. If you don't specify these optional parameters, the shortcode will automatically determine these values.


[shareaholic app="recommendations" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>" title="About Me" link=""]

In your PHP / theme template code, you would add:

<?php echo do_shortcode ('[shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode ('[shareaholic app="recommendations" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode ('[shareaholic app="ad_spaces" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode ('[shareaholic app="follow_buttons" id="<insert shareaholic app ID here>"]'); ?>

Grab the corresponding App ID from your Shareaholic Dashboard for the App you want to manually insert into your theme. If use double quotes ("'s) in your title or summary, make sure to encode them properly as &quot;

Shareaholic Shortcode's are full featured and support all available configuration options available. Enjoy!

General information about shortcodes and WordPress

  • Bugfix: We fixed the code which displays the Facebook share count to accommodate Facebook's new data structure.
  • Bugfix: Fixed server side share counts for Odnoklassniki

  • Bugfix: Fix for Cloudflare compatibility

  • Bugfix: Updated Social Counts library to be PHP7 compatible

  • Bugfix: Removed call to the Delicious count API in the server-side connectivity check

  • Various language localization updates

  • Bugfix: Update to fix W3C HTML5 validation

  • New: Google Analytics integration for sharing analytics (setup guide)
  • New: Options to display 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 related posts! (learn more)
  • New: Giant Floated Share Buttons theme (learn more)
  • New: "Round" Related Content App theme added (learn more)
  • New: Affiliate Links Earnings Dashboard (learn more)
  • New: Total Share Counts App - showcase the number of shares your content has received (learn more)
  • New: Conditionally Display Share Counts & More Advanced Display Rules for your Share Buttons (learn more)
  • New: Adds support for adding shortcodes to your sidebar text widgets - it's now so easy for you to include Shareaholic Apps such as Share Buttons, Follow Buttons and Related Content in your sidebar. Simply copy/paste the corresponding Shareaholic shortcode for the App.
  • New: Custom color, order and theming options for Follow Buttons (learn more)
  • New: Follow Buttons additions (learn more here & here)
    • Vine
    • Google Classroom (more)
    • Behance
    • SlideShare
    • Polyvore
    • StackOverflow
    • Tripadvisor
    • Soundcloud
    • Spotify
    • Better Business Bureau
    • eBay
    • Github
    • Houzz
    • Etsy
    • 500px
    • iTunes
    • Skype
    • Disqus
    • Zillow Digs
    • Feedly
    • LiveJournal
  • New: Share Buttons additions
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Google Classroom (more
    • Kik
    • Baidu
    • WhatsApp (more)
    • SMS Client (more)
  • Enhancement: Vector share & follow buttons (icons are now SVG - meaning they load fast, scalable to any size, and are stunning on Retina and Retina HD displays)
  • Enhancement: Updates to Google's icons (learn more)

  • Bugfix: Limited the summary data attribute to at most 500 characters
  • Enhancement: Present a plugin review notice to admins

  • Enhancement: Updated Shareaholic JavaScript snippet - now a lot simpler!
  • Bugfix: Added hooks to prevent conflicts with Shortcode UI plugin

  • Bugfix: Use different hook to avoid modifying headers after they are sent

  • Enhancement: Show message to users in permalink section in regards to share counts

  • Enhancement: Updated reset plugin routine to not get new key

  • Enhancement: Detect permalink changes in order to serve up-to-date content

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with Server side share count option

  • Enhancement: Removed analytics option from Advanced Settings page

  • Enhancement: Added support for Yummly and Fancy server-side share counts

  • Minor enhancements

  • Bugfix: Redefined what is considered a shareable page

  • Bugfix: Added a check to see if data object exists before trying to access it

  • Enhancement: Added Shareaholic navigation bar to the Shareaholic settings pages

  • Bugfix: fix for security vulnerability. Upgrade immediately.

