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Role Based Help Notes

Help Notes/Posts private to assigned users of a WordPress role.

Do you want to give users a private area to share information based on a role they have been assigned?

...this plugin allows you to quickly create a custom post type for user roles. This allows users, with a specific role, the ability to create and edit their own 'help notes' providing a private set of notes for use. It can be used for anything else that fits with that role ( e.g. creating and sharing ideas within teams, minutes-of-meetings, formal notes... etc.).

To add new roles to the basic WordPress roles (Administrator, Editor, Subscriber ..etc ) you will need to use another plugin refer to Roles_and_Capabilities and Resources.. Plugins. You can then use one of these plugins ( e.g. User Role Editor ) to allocate users to multiple roles.

So if you want to quickly give a group a private area to share and post ideas/notes .. 1. Create a new role. 2. Add users to the role. 3. Enable the Help Notes from the settings.

A global 'General Help Notes' type is also available which is not tided to a specific role, this has the same access/capabilities as the standard WordPress 'post' type for write access. Unlike the other Help Notes the General Type is public to read, you can see an example over at an example content page.

There is a widget available to list all users with access to the current Help Note type on display. The user display_name is shown and can be selected by each user within their own profile.


If you select the options for extending functionality through other plugins the following are available for ease of installing..

Admin side Plugins..

  • Role Includer simple interface to handle multiple roles with users. If you wish to hide/mask-out a particular role from "staff" ( such as "Administrator" ) so that staff cannot allocate the higher access level then you can exclude higher roles by using the "Role Excluder" plugin.
  • Email Users allows users within a Help Note group/role to email others.
  • User Switching great tool for admins to switch to test any users access/capability.
  • Simple Page Ordering for easing re-ordering of Help Notes.
  • Post Type Switcher allows users with two or more roles to change the role assigned to a help note, useful if you created a Help Note under the wrong role.
  • Pixabay Images provides a quick method for all enabled roles within Help Notes to upload Public Domain images.

Front End Plugins..

Plugin site.

Author Justin Fletcher
Contributors justinticktock
Tags buddypress, cms, collaboration, documents, groups, help, intranet, multisite, notes, roles, teams, user
  1. role-based-help-notes screenshot 1

    The Settings 'General' Tab Screen.

  2. role-based-help-notes screenshot 2

    The Settings 'Role' Tab showing 4 user roles enabled for Private Help Notes.

  3. role-based-help-notes screenshot 3

    Dashboard showing the 'Staff Admin" user role access.

  4. role-based-help-notes screenshot 4

    The Settings 'Email Groups' shows when the email-users plugin is active and enables the email/widget Help Note functionality.

  5. role-based-help-notes screenshot 5

    The Twenty Fifteen theme showing a help note with the the email and user listing widgets enabled.

  6. role-based-help-notes screenshot 6

    The Twenty Fifteen theme showing the contents page for the 'Staff Admin' role, also with the 'Tabby Responsive Tabs' Plugin Active. The other tabs for 'Contributor', 'Author' and 'Developer' are present as the logged user also has these roles.

  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Goto the "Settings" Menu and "Help Notes" sub menu, select which roles are to have Help Notes.
  4. Allocate roles to users for the Help Notes to appear in their Admin menu.
  5. NOTE ! if you want to edit Help Notes yourself you need to have the role(s) assigned to your user profile! (Just being an Administrator does not give you access).

Change log is maintained on the plugin website

I have a new role how can I add it?

You will need to use another plugin to manage roles and capabilities such as the User Role Editor plugin.

Is there a theme template I can modify in my child theme?

Yes ... Answer

Version 1.8

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 24 Dec 2016

Date Added: 30 Sep 2013

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