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Security Ninja

Perform 50+ security tests with 1 click and get a clear picture of how secure your site is and how to protect it from hackers. Super-easy to use!

Test the plugin now on Security Ninja site or give us a shout on Twitter @WebFactoryLtd.

  • perform 50+ security tests with one click
  • Security Ninja does not make any changes - it's your site, you have full control
  • check your site for security vulnerabilities, issues & holes
  • take preventive measures against attacks
  • don’t let script kiddies hack your site
  • prevent 0-day exploit attacks
  • every test is explained, documented and instructions provided on how to fix problems
  • tests include:
    • brute-force attack on user accounts to test password strength
    • numerous installation parameters tests
    • file permissions
    • version hiding
    • 0-day exploits tests
    • debug and auto-update modes tests
    • database configuration tests
    • Apache and PHP related tests
    • WP options tests
  • more tests are coming with every update

What others say about the plugin

Security Ninja PRO has 4 additional modules: Core Scanner, Malware Scanner, Events Logger and Scheduled Scanner. They provide an all-in-one security solution for any site. With premium support and continuous updates Security Ninja PRO is a perfect tool to keep your site safe. See what the PRO version offers

License info

Author Web factory Ltd
Contributors WebFactory
Tags antivirus, firewall, login, malware, protect, scanner, security, security plugin, security scanner, site security, wordpress security, wordpress security scanner
  1. security-ninja screenshot 1

    Security Ninja test results are simple and easy to read

  2. security-ninja screenshot 2

    Remote control, which is disabled by default, provides the means of controlling security of multiple sites at once using Security Ninja Dashboard

  3. security-ninja screenshot 3

    Every test has a detailed explanation and instructions on how to fix the problem

Follow the usual routine;

  1. Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New
  2. Enter "Security Ninja" in search and hit Enter
  3. Plugin will show up as the first on the list, click "Install Now"
  4. Activate & go to Tools - Security Ninja to make your site more secure

Or if needed, upload manually;

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unzip it and upload to wp-content/plugin/
  3. Open WordPress admin - Plugins and click "Activate" next to the plugin
  4. Activate & go to Tools - Security Ninja to make your site more secure


  • 2016/12/08
  • 5 new tests
  • tests tab removed - details are now available in a lightbox from the main tab
  • bug fixes


  • 2016/10/13
  • Security Ninja PRO is now available
  • minor bug fixes


  • 2016/09/05
  • added action that fires on remote access change (disable/enable/reset)
  • added license.txt
  • we passed 5000 active installs


  • 2016/08/30
  • initial release on
  • plugin transferred from CodeCanyon to
  • license changed to GPLv2


  • 2011/09/27
  • initial release on CodeCanyon

Who is this plugin for?

For anyone who wants to make their site more secure and prevent downtime due to hackers

Will this plugin slow my site down?

Absolutely not. You may experience a slight slow down while tests are being run but that takes less than a minute.

Will it work on my theme?

Sure! Security Ninja works with all themes.

What changes will Security Ninja make to my site?

None! Security Ninja will just give you the test results and suggest corrective measures with precise instruction. It will not make any changes to your site.

Is this plugin safe to use?

Of course. It's a reporting-only tool. It doesn't make any changes to your site.

Is this plugin legal to use?

Yes. It's your site you can do whatever you want with it. Running tests on other people's sites is illegal but Security Ninja can only perform tests on the WP it's installed on.

It's not working!!! Arrrrrrrrr

We did our very best to make Security Ninja compatible with all plugins and themes, but problems can still happen. No worries, head over to the support forum open a new thread, and we'll help you ASAP.

Version 2.15

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 22 Dec 2016

Date Added: 30 Aug 2016

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