  • Bugfix: Added isset checks for undefined indexes being thrown
  • Bugfix: Parse out BOM character from HTTP responses

  • Enhancement: Added Google API key to authenticate API calls for Google Plus share counts for improved the reliability

  • Enhancement: Improved welcome email copy
  • Localization

  • Enhancement: Improved reliability of Related Content App for cases where the WordPress install is located in a subdirectory or subpath

  • Enhancement: Modified curl multi to conserve on cpu usage for server side share counts
  • Enhancement: Added garbage collection cron job to clean up expired server side share count transient cache

  • Bugfix: fixed Share Buttons not generating links for posts in index and category pages
  • Enhancement: implemented debugging mode for server side share counts

  • Bugfix: fixed Share Buttons not grabbing correct content when placed in the sidebar
  • Updated "welcome" splash screen
  • Localization
    • Romanian (ro_RO)

  • New Monetization section added to the App Manager! Configure your monetization settings from one place, including Promoted Content, Affiliate Links App, etc.
  • Introducing Promoted Content

  • Universal metabox options support
  • Bugfix: 404 page fix

  • Official support for WooCommerce!

  • Tweak: Added Cache-Control headers to Related Content and Share Count API's (3 minutes)
  • New: Affiliate Linking App - Now you can earn money from your existing product links with zero additional effort. (learn more)
  • Post-Share Window
  • Localization
    • Added Português (pt_PT)
    • Added Afrikaans (af_AF)
    • Added Italian (it_IT)
    • Added Turkish (tr_TR)
    • Added Spanish - Mexico (es_MX) by Luis Jared Pardo
    • Updated French (fr_FR)
    • Updated German (de_DE)
    • Updated Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

  • Tweak: Cache server side share counts for longer duration (5 minutes)
  • Fix: Fixed miscellaneous v6->v7 conversion bugs

  • Related Content
    • Faster on-boarding! (in seconds vs hours)
  • Post-Share Follow Buttons learn more
    • Added support for Instagram, YouTube, Bloglovin, Vimeo, Flickr, Dribbble, FourSquare, Yelp, RSS
  • Share Buttons
    • Added support for Meneame, Wykop
  • Floated Share Buttons
    • You can now "offset" its position from the top of the page learn more

  • Miscellaneous performance and on-boarding enhancements for the Related Content app

  • Ensure featured image theme support
  • Faster and more reliable Related Content on-boarding!
  • Welcome message for new users
  • Share Buttons
    • Added support for Yummly (recommended for food & recipe content) and Houzz (recommended for home & garden content)

  • Several usability improvements to the admin UI!
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing Share Counts on pages that were excluded from Related Content

  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Shareaholic plugin debugger

  • Bugfix: Fixed edge case where admin assets were not being linked properly
  • Bugfix: Fixed menu timeout issue

  • Tested on WordPress 3.9.1
  • Bugfix: Fixed annoying bug where Facebook was trying to cache scheduled posts before they were live
  • Share Buttons enhancements
    • Shareaholic now resets the Facebook Open Graph cache (title, description and image) for you automatically when a post is published, so the right stuff gets shared, every time.
    • Share Counts + Floating Share Buttons!
    • New icons for Viadeo, HootSuite, Wanelo
  • Related Content enhancements
    • Greatly improved reliability

  • Added cache cleanup support for WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache and Quick Cache plugin's

  • Bugfix: Removed an unneeded conditional check from the server side Share Counts API to make it more reliable
  • Clear W3 Total Cache for clean activation and deactivation

  • Bugfix: Added url encoding for server side Share Counts API

  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements for Share Counts API

  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements for Share Counts API

  • Share Buttons App
    • Share Counts for Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, VK, Buffer, etc! This release features an optional and all new server side Share Counts API. Toggle this option under the "Advanced Settings" section.
    • Major performance upgrade and speed boost! Your pages will load faster for your visitors as share count lookups are now consolidated to one single HTTP request per page load (vs a call for each sharing service). The share counts are also heavily cached on both the client and server for super fast lookups and page performance.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Share Buttons App
    • New alignment options - you can now pick whether you want your text to wrap around your buttons
    • Multishare toggle for Twitter
    • New services: VK (the 2nd largest social network service in Europe after Facebook), Fancy (recommended for e-commerce sites), Wanelo (recommended for e-commerce sites)
    • New Share Counts library
  • Floating Share Buttons App (NEW!) learn more
    • To enable, click on "Edit General Settings" -> Sign In -> Click on "Site Tools" -> Turn on the "Floated Share Buttons" App
  • Shareable Images App (NEW!) learn more
    • To enable, click on "Edit General Settings" -> Sign In -> Turn on "Shareable Images"

