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Remove Query Strings

Removes all query strings from static resources meaning that proxy servers and beyond can better cache your site content (plus, better SEO scores).

Remove Query Strings is a simple plugin that automatically removes query strings from static resources on your WordPress website. By activating the plugin and refreshing your website on the frontend and then checking its source code (clear any caches), you will be able to see that query string have been removed from source URLs.

By default, this plugin only removes query strings that begin with "ver" which is the most common query string for WordPress sites (i.e. ?ver=1.12.4 is removed from the end of the URL source for jQuery, etc).

To remove more types of query strings (unlimited), simply use the following constant in your wp-config.php file to define which strings to remove:

define('REMOVE_QUERY_STRING_ARGS', 'ver,version,my-arg,other-arg');

Please note that if using this defined constant, the default "ver" string removal will be disabled, meaning that you should re-define the "ver" string in the comma-separated list shown above to ensure that it's properly removed.

While the necessity of this function has been debated, most SEO and loading speed tools such as GTMetrix, Pingdom, etc still recommend removing all query strings from static resources. The reason being that some proxy servers (etc) that are part of the internet's underlying infrastructure (or your unique browsing connection) will be able to cache your website's content better when query strings do not exist. In other words, having query strings on static resources makes those resources look like many different resources rather than a single resource. It is also a valuable performance enhancing method if your web server (esp. Nginx) is using a caching method such as FastCGI or proxy_pass (reverse proxy caches).

While programmers often argue that query strings help to "break caches" and ensure the proper version of a static file is loading correctly, sometimes this is not necessarily true depending on your setup. For example, if your site is behind CloudFlare or another similar proxy setup that caches static file content for 24 hours (example) regardless of query strings, then "breaking" the cache doesn't work; in other cases, query strings can directly impact loading speed.

By using this plugin, your site may see a performance boost in certain situations or for certain apps/users. Keep in mind that you may wish to consult your IT or server team to see if it will help or hurt your unique setup.


  • Meant for Linux servers
  • Minimum PHP version: 5.5
  • Designed for: PHP 7+ and MySQL 5.7+
  • Can be used as a "Must Use" plugin (mu-plugins)

Future plugin goals:

  • Localization (translation support)
  • Transient experimentation (settings stored in wp_options)
  • More features (based on user suggestions)
  • Code maintenance/improvements

Code inspired by:

NOTE: We released this plugin in response to our managed hosting clients asking for better access to their server environment, and our primary goal will likely remain supporting that purpose. Although we are 100% open to fielding requests from the WordPress community, we kindly ask that you consider all of the above mentioned goals before leaving reviews of this plugin, thanks!

Author LittleBizzy
Contributors littlebizzy
Tags CSS, from, JS, query, remove, Resources, scores, seo, static, strings
  1. Upload the plugin files to /wp-content/plugins/remove-query-strings-littlebizzy
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Use the settings page to exclude certain types of query strings if needed


  • updated plugin meta data


  • plugin completely remade using wp-config.php constant rather than wp_options table (settings page removed)


  • Initial release inspired by other plugins, including settings page to exclude certain query strings.

How can I change this plugin's settings?

There is a settings page where you can exclude certain types of query strings.

I have a suggestion, how can I let you know?

Please avoid leaving negative reviews in order to get a feature implemented. Instead, we kindly ask that you post your feedback on the support forums by tagging this plugin in your post. If needed, you may also contact our homepage.

Other Notes

About filters, you can add the code in functions.php or in other plugin. There are two ways to handle the filter, with or withour $src extra parameter, for example:

// Only $unwanted_args array parameter (for example if you do not want to modify the wp-config.php) add_filter('rmqrst_unwanted_args', 'remove_query_strings_test'); function remove_query_strings_test($unwanted_args) { return array('my-custom-arg', 'another-arg); }

// Parameters $unwanted_args array and URL $src that will be modified (if you want to change the args to remove only for specific URLs) add_filter('rmqrst_unwanted_args', 'remove_query_strings_test_2', 10, 2); function remove_query_strings_test_2($unwanted_args, $src) { // Add 'test' arg to remove, only for this URL if ($src == 'http://myhost/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.12.4&test=on') { $unwanted_args[] = 'test'; } return $unwanted_args; }

This filter provides full control about what the plugin is doing, so an advanced user can customize the remove arg feature even for specific URLs.

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 20 Jan 2017

Date Added: 20 Jan 2017

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