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IDX Realty Pro

Easily add IDX listings and property searches from your MLS provider's RETS data feed to your real estate website for better SEO.

NO Subdomain! NO Iframes! NO Script Embeds!

We know that real estate agents, brokers and web develoeprs for those in the field need: Quick! Accurate! And Simple! IDX Realty Pro does just that for the best website content management system on Earth, WordPress. No more iframes, site performance killing scripts or expensive customization fees. With IDX Realty Pro, you get all the benefits of Real-Time MLS data synced on your site, as part of your site.

Simple and Beautiful To make your site grab visitors' eyes, with eye catching property displays, IDXRP has incorporated easy to use templates that can be 100% customized. Our team has a combined total of nearly 20 years in the Real Estate industry as licensed brokers and agents, so they know what you really need.

Quickly Add Widgets & Shortcodes Regardless of your theme or editing preferences, there is an option for creating property pages for communities, featured properties and other specifics that help coral visitors into your Leads* list.

Ask about our Drag n' Drop page build and theme with built in IDX Property widget and advanced layout capabilities.

Responsive and Mobile Ready IDX Realty Pro has been designed to be mobile compatible on smartphones and tablets when used with any responsive WordPress theme.

Reliable Updates and Support Not only do we use the latest RETS data dictionary and feed interpretation technology, we stay on top of real estate industry trends to help our users stay ahead of the large firms and online search portals.


  • On-Site Exclusive Listing Control
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy User Interface
  • Modern Property Search
  • Modern Design
  • Self Hosted Data (Speed)
  • Optional Hosting
  • Easy to Install
  • True WordPress Integration
  • Google Analytics Friendly
  • SEO/Google Indexed Property Pages
  • List and gallery result views
  • Reciprocity MLS data feeds
  • Large photos and thumbnails
  • Search widgets
  • Saved searches
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Fully MLS compliant
  • Dynamic community pages
  • Virtual tours
  • Streamlined Lead Capture*
  • User Insight with IDX Lead Pro*
  • Premium Support Included
  • A much more... Check out our site for more info on our features

Capture and Convert Your Leads* With the IDX Leads Pro addon, you have a powerful lead capture tool to generate, manage, maintain and update new leads. Send automated property update emails for user's saved searches and manual searches an agent creates. Get notifications instantly, with your lead capture settings in IDX Leads Pro.

Author IDX Realty, LLC
Contributors JAkzam, pcgrejaldo
Tags IDX, idx broker, IDX listings, IDX plugin, IDX realty, IDX SEO, IDX Website, IDX wordpress, listings, MLS, Multiple Listing Service, properties, property, real estate, real estate wordpress, realtor, RETS, wordpress mls
  1. realty-idx-pro screenshot 1

    Shows the plugin admin page with the "Overview" tab.

  2. realty-idx-pro screenshot 2

    Shows the properties list page.

  3. realty-idx-pro screenshot 3

    Shows the search properties list page with filter options.

  4. realty-idx-pro screenshot 4

    Shows the properties list table.

  5. realty-idx-pro screenshot 5

    Shows the RETS credential editor page.

  6. realty-idx-pro screenshot 6

    Shows the RETS credential list table page.

  7. realty-idx-pro screenshot 7

    Shows the single property page.

  1. Important: Backup your files and database.

  2. Upload via "wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload" or if using FTP, unzip and upload /realty-idx-pro/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress (under the plugin name: "IDX Realty Pro").


  • added: Update default templates button in Admin > Overview tab
  • changed: loading default template in template editor should now replace existing content


  • added: favorite button on search results
  • fixed: Fatal error: Call to undefined method IDXRealtyPro\Model\Front::getUserSearchData()
  • fixed: no login/registration form popup when clicking favorite for non-logged-in users


  • added: Intl polyfill
  • added: favorite button on single property post
  • added: save search function
  • added: [idxrp_user_acct] shortcode generator
  • fixed: single word search freezes db query on multiple taxonomy term match


  • added: Load Default Templates on templates post editor
  • added: rest context to Shortcodes::getPropertyFieldValue() param
  • fixed: IDXRP Field shortcode/tag generator may break if non-unique keys are encountered for select options
  • fixed: options gets replaced when clicking Add button on Adv Filter due to incorrect array index used


