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RSS Feed Icon for

Easily add the RSS feed icon by in any place of your website. It will be responsive and compatible with all major browsers. It will

An easy to use and lightweight WordPress plugin that lets you easily add RSS feed icon which connected to with the shortcode in any place of your website.

The plugin is based on the service SpecificFeeds allows your visitors to receive messages from your Blog/RSS Feed by email. You can access all information (such as emails and statistics) about your subscribers if you connect your feed to a SpecificFeeds account. It's 100% free and also has several other benefits.

To use, enter your personal link from, choose icon and click "Save Changes". Then you can put shortcode [specificfeeds-icon] in needed place. It's that simple! If you want more options then tell me and I will be happy to add it.


  • Responsive
  • Retina support
  • Cross Browser Compatible (work smooth in any modern browser)
  • Simple shortcode for displaying the SpecificFeeds icon
  • 13 official icons from
  • Ability to set the size of icon
  • Ready for translation (POT file included)

Coming soon:

  • Universal SpecificFeeds link (


Please keep in mind that not all translations are up to date. You are welcome to contribute!

  • English (default)
  • Russian


Developing plugins is long and tedious work. If you benefit or enjoy this plugin please take the time to:

Author Arthur Gareginyan
Contributors ArthurGareginyan
Tags button, значок, иконка, кнопка, email newsletter, email newsletters, email subscription, feed, feedburner alternative, feeds, follow, icon, newsletter, newsletters, rss, RSS Feed, rss feeds, RSS2Email, specific feeds, specificfeeds,, subscribe, subscription
  1. rss-feed-icon-for-specificfeedscom screenshot 1

    Plugin page.

  2. rss-feed-icon-for-specificfeedscom screenshot 2

    Shortcode added to widget.

Install "RSS Feed Icon for" just as you would any other WordPress Plugin.

Automatically via WordPress:

  1. Log into Dashboard of your WordPress website.
  2. Go to "Plugins" —> "Add New".
  3. Find this plugin and click install.
  4. Activate this plugin through the "Plugins" tab.

Manual via FTP:

  1. Download a copy (ZIP file) of this plugin from
  2. Unzip the ZIP file.
  3. Upload the unzipped catalog to your website's plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  4. Log into Dashboard of your WordPress website.
  5. Activate this plugin through the "Plugins" tab.

After installation, a "SpecificFeeds" menu item will appear in the "Settings" section. Click on this in order to view plugin's administration page.

More help installing Plugins


  • Design of settings page improved.
  • The preview section added on settings page.
  • Added option for setting custom size of icon.
  • Table of settings that saved in DB optimized.
  • Names of icons optimized.
  • Translations updated.
  • Readme for translations updated.
  • Image of the donate button changed.


  • Added the Readme.txt file for translation contribution.
  • Added global constant for plugin text-domain.
  • Translations updated.
  • Ad banner replaced with new.


  • Added prefixes to the stylesheet and script names when using wp_enqueue_style() and wp_enqueue_script().
  • Added constant for storing the plugin version number.


  • The structure of files changed.
  • Style sheet of settings page improved and better commented.
  • Style sheet of settings page optimized for mobile devices.
  • Added JavaScript file for settings page.
  • Added JavaScript function of automatic remove the "successful" message after 3 seconds.


  • POT file updated.
  • Russian translation updated.
  • Image "thanks.png" removed.
  • Advertisement replaced by new.
  • Added the subject with plugin name to email address on settings page.
  • Function "specificfeedsicon_enqueue_codemirror_scripts" renamed to "specificfeedsicon_load_scripts".


  • New design of settings page (new layout).
  • On settings page added section "Using" with the using details.
  • Added my personal ad about freelance.
  • Constants variables added.
  • All images are moved to the directory "images".
  • Image "btn_donateCC_LG.gif" is now located in the "images" directory.
  • Plugin URI changed to GitHub repository.
  • Slug of settings page changed to "rss-feed-icon-for-specificfeedscom".
  • Text domain changed to "rss-feed-icon-for-specificfeedscom".
  • Added compatibility with the
  • .pot file updated.
  • Russian translation updated.


  • Authors URI changed.
  • Donate link changed.
  • Localization improved.
  • .pot file updated.


  • Added filter to allow shortcodes in the text widgets.


  • Removed more unused do_action() from settings_page.php file.


  • Changed the style of title in plugin's page.
  • The stylesheet of plugin's page moved to separate file.
  • The name of plugin's page changed to "specificfeeds-icon.php".
  • The LICENSE file renamed to LICENSE.txt.


  • icons have been optimised.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Initial release.


  • Beta version.


  • Alfa version.

Q. Will this plugin work on my WordPress.COM website?

A. Sorry, this plugin is available for use only on self-hosted ( websites.

Q. Can I use this plugin on my language?

A. Yes. But If your language is not available then you can make one. This plugin is ready for translation. The .pot file is included and placed in "languages" folder. Many of plugin users would be delighted if you shared your translation with the community. Just send the translation files (*.po, *.mo) to me at the and I will include the translation within the next plugin update.

Q. Does this plugin require modification to the theme?

A. Absolutely not. This plugin is added/configured entirely from the website's Admin section.

Q. Does this require any knowledge of HTML or CSS?

A. Absolutely not. This plugin can be configured with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, using a simple WordPress settings page.

Q. It's not working. What could be wrong?

A. As with every plugin, it's possible that things don't work. The most common reason for this is that the plugin has a conflict with another plugin you're using. It's impossible to tell what could be wrong exactly, but if you post a support request in the plugin's support forum on, I'd be happy to give it a look and try to help out. Please include as much information as possible, including a link to your website where the problem can be seen.

Q. Where to report bug if found?

A. Please visit Dedicated Plugin Page on GitHub and report.

Q. Where to share any ideas or suggestions to make the plugin better?

A. Please send me email

Q. I love this plugin! Can I help somehow?

A. Yes, any financial contributions are welcome! Just visit my website and click on the donate link, and thank you! My website

Other Notes

"RSS Feed Icon for" is one of the personal software projects of Arthur Gareginyan.


This plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3) and is distributed free of charge. Commercial licensing (e.g. for projects that can’t use an open-source license) is available upon request.


All icons are the property of the


Version 3.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Dec 2016

Date Added: 27 Jul 2015

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