  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • New / updated translations:
    • French (by Rozenn Dagorn)
    • German (by Oliver Heinrich)
    • Dutch (by Patrick Ruers)
    • Greek (by Takis Bouyouris)

  • Admin Bar is now configurable
  • Shareaholic.js is now included earlier on the page to load apps faster
  • Bugfix: fixed "non-static method" and "array to string conversion" warnings -- affected servers running newer versions of PHP
  • Related Content
    • Bugfix: Related Content data processing status is now correct
    • Bugfix: Initiate Related Content crawl after site ID is set and not prior to
    • Support for "WordPress SEO by Yoast" plugin meta keywords
    • Support for "Add Meta Tags" plugin meta keywords
  • Analytics
    • Several high impact enhancements to greatly improve data accuracy

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements to Related Content
  • New Admin Bar options!

  • Confirmed that Shareaholic works well with WordPress 3.8. Upgrade away!

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Related Content
    • Deleted posts are now automatically removed from your Shareaholic Content Index within an hour!

  • Shareaholic Apps are now included on static front page displays

  • Related Content
    • New or modified posts are now automatically updated in your Shareaholic Content Index within an hour!

  • Bugfix: Fixed hardcoded database path; now dynamically pulled in via inbuilt WordPress function
  • Confirmed that everything is humming along with WordPress 3.7.1!

  • Related Content
    • Related Content now excludes attachments automatically
    • You can now exclude any of your posts from Related Content via metabox options

  • Support for additional Shareaholic content meta tags
    • shareaholic:article_visibility
    • shareaholic:article_published_time
    • shareaholic:article_modified_time
    • shareaholic:article_author_name

  • Support for All in One SEO Pack keywords
  • Additional fixes for Cloudflare

  • Enforce Internet Explorer compatibility mode to latest version available; fixes a lot of general issues with Internet Explorer. Recommended update.

  • Added support for shareaholic:keywords meta tag for better Recommendations and Related Content matches

  • Better debug prompts

  • Added "Server Connectivity" section to Advanced Settings
  • Cleaned up localization strings
  • Fixed conflict with Modernizer

  • New "Vertical" theme for Related Content!
  • Added a note about caching plugins; organized the "Advanced Settings" page
  • Shareaholic shortcode now support title, link and summary parameters

  • Added support for shareaholic:url meta tag
  • Bugfix: Now compatible with JavaScript minification plugins
  • Localizations
    • Added German (de_DE) by Lothar Schiborr

  • Fix for Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability. Upgrade immediately.
  • Shareaholic is 100% compatible with WordPress 3.6! Yay!
  • Added close button to settings modals
  • Added "loading" image to modals
  • Added additional strings for localization
  • Localizations

  • Increased cURL timeout to prevent API timeouts
  • Namespaced Share Buttons CSS more so as to prevent potential conflicts with other plugins
  • Bugfix: Resolved issue where data-summary was not encoding correctly

  • Adjusted the "get started" screen so it's visible on smaller screens
  • Bugfix: Fixed Share Buttons not rendering with certain settings
  • Bugfix: Site Name is now actually used at setup

  • Bugfix: Should fix most, if not all, lingering issues related to share buttons or related content not showing up!
  • Various performance improvements

  • New feature: You can now center, left AND right align your share buttons!
  • New feature: Added support for custom headers for share buttons! (How-To Instructions)
  • New feature: You can now on / off toggle the "More Options" share button
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Cleaned up assets directory, as a result the plugin zip file is now a lot smaller
  • Added a check to ensure multiple versions of Shareaholic are not running at the same time on the same install
  • Bugfix: A host of fixes for the unresponsive "Edit Button" and "General Website Settings" button bug (If you're still facing this issue, please contact us)