  • added: last RETS activity log message
  • fixed: unable to change advanced filter control label


  • added: taxonomy archive template
  • fixed: [idxrp_group] shortcode admin error doesn't print for required attribute taxonomy=>terms pair


  • fixed: WP_Filesystem() call returns fatal as it is not defined - added conditional check to include wp-admin/includes/file.php before the call


  • added: MultiSelect control
  • added: anchor tag wrapper to grid view item
  • changed: default orderby to "price" field
  • changed: "Grid" button label to "Photo"
  • fixed: grid view layout may break if images have different sizes (height)
  • fixed: MultiCheckbox doesn't trigger instant search when option is enabled


  • fixed: tinymce stylesheet not loaded in post editor


  • added: code adjustments to support rets_mlsli_com server
  • added: idxrp_field tag and shortcode generator for idxrp_template post editor
  • fixed: edit_post_link template tag has no handler


  • added: [idxrp_field] shortcode
  • added: instant search option and functionality
  • added: photo modification timestamp field
  • changed: default resource settings for RETS servers are now downloaded from remote server
  • fixed: date formatting outputs raw data in display context


  • added: idxrp_group shortcode generator
  • added: Tools tab - with Download Thumbnails tool
  • added: default templates installer in admin page > Overview tab
  • added: Open Graph meta tags for singular posts
  • changed: Grid view markup and style rules changed to bootstrap
  • fixed: Search App Settings dialog body is not scrollable when content goes beyond its bounds
  • fixed: wptexturize breaks template output - removed filter on idxrp_template output and added back after
  • fixed: element with longName key being removed when sorting fields


  • fixed: http_authentication field does not change when selecting other options
  • fixed: initial search submit may not return results due to incorrect page value passed along with the request
  • changed: front-end default templates moved to WP_CONTENT_DIR - downloaded on plugin activation (if RETS credentials already exists) or upon successful verification of RETS credentials


  • fixed: some RETS server doesn't provide proper or correct data which makes the replication process go into an infinite loop when replicating more than 1 class of a resource
  • implemented: single property marker info window template option in admin settings > Single tab
  • fixed: form and query filter params are not passed along in pagination function
  • implemented: map marker info window templates


  • fixed: on reset replication, existing property post is not retrieved and updated for mls/listing-key that matches currently inserted data
  • fixed: grid view is not showing the price field - incorrect object property used due to refactoring


  • fixed: search params not being sent along with the request due to change in params key between post and get method


  • fixed: undefined index error


  • Code overhaul - rewritten to utilize WP 4.7 REST API


  • fixed: sync process doesn't put properties to draft status when they are no longer "active"


  • changed: no longer creates base64 encoded images but actual image file instead as conversion and parsing seems slow
  • fixed: loading spinner positioned at the bottom of the screen instead of center screen


  • added: Open Graph meta tags for base64 encoded images
  • added: property-photos.php which provides base64 images an image URL
  • fixed: ListPrice min/max suffix not stripped in adjacent post where clause query resulting to db query errors


  • fixed: IDXAddressDisplayYN values to check now includes ['Yes', 'Y', 1]


  • fixed: wpdb query error for ListPrice_min and ListPrice_max as the suffix (_min/_max) are not stripped before usage in db query
  • added: filters idxrp_replicate_rets_data_rets_query, idxrp_get_filtered_properties_where_clause and idxrp_get_filtered_properties_filter_keys


  • added: check for photos_save_location at the start of downloadRetsPhotos() method, so method body can be skipped if its value is empty (default)
  • added: IDXRP_PHRETS_POST_METHOD constant for MLS that returns 404 error due to limitations with GET method when executing queries
  • changed: thumbnail is now also pulled from RETS server
  • fixed: photos_location var_map may be set incorrectly if photo query reply code doesn't match any of the hardcoded values - is now removed


  • removed : strpos call


  • fixed: foreach invalid argument warning notice when $property_fields is empty


  • fixed: AdminModel::deleteAllCredentialRelatedData() method to only run if post being deleted is of rets_credential post type
  • fixed: foreach() warning notice for invalid argument when params is generated by Beaver widget
  • removed: single.php from array of single-<post_type>.php templates


