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Responsive Portfolio Gallery

This plugin allows for the easy creation of a responsive portfolio gallery and includes filterable categories with wonderful css transitions.

Responsive Portfolio Gallery is a filterable gallery where you can display portfolio of your work or images. It also provides external website links for each portfolio item making it the perfect gallery option for a website designer or developer.

You can add portfolio items from Dashboard > Portfolio Items > Add New.

You can display your portfolio on any page of your website by using one of the following shortcodes:

  • [2-column-responsive-portfolio]
  • [3-column-responsive-portfolio]
  • [4-column-responsive-portfolio]

You can set the initial view of your portfolio gallery by setting the "default-view" option in the shortcode, for example:

  • [4-column-responsive-portfolio default-view='hybrid']
  • [4-column-responsive-portfolio default-view='list']

You can also display a gallery that will only show portfolio items if they contain at least one category listed in the "categories" option of the shortcode, for example:

  • [4-column-responsive-portfolio categories='Responsive Design,Shopping']

To view a live demo of this plugin click here.

Author Shane Watters
Contributors ShaneWatters
Tags best gallery, best gallery plugin, best portfolio plugin, categories, categorized portfolio, category, columns, filterable gallery, filterable jquery portfolio plugin, filterable portfolio, filterable portfolio categories
  1. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 1

    Full Screen Frontend Gallery

  2. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 2

    Mobile Devices Frontend Gallery

  3. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 3

    Single Portfolio Item Frontend

  4. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 4

    Adding A New Category

  5. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 5

    Adding A New Portfolio Item

  6. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 6

    Setting The Featured Image For A Portfolio Item

  7. responsive-portfolio-gallery screenshot 7

    Adding The Gallery Shortcode To A Page

  1. Upload the plugin to your 'wp-content/plugins' directory, or download and install automatically through your admin panel, or checkout the repository from
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on the new menu item "Portfolio" then create your portfolio items.
  4. Choose one of three shortcodes to display your gallery: [2-column-responsive-portfolio], [3-column-responsive-portfolio], [4-column-responsive-portfolio].
  5. Edit the page that you want your portfolio to appear on and paste the shortcode into it.


  • Adding loading overlay to portfolio gallery page that fades out once all images are loaded.
  • Adding categories option to shortcode that allows a gallery to display only portfolio items that have one of the categories
  • Adding default-view option to shortcode that allows the user to set the default view of the gallery
  • Adding the ability for the gallery image to link to an external URL and choose if the link with open in the current browser tab or a new tab
  • Adding the ability to choose whether website URL will open in the current browser tab or a new tab


  • Implementing functionality to allow single-portfolio-item.php template to be used themes


  • improving shortcode functionality so that the HTML output is done via a return statement rather than an echo statement

Where to ask questions?

Please use the WordPress support forums to ask any query regarding any issue.

Version 1.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 26 Nov 2016

Date Added: 19 Mar 2015

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