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Responsive Slider

A responsive slider for integrating into themes via a simple shortcode.

The Responsive Slider plugin allows you to create slides that consist of linked (to any url) images and titles. The slider would then take those slides and present them as a jQuery-powered slideshow - at a chosen location within your theme, page, or post. In whatever order you want them.

Check out the Demo to see the plugin in action: See the Demo

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The main purpose of the Responsive Slider is to serve as an effective addition to responsive WordPress themes, as it would automatically adjust to its container. This would work out of the box - there is no need for additional CSS or JavaScript tweaks from your theme.

Please note, this plugin is only for use on Self-Hosted WordPress installations, not See this Guide to the Best WordPress Hosting if you need any help choosing one.

How to Install and Use the plugin? Make sure to read the plugin documentation in docs/readme.html as well.

About AlienWP

Responsive Slider was created by AlienWP, a WordPress Theme Shop which offers over 20 WordPress themes for you to download including 8 free themes. We also provide amazing WordPress Deals and Coupons and Theme Collections for every possible type of WP site.

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Author AlienWP
Contributors Griden, ThemeFurnace
Tags content slider, flex slider, flexslider, gallery slider, image slider, jquery slider, Photo Slider, responsive, responsive slider, slide, slider, slider plugin, slides, slideshow, wordpress slider, wordpress slideshow
  1. Upload the plugin folder responsive-slider to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress. A new item "Slides" would appear in the admin menu (under "Pages").
  3. Go to Slides -> Settings and configure the slider options.
  4. Go to Slides -> Add New Slide and create a few slides.
  5. Place <?php echo do_shortcode( '[responsive_slider]' ); ?> in your template - wherever you want it displayed. Alternatively you can use [responsive_slider] into a post or a page - just like any other shortcode.
  6. That's it. Your site should now display the slider at the chosen location.


  • Updated some links, documentation in preparation for new version of plugin along with pro version


  • Fix: omit the anchor tag if the 'URL' field is empty.


  • Important: use <?php echo do_shortcode( '[responsive_slider]' ); ?> instead of <?php do_shortcode( '[responsive_slider]' ); ?> if you are adding the slider directly to your template file. Ignore this if you are using the [responsive_slider] shortcode.
  • Fix: the slider output is now correctly returned instead of echoed.
  • Added entries to the FAQ section.


  • Updated some credit links in the readme.html file.
  • Added a question to the FAQ.


  • Added wp_reset_query() to the output function - responsive_slider().


  • Internationalized some strings.


  • Fixed some translation bugs like loading the textdomain in the frontend.
  • Added Finnish translation.


  • The slides are now ordered by the page attribute 'order' in the backend.
  • Internationalized some strings.
  • Fixed some translation errors.


  • Removed the 'Layout' and 'Stylesheet' Hybrid Core meta boxes from the slide editor.
  • Added readme.html in a new 'doc' folder.
  • Added French translation.
  • Corrected some typos.
  • Updated plugin description.


  • Initial release.

My slider disappeared when I upgraded!?

Make sure to use <?php echo do_shortcode( '[responsive_slider]' ); ?> instead of <?php do_shortcode( '[responsive_slider]' ); ?> if you are adding the slider directly to your template file.

But the slider is not responsive!

The slider addapts to it's container width. If you are using a theme with non-responsive layout, the slider won't behave 'responsively' as well.

Would the Responsive Slider work in my theme?

The plugin has been tested with more than 20 popular WordPress themes. It should work in yours too.

Does my theme need to be 'responsive' in order to use this plugin?

No, not at all. You can use it with any theme.

Can I change the way it looks?

Sure, you can easily override the slider CSS in your theme. The easiest approach is to use a tool like Firebug to find the snippet you need to override. Then copy it to your theme CSS file (usually style.css) and edit it there, using a CSS selector with higher priority.

Can I create more than one slider?

No, currently the plugin can maintain only one slider.

Version 0.1.9

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 16 Apr 2012

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