  • changed: Front::fullWidthSinglePropertyTemplate() single-property template file names to dynamic
  • fixed: setCookies() method array_key_exists() param 1 warning notice


  • added: constant IDXRP_SKIP_OFFICE_AGENT_DATA to skip agent/office data
  • changed: IDXListing to IDXAddressDisplayYN


  • changed: force 5-digits postal code
  • changed: IDXListing field check when creating property post title
  • fixed: More Filters displays all values instead of a limited set of values based on idxrp_properties_list attributes


  • added: fix_photos_url cli subcommand
  • added: exclude property photos in Media Library list mode
  • fixed: photos_url field being emptied on sync process


  • added: filters_only attribute to [idxrp_properties_list] shortcode
  • changed: search function additional parsing
  • updated: bootstrap to v3.3.7


  • added: fix_property_title cli subcommand for fixing post_title (address) and its slug
  • added: IDX_REALTY_PRO_REQUIRED_PHP for minimum required PHP version
  • added: IDX_REALTY_PRO_REQUIRED_WP for minimum required Wordpress version
  • added: IDXRP_CLI_UNLI_MEMORY if set to true, will use maximum memory when running CLI commands
  • added: IDXRP_PROPERTY_POST_TYPE set to string to change the post type name of properties. Must be set before the plugin is activated.
  • added: Photos Download Limit in credential post editor (under Replicate RETS Data metabox) which limits the number of listings per batch or request when downloading photos
  • changed: creation and linking of listing thumbnails are now done after photos of a listing are downloaded
  • changed: found properties label on reset
  • changed: minimum WP required is now 4.6
  • fixed: #view-mapping-btn button throws a script error due to stripped form tag
  • fixed: sort select dropdown doesn't set selected option


  • [idxrp_properties_list] shortcode breaks on multiple MLS setup due to incorrect SQL query and field name not converted to their mapped field name
  • add param in [idxrp_properties_list] shortcode should list specifically selected values of param only (e.g. City) as well as search within that form should limit results within those selected params as well
  • added BuildingDesign and SubdivisionName
  • changed: sort or orderby displays key as option label to a specific string label
  • fixed: idxrp_list_template_params cookie key/value set manually so it can be used immediately
  • fixed: reset doesn't reset list price label
  • fixed: property type and sub type available options in search form
  • fixed: typo in max list price input variable which doesn't set the label properly
  • fixed: single/list template WP editor not switching between visual and text due to editor id param are the same for the different listing classes
  • fixed: more filters are not filtering results properly
  • refactor: search form input names


  • added: Featured and Exclusive Properties widget and shortcode generator
  • added: IDXRP_CLI_PHAR_PATH constant check in CliHelper::getWpCliPharPath() method for custom wp-cli.phar file path
  • added: WP cron schedule for installing/updating wp-cli.phar file
  • changed: mapping files are now located in <uploads-dir>/idxrp-mapping/ directory
  • fixed: multiple param values returns empty result
  • fixed: setGetUrl method always returns an error due to incorrect element reference - $(this) changed to $(
  • fixed: while in beaver builder edit mode, adding properties list widget returns empty result due to additional page_id wp_query argument
  • fixed: WpPhRets Connect() error due to rets_credential_id not being set properly
  • tested: WP 4.6


  • fixed: property_fields query skipped due to incorrect expression


  • added: "Property Category" custom taxonomy with default "Featured" and "Exclude" categories - used for additional query filters
  • added: [idxrp_featured_properties] shortcode
  • added: search suggest on input
  • changed: [idxrp_properties_list] orderby available parameters to only include commonly queried fields
  • changed: bootstrap styles are now namespaced by "idxrpbs"
  • changed: jquery-cookie to js-cookie
  • changed: most js scripts now depends on backbone and underscore scripts
  • changed: replication - property photos downloads only 1 photo for featured image use and other photos are downloaded on single property requests and displayed using base64 encoding and are saved via transients for 1 day
  • changed: rets replication long-polling to server sent events
  • changed: rets-credential-script.js now depends on backbone/underscore scripts
  • removed: "Property" class - property fields are now JOINed into post in queries and accessed through WP_Post post_meta __get magic method


