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RS 525icons

With this plugin, you can use shortcodes or HTML to add any icon from the '525icons web font', while editing text in Wordpress.

The 525icons css-file and font files are hosted at jsDelivr CDN, so this plugin is fast and lightweight. Find the names of your desired icons at There you may click on any icon to copy its name to the clipboard. The 'ico-' prefix is omitted, as you need only the name for the shortcode.

  • Shortcode syntax: [ico iname=""]
  • Notice! Write "twitter" if you want "ico-twitter".
  • eg. [ico iname="twitter"]

Generated HTML will be:

<i class="ux ico-twitter"></i>

which is the code needed to show the icon on the page.

You may include following optional parameters, which will add inline styles to the HTML code:

[ico isize="?" iborder="?" ibordercol="?" iradius="?" ipadding="?" imargin="?" icolor="?" ibg="?" ivalign="?"]

  1. isize = font-size (you must add: px, em, rem, pt, %, x-large, large, small etc.)
  2. iborder = border-size (specified as px, write number only)
  3. ibordercol = border-color (#HEX, RGB, RGBA, standard web color name, etc.)
  4. iradius = border-radius (specified as px, write number only)
  5. ipadding = padding (specified as px, write number only)
  6. imargin = margin (specified as px, write number only)
  7. icolor = color (#HEX, RGB, RGBA, standard web color name, etc.)
  8. ibg = background-color (#HEX, RGB, RGBA, standard web color name, etc.)
  9. ivalign = vertical-align (specified as %, write number only)

Default values for all selectors are 'empty', except: border-radius='0' and: border-color='black'.

(The shortcode [ico] alone will generate a default icon, which is set to the 'ico-Wordpress'.)

Advanced options:

In addition to the main css file, '525icons.min.css', the plugin utilizes the file 'css/styles.css', where there is a set of classes with standard HTML color names, plus some size classes. The class 'ispin', makes the icon spin infinitely, usable for spin and refresh icons.

About classes and inline styles:

This shortcode: [icon iname="twitter" icolor="darkblue" isize="24px"]

will generate inline styles like:

<i class="ux ico-twitter" style="font-size:24px;color:darkblue"></i>

while this shortcode: [icon iname="twitter darkblue xl"]

will generate following HTML-code, calling up classnames in the css files:

<i class="ux ico-twitter darkblue xl"></i>

If you use additional classes, you must add them after 'name' (must be inside the iname apostrophes - after space). For example, if you want an arrow pointing upwards, use 'rotate90':

[icon iname="circle-arrow rotate90"]

The rotate classes are useful for arrows and mediaplayer icons. Check out:

Take a look at 'css/styles.css' and, for more styling options.

Here are some of the available style classes:

Size classes:

  • .lg (font-size: 1.33333333em)
  • .xl (font-size: 24px)
  • .i2x (font-size: 32px)
  • .i3x (font-size: 48px)
  • .i4x (font-size: 64px)
  • .i5x (font-size: 80px)
  • .i6x (font-size: 96px)
  • .i7x (font-size: 112px)
  • .i8x (font-size: 128px)
  • .i9x (font-size: 144px)
  • .i10x (font-size: 160px)

Border radius (set as px):

  • .radius6
  • .radius8
  • .radius12
  • .radius36

Rotate classes:

  • .rotate45
  • .rotate90
  • .rotate135
  • .rotate180
  • .rotate225
  • .rotate270
  • .rotate315

You may choose to write HTML code instead of shortcodes, like this:

<i class="ux ico-twitter i2x blue"></i>
Author Rune Stromsted - @runestro
Contributors runestro
Tags 525icons, font, font icon, font-awesome, fontello, fonticon, genericon, genericons, glyph, glyphicons, ico, icomoon, icon, icon stack, iconfont, iconic, icons, svg, svg font icon, ui, ux, vector, webfont
  1. rs-525icons screenshot 1

    Here you can see some examples of generated icons and the shortcodes used.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress.

1.0 * Initial Release

1.1 * Updated link pointing to the the latest version of 525icons at JsDelivr: v3.3.0

1.2 * Updated link pointing to the the latest version of 525icons at JsDelivr: v3.4.0

1.3 * Updated link pointing to the the latest version of 525icons at JsDelivr: v3.5.0

1.4 * Updated link pointing to the the latest version of 525icons at JsDelivr: v3.6.0

How do I get support about any issue with this plugin?

Support Email:

Version 1.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 18 Dec 2016

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