  • This is a big update based on a lot of user feedback!
  • For Facebook, sharers are now taken directly to Facebook
  • Fixed how Twitter and Facebook sharing work on mobile devices
  • Now access Share Button and Related Content settings without a (free) account, although it is highly encouraged

  • Several bug fixes, in addition to -
  • Huge update! The plugin has been completely re-written from the ground up to be faster, simpler to use
  • Choose from snazzy new Related Post themes
  • Related Posts now come mobile optimized and responsive out of the box - Shareaholic automagically determines how many Related Posts to show given how much screen width it is given
  • Customize your "You may also like" Related Posts text
  • Option to exclude any URL from Related Posts
  • Choose from new Share button themes! (including vertical share buttons!)
  • Additional URL shortener options
  • "Pages" now also have options to exclude Share Buttons, Recommendations
  • Addition of new shareaholic:language tag to improve related content and recommendations computation
  • Bugfix: Facebook Debugger will no longer show "Parser Mismatched Metadata" warnings
  • Bugfix: Page titles are now properly encoded
  • Bugfix: URL Shortener is now being set properly when upgrading from v6 or earlier
  • More robust curl function, more robust plugin
  • Show Related Posts data status

  • Recommendations / Related Content are now 100% responsive (aka "mobile-ready")! This means they will now adapt to the screen size or device (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptop, etc) of your visitors automagically for the best, most seamless discovery experience.

  • Fix for Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability. Upgrade immediately. Credits for finding and reporting the vulnerability go to Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP.

  • Shareaholic is 100% compatible with WordPress 3.6! Yay!

  • Bugfix: Related Content settings page now loads for multisite install. Updated how Shareaholic reads user permissions. Now using in-built WordPress functions.
  • Bugfix: Facebook Debugger will no longer show "Parser Mismatched Metadata" warnings
  • Updated primary plugin file to "shareaholic.php"
  • Cleaned up assets directory, as a result the plugin install file is now a lot smaller

  • Bugfix: fixed "Cannot use object of type WP_Error"

  • Show Related Posts data status
  • Updated screenshots (corrected WordPress logo)

  • Much faster Related Posts processing for new users!

  • Upgraded PHP short tags
  • A host of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Deprecated Yandex

  • Bug fixes & event reporting

  • Fixed Bitly not picking up custom credentials
  • Fixed links to Help Center docs
  • Fixed Twitter template not getting picked up by Like Button Sets, Classic Bookmarks
  • Deprecated Squidoo, Posterous (can no longer share to these services)
  • Deprecated,

  • Fix for Facebook Like button error (Facebook now requires non-encoded URL's to be passed)

  • JavaScript is now hosted on Amazon's CDN to make everything blazing fast!
  • Removed Strands, FAQPal, Tipd, Sphinn, Twittley (services have shut down)
  • Removed Technorati, Ning (can no longer share to these services)

  • Fixed syntax error caught by latest jQuery
  • Fixed encoding errors
  • Support for Shareaholic Content Tags - shareaholic:image and shareaholic:site_name
  • Update links to new analytics
  • Admin panel code optimizations
  • Load time optimization by reducing # of Twitter API calls
  • Deprecated "comment feed" service

  • Updated screenshots

  • New feature: Recommendations - drive more pageviews and engagement by displaying per post Related Posts to your readers (enable via the admin panel)
  • New sharing style - Classic Bookmarks
  • Redesigned Dashboard
  • Cleaned up legacy code for greater efficiency