  • added: WP suggest script for property search input
  • fixed: properties list/search query breaks when ordered by "date"


  • fixed: replication errors due to incorrect field count returned because of custom _(min/max) fields - added $context parameter to BaseModel::getLocalFields method.
  • fixed: replication reset routine halts due to AdminModel::deleteAllCredentialRelatedData hooked to "before_delete_post" hook - hooked method is now removed when doing replication reset


  • added: minimum and maximum select option variant of ListPrice shorcode/widget property field param
  • fixed: beaver builder widget module adds field param select on all table instead of just the general settings tab due to incorrect selector
  • fixed: beaver builder widget settings does not persist on save
  • fixed: property-list.js script being printed multiple times when beaver builder previews changes


  • fixed: sync replication errors immediately due to duplicate AdminModel::setReplicationProgress() call


  • added: 'delete_rets_credential' wp-cli subcommand
  • added: 'idxrp_photos_dirname_input_section' filter for images save location input section
  • added: 'idxrp_replicate_rets_data_address_array' filter
  • added: grid column option 1
  • added: reset button on list/details template editor
  • added: slider settings tab in plugin admin page
  • changed: [idxrp_properties_list] shortcode mce UI
  • changed: bootstrap files now bundled
  • changed: font-awesome files now bundled
  • changed: get_terms() deprecated argument
  • changed: PropertiesListSc widget form output with script
  • changed: single property settings moved to its own tab
  • changed: wp-cli command from idx_realty_pro to idxrp
  • fixed: incorrect local photos path on replication reset
  • updated: bxslider to version 4.2.5


  • fixed: Plugin::getInputFieldHtml array to string conversion notice
  • added: HGMLS and GLVAR support


  • added: Helper::getFileMapKeys method
  • changed: hardcoded field map keys for fields-mapping-dialog.php


  • fixed: incorrect param provided to do_action_ref_array
  • fixed: broken featured image due to incorrect file path


  • refactor: Settings to Plugin
  • fixed: undefined class due to incorrect class name casing
  • fixed: field mapping references between agents/office and property tables


  • tested: WP 4.5
  • fixed: class and resource error accessing tags editor page


  • added: support for RETS server
  • added: office and agent data table included in replication process
  • changed: works with WP 4.4.2


  • added: pre_get_posts hook handler check for attachment post_type in query_vars when querying for media library objects


  • Initial release

How to setup the plugin?

  1. From WP admin dashboard, go to IDX Realty Pro > Admin from the menu. In the "Overview" tab, make sure everything is checked. It is most likely that you may not have wp-cli installed and this will be indicated there with a button to install it. The plugin depends on this package for some of its major functionality, so click the "Install WP-CLI" button.

  2. Go to "License" tab, enter your license key and activate it. To obtain a license key please visit the licensing page on our website.

How to replicate the MLS Data?

  1. From WP admin dashboard, go to IDX Realty Pro > Credentials and click "Add New"

  2. Enter the credential title and access details on the post editor screen and click "Publish".

  3. When the credential is successfully created, 2 new sidebar items will be visible: "Replcate RETS Data" and "Sync RETS Data".

  4. Expand "Replicate RETS Data" and put a check mark on the class and listing status the you want to be replicated to your site and click "Replicate" button.

  5. Depending on the amount of data you checked that will be replicated to your site, this might take a while to finish.

  6. Once RETS data replication is done, you will see a confirmation notice at the top of the screen and the "Properties" page (IDX Realty Pro > Properties) will be populated with all the property data pulled from your MLS provider.

How to display properties data?

  1. Create a page, in the post editor screen, activate the "Visual" editor and click "Shortcodes" (with a house icon), click "Properties List" and the shortcode parameters/settings dialog will appear.

  2. Select or set the shortcode parameters/settings and click "Insert Shortcode" button and the dialog closes, inserting a shortcode on your editor.

  3. Click "Publish" or "Update" button on the right sidebar of the screen.

  4. Visit/Check the page, the properties should now be visible on that page.

I am having issues with the plugin, how can I reach you?

  • You may post your questions and issues on WP plugin support page and we'll try our best to assist you as soon as we can.
Version 2.0.17

Requires WordPress version: WP 4.7, PHP 5.5.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 15 Oct 2015

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