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Connects WordPress to Salsa for embedding events, sign up forms, and reports.

SalsaPress connects your WordPress bllog to Salsa, allowing you to embed sign up forms, events, and reports into your WordPress site. Once embedded, Salsa Press keeps theses embeds up-to-date with any changes made in Salsa, meaning you can embed them and continue to manage and tweak the content in Salsa afterwards.

Please post all issues on Github not WordPress.

Full features include:

  • Sign Up Form Widget
  • Coming Events Widget
  • Event Sign Up Form Widget
  • Petitions Widget
  • Embeddable Reports, Sign Up Forms, Events, and Petitions
  • Filtering of Salsa Data by Chapter
  • Filtering of Events by Template
  • Translatable - including strings from Salsa like field names

Funding for the development of this plugin is provided by Kampaweb and Bus Federation.

With open source development by Lukas Zurschmiede, Dave Hall, Ben Byrne, and iCasper.

All Salsa accounts can use Salsa's API -- no activation is required. First-time users may want to go to this page in Salsa's documentation to learn how to retrieve the API hostname that Salsa Press needs. If you have questions about this document, or Salsa in general, please do contact Salsa Support.

Author Scott Duncombe
Contributors mojowen
Tags democracy in action, events, salsa, signup, wired for change
  1. salsa-press screenshot 1

    Authenticating Salsa

  2. salsa-press screenshot 2

    Adding and customizing Salsa Widgets

  3. salsa-press screenshot 3

    Embedding Salsa to a Page or Post

  4. salsa-press screenshot 4

    Customizing Embedded Salsa

  5. salsa-press screenshot 5

    Embedded Salsa in the WordPress Editor

  1. Download source to your WordPress plugin directory /wp-content/plugins
  2. Visit Administration Panels > Plugins form the Admin Console and activate the plugin
  3. You should see a Salsa Icon appear in your Admin Console. Enter your Salsa Email / Password to connect Salsa to WordPress.
  4. You should be able to add widgets and embed reports, events, and sign up forms. GO CRAZZY!!

Older Salsa accounts should just work - newer account may need salsa to activate their API credentials or something. They should do this for free if you contact and request it.



  • Replace deprecated widget constructors, work done by iCasper.





  • Fixing mystery checkbox bug
  • Fixing TinyMCE problem


  • Supports Translations
  • Supports Petitions
  • Supports Event Attendence Limits and Waitlists
  • Supports "extra" fields for signup pages
  • Supports page tags

Thanks Kampaweb for funding additional development!


  • More group shenangins that aren't working
  • Some fixes for Calendar
  • By the way - want a calendar? Demo here


  • Passing source information to Salsa
  • Works with Custom Fields OMG...
  • Works with redirects
  • Inconsistent event and signup_page data models for groups - set up fallback to fix bug introduced in 2.0


  • Fixing group add issues


  • Fixing bug displaying reports


  • Major bug which prevented RSVPing to events with optional or required groups


  • Bug that may have prevented automatic groups from being saved
  • May have also prevented tags from being saved


  • Bug that prevented groups from being shown for some accounts is now fixed


  • Bug that effected the after-save effect are now fixed


  • Bug that effected the title and description for sign up pages, was set to be always on
  • Wasn't caching sign up and event forms, fixed
  • Excerpt for coming events wasn't working


  • Small bug that wouldn't correctly link events to their chaptered location
  • Added precaution that a 'save' call is never cached
  • Added two new methods to SalsaReport, json() which returns a json encoded object form the report and data_dump() which returns the object
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't loading the stylesheet and scripts correctly
  • Small style tweak
  • Got Screen shots working... I hope
  • Editor fix
  • Updating Event Compact
  • Clearing caching was working, just didn't acknowledge it when you hit the button


  • Smaller bug that makes it think it's not authenticated


  • Small tweaks for spelling mistakes
  • Fixed bug where widgets wouldn't be activated when caching



Do I need to Have Salsa to Use This Plugin


How do I find my Base URL

  1. Log into Salsa
  2. Look at your URL
  3. Clear off any of the crap at the beginning (http, hq-, etc) and the anything after the .org or .com. There you have it.

It's not working but it's telling me I'm authenticated

Older Salsa accounts should just work - newer account may need salsa to activate their API credentials or something. They should do this for free if you contact and request it.

When you contact Salsa support you should mention that it's pretty messed up that the /api/authenticate.sjs endpoint returns "success" for customers that aren't allowed to use the rest of the API and that an error message on that endpoint - or heck even just a normal authentication failure - would be so much better.

GitHub Repo

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Version 3.6

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.3.8

Last Updated 06 Dec 2016

Date Added: 29 Feb 2012

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