  • New translations! -> Belarusian (by Alexander Ovsov) -> Polish (by Bartosz Chojnacki) -> Catalan (by Joan Jordi Berdullas Segura) -> Bulgarian (by Nikolay Nikolov) -> Lithuanian (by Nata Strazda)
  • Added Google Plus as a service to SexyBookmarks
  • Added support to show Topbar across different types of pages (posts, pages, index & category)
  • Added Share Counts for LinkedIn
  • Added functionality to enable/disable SexyBookmarks independently
  • Added brand new, much improved way to share posts via email!
  • Added support to enforce publisher specified language locale
  • Social Analytics are now also viewable by contributors, authors and editors (previously limited to admins)
  • Fixed bug: Twitter counter display position in Like Button Set
  • Fixed bug: Nofollow links in "new mode"
  • New activation page
  • Numerous performance optimizations
  • Custom Twitter template is now used universally
  • URL shortener settings now used universally
  • Cleaned up legacy code for greater efficiency
  • Added Google Analytics Social Tracking Feature

  • Added support for Pinterest
  • Cleaned up directory listing
  • Performance improvements achieved by reducing the number of JavaScript calls
  • Cleaned up depreciated services: Mixx, Google Reader, Google Buzz, Netvibes
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Added support for Google Analytics Social Interaction Analytics
  • Added URL shortener support
  • Limited showing Shareaholic updates to the plugin's admin page
  • Fixed bug: Incorrect url used by TopBar on homepage
  • Fixed bug: Twitter counter in Like button set
  • Fixed bug: SSL conflicts
  • Fixed bug: bug

  • Fixed bug where background image would appear even if it was disabled

  • Added a topbar with sharing options
  • Add Tweet button to the "like button" sharing set
  • Symbolic directory path is now supported as custom path
  • Fixed bug: related to manual mode
  • Fixed bug: related to category pages & manual mode
  • Fixed bug: related to special characters in page title
  • Optimizations for performance

  • Fixed changelog formatting
  • Enhancements for screen reader accessibility

  • Fixed potential "headers already sent" error
  • Refinements to Open Graph Tags (can now disable on individual posts)
  • Provided accessibility support for SexyBookmarks style sharing icons
  • Removed Propeller from service list (depreciated service)

  • Fixed css

  • Fixed typo/version number

  • Fixed SSL compatibility (all assets now loaded over https when a page is served over https).
  • Fixed Google +1 count issue
  • Fixed Google +1 shared link titles showing properly on User Dashboard
  • Fixed jQuery IE bug (will be much more stable in IE)
  • Custom sprite generation certified compatible with WordPress Multisite
  • Shareaholic's proprietary data attributes are now HTML5-compliant.
  • FAQ moved to
  • Usage & Installation guide moved to
  • Added browser extension promo
  • Added Support for Open Graph Tags (for Facebook and Google +1 sharing) - Featured Image or First Gallery Image in post will be selected for Open Graph Tag
  • Added links to live support in admin panel

  • Many cross platform compatibility enhancements
  • Fixed +1/Like not working in manual mode
  • Fixed role lookup errors affecting older versions of WordPress (ex. v2.7.1)
  • Fixed misc. path and folder permission bugs

  • Updated for handling Window Server related paths

  • Fix for certain settings not being saves in previous release

  • Small bug fix affecting very few

  • Fixes path issues with previous release (critical update if you upgraded to v4.0.5.1)

  • Lots of performance upgrades
  • No longer need to re-CHMOD directories on upgrade!
  • Can now specify custom directory to store Shareaholic custom files

  • Super charged options for Like/Send/+1 Button set
  • Quick bug fixes affecting some themes
  • Ability to disable SexyBookmarks from specific pages now limited to site Editors and Admins only.

