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Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery Allow You Add Unlimited Images To Photo Gallery Integrated With Light Box Preview Using Fade Animation Effect

Responsive Photo Gallery is based on bootstrap framework. You can Add unlimited images on your blog site. Responsive Photo Gallery is provide fade animation, light box image preview and two gallery layout with various fonts. It's also provide isotope effect to adjust your image size according to screen resolution.

Using [WRG id=123] shortcode, you can publish image or photo gallery into any Page or Post in your WordPress sites. You can use multiple gallery shortcode on multiple pages and posts to display various images galleries.


  • Responsive Gallery
  • Multiple Gallery Option (new)
  • Multiple Gallery Shortcode (new)
  • Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard
  • Fade Animation Effect
  • Two Design Layout
  • Two Types of Color Scheme
  • Hover color opacity effect
  • Integrated with Isotope Effect
  • Two Different Font Awesome Icon
  • Light Box Integrated
  • Browser Compatible
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • Multilingual Translation Ready

Free Plugin Demo: Responsive Photo Gallery Free

Responsive Photo Gallery Pro Features

  • Responsive Gallery
  • Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard
  • 8 Types of Animation Effect
  • 5 Types of Gallery design layout
  • Unlimited Colors Scheme with opacity Effects
  • 520 Goggle Font Styles integrated with gallery
  • Multiple Image Uploader
  • Drag and Drop image Position
  • Gallery Shortcode button on page or post.
  • Integrated with Isotope Effect
  • Choose Unlimited Font Awesome Icon
  • 4 Types Of light box integrated with gallery
  • Unlimited Font icon Choices
  • Each Gallery has unique Settings
  • Customized Font Icon Size
  • Open gallery lightbox on click image or icon
  • Hide And Show gallery title
  • Gallery Categorized Display
  • Google Fonts
  • Grid and masonry layout
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • Each gallery associated with unique shortcode.
  • Retina Ready
  • Browser Compatible
  • Multilingual Translation Ready
  • And many more..

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Author Weblizar
Contributors weblizar
Tags best gallery plugin, gallery, Gallery Plugin, gallery shortcode, image, image photo gallery plugin, photo, responsive, responsive image gallery, responsive photo gallery, top gallery plugin, widget gallery
  1. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 1

    Gallery Preview on Site

  2. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 2

    Gallery Preview on Image Hover

  3. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 3

    Gallery Image 1 Preview Light Box

  4. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 4

    Gallery Image 2 Preview Light Box

  5. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 5

    Insert Images into Gallery

  6. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 6

    Add Images into Gallery 1

  7. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 7

    Add Images into Gallery 2

  8. responsive-photo-gallery screenshot 8

    Gallery Settings

  1. Upload the entire responsive-photo-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress admin.
  3. Create new gallery, Use [WRG id=xx] shortcode to publish image gallery on any page or post.

