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New Relic Browser by rtCamp

This plugin instantly adds free New Relic Browser monitoring to your website.

New Relic Browser provides deep visibility and actionable insights into real users experiences on your website. With standard page load timing (sometimes referred to as real user monitoring or RUM), New Relic measures the overall time to load the entire webpage. However, New Relic Browser goes beyond RUM to also help you monitor the performance of individual sessions, AJAX requests, and javascript errors extending the monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of the page.

This plugin instantly adds New Relic’s Browser monitoring javascript to your WordPress site. If you do not have a New Relic account, this plugin allows you to instantly create one. If you already have a New Relic account, you’ll be prompted for your New Relic API key to connect your Browser monitoring with your account. Either way, when you complete the super-simple configuration, the latest New Relic Browser monitoring javascript will be loaded automatically in <head></head> tag of your site without any manual effort.

New Relic Browser Lite is free for unlimited pageviews. Every new New Relic account includes a two-week free trial of Browser Pro, which offers many more features - usage of Browser Pro beyond the trial period is a paid upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, your account will automatically revert to Browser Lite, for free, forever!


  • Allows you to create a New Relic Account and Browser App instantly.
  • If you already have New Relic Account, you can select between creating a new Browser app, or connecting your website to an existing browser app.
  • You do not need to edit your theme's header file manually to insert the New Relic Browser javascript, nor do you need to worry about updating the javascript when New Relic releases new versions - this plugin takes care of all that!
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Thoroughly tested on the top 10-WordPress open source themes and plugins in WordPress themes/plugins repository.
  • Actively supported by rtCamp and New Relic.

Important Links

  • GitHub - Please mention your username when sending pull requests.
Author rtCamp
Contributors rtcamp, newrelic, prasad-nevase, rakshit, rohanveer, brennenlb
Tags browser monitoring, javascript errors, javascript monitoring, new relic browser for wordpress, new relic wordpress, new relic wordpress analytics, new relic wordpress mu, new relic wordpress multisite
  1. rt-newrelic-browser screenshot 1

    Select whether or not you have a New Relic account.

  2. rt-newrelic-browser screenshot 2

    If you have a New Relic account, then select an existing Browser Application, or create a new one.

  3. rt-newrelic-browser screenshot 3

    Enter required details to create a New Relic account.

  4. rt-newrelic-browser screenshot 4

    You’ll see this when you are done!

  • Install the plugin from the 'Plugins' section in your dashboard (Go to Plugins > Add New > Search and search for 'New Relic Browser by rtCamp').
  • Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the repository. Unzip it and upload it to the plugins folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation).
  • Activate it through the 'Plugins' section.
  • Access the settings page from WordPress backend under Settings > New Relic Browser.
  • Once the plugin is configured, wait a minute or two, then login to your New Relic account to see Browser monitoring details.


  • First Public Release


  • Added uninstall.php for clean uninstallation of plugin
  • Updated plugin core file as per updates in New Relic script updates


  • Replaced cURL request with WordPress HTTP API, thus removing server side package dependency for plugin users.


  • Added constants for URL.
  • Updated uninstall.php to support clean uninstallation on WordPress Multisite.


  • Changed testing flag to false.


  • Updated API Key Location in description.

What if I do not have New Relic account?

This plugin will create one for you.

If I have a New Relic account, where do I find my API Key?

Here! Make sure to use your 'API Key' and not your ’Data access key'.

What if I accidentally disable the plugin and thus disable New Relic Browser monitoring?

No worries - simply re-enable the plugin, indicate you have an existing New Relic account, and provide your API Key.

Something is not working - what do I do?

Sorry about that! Please open a Github Issue or post to this plugin’s Support section.

Do I have to pay to use New Relic?

Nope! New Relic’s services, including Browser monitoring, APM for your WordPress PHP app (and many other languages), Server monitoring, Synthetic monitoring, and even Plugins for your entire stack, are all available in ‘Lite’ versions for free forever!

Version 1.0.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 25 Dec 2016

Date Added: 15 Jan 2015

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