  • Bug fixes (highly recommended update)


  • Quick bug fix affecting some themes


  • Lots of performance enhancements
  • Now includes Google's +1 Button
  • Now includes Facebook's Send Button
  • Updated translations:
    • French (by Maitre Mo)
    • Greek (by Daphne Christoforidou)
    • Estonian (by Cristo Pajust)
    • German (by Michael S.)
    • Dutch (by Arend & Adriaan)
    • Lithuanian (by Aukse)
    • Bulgarian (by Mladen Gradev)
    • Hungarian (by Murvai-Buzogány László)
    • Spanish (by Diego)
    • Portuguese - Brazil (by Oscar)
    • Farsi - Persian (by Mohammad)
  • Fix for cases of misaligned Designer Tooltips
  • Fix for potential conflict with Featured Content Gallery plugin
  • Ability to disable SexyBookmarks from specific pages (ex. password protected pages)


  • Facebook Like Button
  • Plugin Health Status Monitor
  • Designer Tooltips
  • Analytics: meet the people who spread your content the most
  • Faster Twitter loading


  • Added "Share Count" support for Google Buzz
  • Cleaned up folder structure
  • Tweaks for mobile browsers (iphone, ipod, etc)


  • Google hosted jQuery now only loads if not already present on page (plugin needs jQuery 1.4.4+)
  • Various bug fixes for "new" mode
  • Added a new default_spritegen directory structure that will fetch the sprite files in case spritegen directory is not accessible
  • Twitter now also opens an overlay on the same page for easier sharing in "old" mode


  • Added default sprite & css files for added compatibility
  • Fixed short tags php bug that crept in v3.3.9


  • WP-Minify plugin compatibility mode fix
  • Share Counter bug fix
  • Improved performance by switching to a single JavaScript load instead of two in "new" mode


  • "New" mode is now turned on by default
  • Added a notice for Admins if spritegen directory isn't writable (
  • Twitter now opens an overlay on the same page for easier sharing


  • Cleaned up spritegen directory structure
  • Correctly encoding foreign language characters in Twitter template
  • Show PHP 5 upgrade message to only admins
  • Misc performance upgrades
  • Updated Arabic translation (by Modar Soos)


  • New API endpoint to show the Share Count for your website
  • Compatibility fixes for older WP installs


  • Fix for PHP 4 users


  • MAJOR UPDATE: URL shortening now 100% faster, better, smarter -- we moved the shortening function to the Share API for much improved reliability
  • Removed support for unreliable URL shorteners - snip, cligs and tinyarrows
  • Removed support for Yahoo! Buzz (service is shutting down)
  • Updated Arabic translation (by Modar Soos)
  • Updated all MO translation files


  • Quick fix for admin menu PHP error


  • Fix for W3C validation errors (thanks to Maitre Mo)
  • Fix for Twitter breaking for certain custom templates
  • Removed support for URL shortener due to poor performance
  • Revamped sidebar menu


  • Updated Twitter definition
  • Various jQuery related bug fixes


  • Lots of fixes to the beta thanks to your feedback. We're getting close to switching over completely!
  • Much improved jQuery conflict detection for beta users
  • New alert that reminds users to re-save their settings on upgrade
  • Switched over to use the Share API (


  • Share Counters for Twitter and Facebook! (beta exclusive)
  • Admin toggle for Shareaholic promo link


  • Fix for a W3C validation error
  • Updated Arabic translation (by Modar Soos)
  • Updated French translation (by Maitre Mo)
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation (by Barukar)
  • Includes link to Shareaholic Browser Tools


  • Fix for Arras theme
  • Depreciating selfserv_sexy() function. It has been replaced with selfserv_shareaholic()
  • Admin toggle for Perf script


  • Adds support for Google's URL shortener (
  • Updated shortening
  • Updated Greek translation (by Nick Mouratidis)


  • Quick fix for admin area (icons)


  • Fixes slow page load issue
  • Compatibility fixes for WP v3.0.3
  • xhtml compliance fix
  • Updated "Most Popular" services list
  • Service list now has titles! Find services in a snap

  • Removed warning messages about WP_FOOTER and WP_HEAD

  • Fixed SAFE_MODE issue regarding fopen()
  • Fixed mkdir() issue by changing to wp_mkdir_p()
  • Fixed $d_tags and $keywords undefined problem
  • Fixed typo in request URL leading to errors being returned
  • Fixed manual mode when using BETA
  • Removed timeout from http request


  • Complete re-write to increase efficiency and speed

  • Small bug fix for short URLs when cURL not enabled
  • Removed Fleck as it no longer exists
  • Removed "Load scripts in footer" from default settings


