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Rover IDX

Real Estate IDX - Listings, Maps, allow customer Saved Searches and Favorites. Simple shortcodes and easy-to-use Search Panel. Auto-mailings with yo

Rover IDX for Wordpress is a mobile responsive real estate IDX Plugin, providing fast, searchable real estate listings for website visitors. The plugin is highly configurable and flexible, allowing you to create a unique website. Most data is stored on our highly scalable servers, and renders on your WordPress website with lightning speed.

Rover IDX for Wordpress

Up and running in minutes

Activate Rover IDX, choose the MLS region, and add the [rover_idx_full_page] shortcode to a page. Boom - your site is displaying searchable real estate listings. You can then customize what cities are offered for search, what the search panel looks like, what the listing layout looks like, and how the property details page is displayed.

Unbelievable levels of customization

Out of the box, Rover IDX just works. You do not need to know html, css, or php. Further, Rover offers many listing layout templates to choose from, so you can customize your listings with a click. You can also customize the search panel with drag and drop efficiency. If you do want to get into the nitty gritty, you can create your own layout templates - and we offer basic templates to get you started.


Maps can be integrated into [rover_idx_full_page] as a dynamic search experience. Define locations (towns, counties, subdivisions) via polygons, and allow visitors to search by clicking on these defined locations.


Rover IDX has an optional CRM, used to track and organize your leads. See the searches / properties visitors have viewed. Add Notes and Todo's. Keep a follow up calendar.

WordPress Widgets

Add straightforward widgets for Quick Search, Ask a Question, Featured Listings, Quick Links, and Mortgage and Affordability Calculators.

Conveniently Add Shortcodes

Within the Wordpress visual editor, Rover IDX offers a add-a-shortcode button with the kitchen sink of parameters. Just adjust the parameters you care about, and remove or ignore the rest. Rover IDX shortcode guide

Unbelievable SEO

All Rover IDX pages are SEO friendly. Clean urls, and there are no iframes or subdomains. Rover IDX also adds structured data where appropriate. All the property detail pages are in your domain, and Googlebot will find them. And Rover IDX maintains a sitemap of all the active listings represented by your website, and the various crawlers are updated every 24 hours with that updated sitemap.

Mobile friendly

All Rover IDX pages are mobile friendly, as long as the Wordpress theme you've chosen is also mobile friendly. Rover IDX has a Mobile settings page that allows you to tune mobile behavior.

CSS Frameworks

By default, Rover IDX creates beautiful pages. If your site is already using Bootstrap, or you would like Rover to create it's elements using Bootstrap, simply choose 'Bootstrap' in the CSS Framework section of the Styling >> Quick Start page.

Author Terrier Technologies
Contributors stevemullen
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  1. rover-idx screenshot 1

    Setting up Rover IDX is a breeze

  2. rover-idx screenshot 2

    Type in the name or broker last name of the office, and select the active agents. You can set meta data for the agents as well.

  3. rover-idx screenshot 3

    Choose from any of the listing layout templates that ship with Rover IDX, or build your own.

  4. rover-idx screenshot 4

    Super easy to add searchable pages - [rover_idx_full_page] creates a fully searchable page with search panel, listing results, and in 2-column mode a sidebar with highlighted listings.

  5. rover-idx screenshot 5

    Simple, clean layouts for highly usable pages.

  6. rover-idx screenshot 6

    Don't forget to include a map. Visitors love maps!

  7. rover-idx screenshot 7

    Easy add links to your sidebar, footer, or page. These links take advantage of the Rover IDX dynamic url feature. If the page does not exist in your website, Rover IDX will parse the url, hoping that the url is calling for searchable listings specified by the url. See for more information.

  1. Upload the rover-idx folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Rover IDX plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Rover IDX menu that appears in your admin menu

  • Improve interoperability with some Wordpress themes that fire events earlier / later than expected
  • Fix problem that prevent plugin activation code from running in all instances

  • Improve saving of Styling settings to Wordpress options.

  • Rover IDX will now process Diverse Solutions shortcodes and IDX Data Filters.

  • Avoid duplicating Rover shortcode button on Visual tab when editing Post / Page
  • Add 'listings per row' to Styling >> Listings page settings
  • Use key 'search_panel_layout' for all quick search widgets
  • Allow "Print" to work correctly when in a property details dialog (worked correctly in a new window)


  • Although Rover IDX is 8 years old and used in many real estate sites, this is the initial Wordpress repository release.

Does Rover IDX work with any theme?

Yes, as long as the theme follows Wordpress conventions. Themes created for Wordpress 3+ are better.

How is Rover IDX priced?

See for pricing.

How many websites does my Rover IDX subscription allow?

You can run one subscription of Rover IDX on up to 5 websites for the active agent.

If I have multiple websites with Rover IDX, can I tie them together?

Yes! Rover IDX has a 'link this website' feature that allows you and your clients to log into any of the websites and manage their settings and criteria.

Does Rover IDX work with my MLS region?

We work with about 50 MLS's, and that list is growing every month. If we don't currently have your MLS region, we are happy to investigate adding it. We do all the paperwork (except your signatures), and setting up a new region usually takes 2-3 days.

Version 1.2.6

Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 11 Feb 2017

Date Added: 02 Jun 2016

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