For more information, see Weblizar(

3.3.4 - version update

3.3.3 - version update

3.3.2 - version update

3.3.1 - compatible upto WordPress 4.7

3.3.0 - update

3.2.9 = * update

Version 3.2.8 10/10/2016

  • Plugin Version Update

Version 3.2.7 16/09/2016

  • Small Update

Version 3.2.6 16/05/2016

  • Small Update

Version 3.2.5 31-March-2016

  • Small Bug resolved

Version 3.2.4 09-March-2016

  • Small Bug resolved

Version 3.2.3 28-Jan-2016

  • Plugin tag updated
  • Sanitized posted data
  • Escaping output data

Version 3.2.2 31-Dec-2015

  • Small update

Version 3.2.1 17-Dec-2015

  • Remove Media upload issue for wordpress old versions

Version 3.2 10-Dec-2015

  • Remove Upload image issue

Version 3.1.2 19-Nov-2015

  • Small Bug resolved
  • Compatible with wordpress 4.4

Version 3.1.1 27-Oct-2015

  • Minor Update in css

Version 3.1 12-Oct-2015

  • Small design issue has been resolved

Version 3.0 28-sep-2015

  • Small Bug Fixed

Version 2.9 21-sep-2015

  • Compatible with wordpress version 4.3.1
  • update banner
  • Small Bug Fixed

Version 2.8 31-Aug-2015

  • Small Bug Fixed

Version 2.7 07-July-2015

  • Small Bug Fixed
  • New: WordPress 4.2.2 Compatible

Version 2.6 21-Apr-2015

  • New: WordPress 4.2 Compatible

Version 2.5 30-Mar-2015

  • Added: Turkish Translation

Version 2.4 21-Mar-2015

  • Resolved Caption and Icon position alignment issue

Version 2.3 11-Mar-2015

  • Resolved Uppercase letters Problem

Version 2.2 10-Feb-2015

  • Resolved Image Disappear error on lightbox
  • Lightbox is now display on multiple shortcode gallery
  • All Settings are now apply on single shortcode

Version 2.1 04-Feb-2015

  • New: Show Mutiple Galleries on individual Page/Post
  • New: Single Slider for all images in gallery

Version 2.0 15-Jan-2015

  • Update bootstrap-admin.css file
  • Remove unused css code

Version 1.9 09-Jan-2015

  • Add new Font Awesome icon for Image View Icon
  • Small changes in code

Version 1.8 22-Dec-2014

  • Compatible up to: 4.1
  • Remove apostrophe error from image label

Version 1.7 01-Dec-2014

  • Compatible up to: 4.0.1
  • Update General fonts format for Gallery title

Version 1.5 31-Oct-2014

  • Add posts_per_page code
  • Resolved Problem of not display unlimited gallery on page

Version 1.4 28-Oct-2014

  • Remove unused pricing-table-responsive.css file
  • Resolved small bug
  • Update some css code

Version 1.3 20-Oct-2014

  • Resolved design conflict
  • Update Bootstrap css
  • Remove Unused reset.css file

Version 1.2 08-Oct-2014

  • Add Opacity Color Effect
  • Add Rgb converter function
  • Remove small unused css

Version 1.1 05-Sep-2014

  • Remove Header Menu Css error
  • Add stylish Image pop up (lightbox)
  • Add Stylish Image label on lightbox
  • Update gallery title design
  • Remove bootstrap model error
  • Resolved Implode() bug from plugin
  • Remove unnecessary rgb() function
  • Update img-gallery.css style-sheet
  • Remove unnecessary bootstrap.min.js file
  • Increase Gallery title font-size
  • Remove unnecessary isotope class css from plugin

Version 1.0 30-Aug-2014

  • Remove text domain error
  • Now compatible with WordPress 4.0
  • Add Shortcode text label
  • Remove Bootstrap body css conflict

Version 0.9 14-Aug-2014

  • Remove Permalinks Error
  • Resolved Css bug
  • Upgrade Bootstrap css
  • Remove navbar menu css conflict

Version 0.8 06-Aug-2014

  • Hide or show gallery title
  • Resolved Some Design issue
  • Remove Post view button
  • Improve Design
  • Remove some small js error

Version 0.7 17-Jul-2014

  • Remove Isotope

Version 0.6 10-Jul-2014

  • Bug: Campatible with all free and premium themes

Version 0.5 03-Jul-2014

  • New: Very easiest and simple responsive photo gallery dashboard

Version 0.4 03-Jul-2014

  • New: Gallery will load according placed into post content

Version 0.3 21-Jun-2014

  • New: Translation Ready

Version 0.2 08-Jun-2014

  • Bug: Typo fixed

Version 0.1 01-Jun-2014

  • New: Add Gallery
  • New: Gallery Settings
  • New: Bootstrap Light Box
  • New: Gallery Shortcode [WRG id=xx]

Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue.


  • Responsive Gallery
  • Admin Gallery Dashboard
  • Fade Animation Effect
  • Two Design Layout
  • Two Types of Color Scheme
  • Various Font Styles
  • Integrated with Isotope Effect
  • Two Different Font Awesome Icon
  • Bootstrap Model Light Box
  • Gallery Categorized Display
  • Retina Ready
  • Browser Compatible
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • Multilingual Translation Ready

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Version 3.3.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Jun 2014

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