  • Added urldecode() to bitly and supr JSON requests
  • Removed fopen() from the sprite request, now uses the WP http api
  • Updated translation folder definition to filesystem path
  • Updated the Italian translation


  • Added Portuguese translation (pt_PT)
  • Fixed problem with short URLs not working
  • Fixed persistent bug from 3.2
  • Fixed error in stylesheet name
  • Added referrer to API request

  • Fixed JS counter
  • Complete revamp of naming scheme

  • Better activation hook to check old naming scheme

  • Fixed charset problem with htmlspecialchars()
  • Names are now automatically replaced from sexy- to shr- upon upgrade/activation
  • Fixed issue causing one icon to display multiple times
  • Fixed expanding blank space issue
  • Fixed caching issue by adding version number to file names rather than as parameters


  • Resolved security issue
  • Added Buzzster!, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, & Hotmail
  • Fixed GoogleBuzz link (didn't validate)
  • Fixed mailto link
  • Changed jQuery to $ in all scripts (with noconflict)
  • Changed all CSS classes from sexy- to shr- in public css
  • Renamed images from sexy- to shr-
  • Added new Google Reader and Twitter icons
  • Integrated new "configure tweet" method
  • Removed twitter ID field
  • Updated custom mods function with new image names
  • Custom mods function now copies style-dev.css rather than the minified (style.css)
  • Dynamic Sprite Generator API now live for everyone to use!
  • Tested with WP3.0 (passed with flying colors!)
  • Added feature to automagically reset all short URLs when you select a new service
  • Added option to display menu above AND below content
  • Updated translations


  • Added Settings link to plugin display panel
  • Fixed issue with feed not displaying links properly
  • Small admin changes
  • Final fix for annoying bullets in menu


  • Fixed accessibility issue with RTL languages
  • Fixed validity issue with links (unescaped ampersands)
  • Fixed issue with icons not appearing correctly for Google Reader and Google Bookmarks


  • Quick bug fix for the bug that appeared immediately after releasing 3.1


  • Many improvements in the coding efficiency
  • Removed Devmarks as it no longer exists
  • Updated the old Google Bookmarks icon
  • Added new feature to Mister-Wong so that now the .com extension is replaced dynamically based on your locale
  • Removed DesignMoo and Blogosphere News
  • Added DZone
  • Added Kaevur (Estonian)
  • Added Virb
  • Added
  • Added Google Reader
  • Added Bonzobox
  • Added Zabox
  • Added OkNotizie (Italian)
  • Added Springpad
  • Added Plaxo
  • Added Viadeo
  • Added Google Buzz


  • Fix for fatal error if you downloaded v3.0 before 8:30am CST on Feb 1st, 2010
  • Fix for Google Bookmarks image not displaying correctly
  • Fix for spritegen not working if wordpress installed in subdirectory
  • Spritegen now outputs minified CSS as well
  • Added activation hook to generate sprite automatically upon activating the plugin


  • New Sprite Image is generated when you save options (If you have PHP5 or above with PHPGD, & don't have custom mods feature on)
  • Also reduced the size of the images with Smush It
  • Separated Background Images
  • Fixed Translation Strings
  • Added option to load javascript in blog's footer
  • Added compatibility with YOURLS plugin
  • Added Settings link in plugin's information section
  • Many improvements in the coding efficiency
  • Minified public JS
  • Added DZone
  • Added Kaevur (Estonian)
  • Added Virb
  • Added
  • Removed Devmarks as it no longer exists
  • Added Google Reader
  • Updated the old Google Bookmarks icon
  • Added Bonzobox
  • Added Zabox
  • Added OkNotizie (Italian)
  • Added Springpad
  • Added Plaxo
  • Added Viadeo
  • Added option to allow you to NOT use a URL shortener if you so choose
  • Added new feature to Mister-Wong so that now the .com extension is replaced dynamically based on your locale
  • Minified stylesheet to save a couple KB

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